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GPS unit: Acer N35

  • (Navigation: )
  • CPU: (OS: ), Flash:64MB (external: mmc;sd)
  • GPS: 12 channels, ( , )
  • Display: , Connectivity: usb;activeSync
  • Internal: Batteries:
Addresses POIs
No-Symbol.svg Mass Storage mode Waterproof

The Acer is primarily a conventional relatively low spec Pocket PC PDA with built in GPS receiver and Destinator Maps (UK and Ireland maps provided in the price here in the UK). To turn it into a logging device while using the Navigation software I needed to duplicate the GPS COM port which is being achieved without problems to date using GPSGate from Franson in Sweden (US$29.95 for the Standard version, US$9.95 for the Express version). This software provides virtual COM ports for the GPS receiver so that more than one software package can access the GPS receiver at the same time.

For more on using an Acer n35 GPS see Blackadder's page. User:Steevc also has one.

The Acer n35 is almost identical to the Navman PiN 570 GPS receiver, with the software being the main difference.

Christer Weinigel was able in the spring 2005 to run Linux on the Acer n30 PDA. See also the wiki for the n30. The n35 is a follow-up to the n30. Where the n30 had a Bluetooth chip, the n35 has the GPS receiver chip.

The Destinator (v. 3 and up) software is able to log by itself. You get a binary format which is described by Jonas Svensson, that page also includes a plain converter. Currently you lose information about number of satellites and how good the position is, but may be an alternative if you do not wish to use extra software.

The N35 is known to have problems with the power/USB connectors with time. So after months of usage (specially in a car) the connector on the N35 will loose contact with the mother board , and the N35 battery will not be recharged nor it will be recognized in the computer. Link


GPS unit: Acer N50

  • (Navigation: )
  • CPU: (OS: ), Flash: (external: )
  • GPS: channels, ( , )
  • Display: , Connectivity:
  • Internal: Batteries:
Addresses POIs
Mass Storage mode Waterproof

Notes: Normal PDA without an integrated GPS receiver. User EdoM use it coupled with a BT-77 Bluetooth antenna and VisualGPSce