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Bicycle parking from Cyklokoalícia - import

Cyklokoalícia is a non-profit advocacy expert group that aims to improve bicycle infrastructure in Bratislava and all over Slovakia.


In march 2017 we have received a e-mail approving us to use of their bicycle stand database (60 items). They sent us a CSV database dump by e-mail.

Input data

CSV dump contains these columns:

  • standId - number
  • standName - short description in capital leters
  • standDescription - place description, sometimes contains details, mostly in english, some in slovak
  • standPhoto - http link to image on
  • serviceTag - empty
  • placeName - same value as standName
  • longitude, latitude - a decimal number describing the coordinates of position

Coordinates will be used for placing the bicycle parking node, or to find existing one in OSM database. standName, standDescription and standPhoto will be used for finding more precise placing of the object. standPhoto will be used to define type of the bicycle stand.

Tag ref:cyklokoalicia will be filled out with value "<standId> <standName>" (ie. "11 DREAM")


Many of the bicycle stands may be already in the OSM database. So the import itself has to rely on human that will verify the import.

According photos referenced in the dump some of the stands are not real bicycle stands, but railings or fences where whitebikes bicycles can be locked. In this case the railing will be tagged bicycle_parking=informal + barrier=fence + fence_type=railing and so on.

Import steps:

  • conversion of CSV dump into format accepted by JOSM
  • position of stands from dump will be compared with position of stands in OSM (manually), missing tags will be added or new stands will be created. These are new tags:
    • amenity = bicycle_parking
    • bicycle_parking = *
    • ref:cyklokoalicia = <identifier>, will be filled with value "<standId> <standName>" (for example "11 DREAM").
    • note = <details> if dump contains important details

Dedicated user

Import and updates will be done under new user cyklokoalicia_bot. This account's password will be handed to OSM users from the community who are willing to help with the task.

Changesets will be marked with these tags:

  • source = cyklokoalicia
  • comment = cyklokoalicia_import (by <OSM_user_doing_the_import>)