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Autosputnik 5
Screenshot of Autosputnik 5
Authors: Navigation Systems LLC.
Version: 1.0.31970 (2011-03-10)
License: proprietary (15€)
Platforms: Windows, Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Mobile

Easy and nice UI, web-like search, routing, navigation. OSM support:


Autosputnik logo ViaEstVita.gif

AUTOSPUTNIK is a on-board navigation system for the Windows Mobile, Windows CE and Windows XP/Vista/7 platforms.

  • Developer : Autosputnik (Navigation Systems LLC.)
  • License Type : Shareware
  • Target platforms : Windows Mobile 5|6, Windows CE 5/6, Windows XP/Vista/7 (soon)
  • Current version : 1.0.31970


As5 route3D night 250 314x235.png As5 2D day 500 314x235.png As5 sat day 314x235.png As5 computer day 314x235.png


  • Full-functional on-board navigation
  • Routing and voice guidance
  • Nice, easy and functional multi-language user interface
  • 3D panoramic map view, auto-zoom
  • Day/night view, auto switched
  • Web-like, very fast global search. Streets, addresses, POI, other map objects on one button
  • Detailed point addressing
  • Trip computer
  • Nice satellite view
  • Favourite places (Bookmarks)
  • GPS / GLONASS support
  • Compatible with hundreds of modern PND, PNA, smartphones, netbooks and netpads
  • Easy installation: just copy software files and maps to a device


  • 1.0.31970

OpenStreetMap support

Independent project: [1]. Alpha version. Maps prepared in auto and semi-auto mode. Thanks to Autosputnik team for the map convertor, kindly granted for the project. Information about free OSM convertor for the public use will be available later.

Planned features

  • Android and iPhone support
  • Portrait mode
  • Routes: detailed info and management
  • Track logging and view
  • Other features

Downloads and Links

All versions are shareware and are to be registered in 30 days. NB: Docs are in Russian, but UI is multilanguage. To switch it to English tap buttons: Меню (Menu) - Настройки (Settings) - Язык (Language). I asked the author to include this setting to the start menu. And to translate the docs...