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This is not really fully automated bot. It does not do automated edits! It is a script where each change must be acknowledged and confirmed by operator.



Bot name is OSM Lint bot

Opting out

Contact me. branko on server kokanovic then one dot:) and org

Mode of the work


Serbian language has two writings - Cyrillic and Latin. Names are under "name:sr" (for Cyrillic) and under "name:sr-Latn" (for Latin). There is strong corelation between those two (one can infer Latin name from Cyrillic, but not other way around). This redundancy is reason to create bot. Also, a lot of wikipedia tags points to en wiki in Serbia maps, so bot grew to the point that it has bunch of checks. Loosely related to [[1]], but more "specialized" for transliteration problems.

Main discussion around script happened in Serbian here:

Source code

Complete source code is on GitHub: Feel free to check it, browse, maybe even help:)


Reports with "lint" errors can be found here: (should be updated every 1-2 days)


  • Check name:sr exists
  • Check name:sr-Latn exist
  • Check name:sr-Latn matches name:sr (can be transliterated from it)
  • Check name:sr-Latn not in Cyrillic
  • Check is_in:country
  • Check existence of wikidata/wikipedia links and that they match

Work done

Matrix of work
name:sr-Latn exists[1] name:sr-Latn ~= name:sr[2]
Albania Not done Not done
Andorra Not done Not done
Belarus Not done Not done
Belgium Not done Not done
Austria Done Done
Bosnia Done Done
Bulgaria Done Done
Croatia Done Done
Greece Done Done
Macedonia Done Done
Serbia Done Done

  1. Checks that there exists tag name:sr-Latn for cities, towns and villages (if there is tag name:sr)
  2. Checks that name:sr-Latn is transliteration of name tag (or name:sr tag) for cities, towns and villages