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Blaengarw, Wales
Latitude: 51.62445, Longitude: -3.58637
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Blaengarw is a village in Wales at latitude 51° 37′ 28″ North, longitude 3° 35′ 11″ West.


Workshop & mapping party 2013

OpenStreetMap lectures and workshop will be held for 4 days 15.-18. january 2013.

January 15th 2013.

- Location exploration

Participants: Hrvoje Bogner,

January 16th 2013.

- Introduction, what is OSM how to use it - How to edit OSM with live examples

Participants: Hrvoje Bogner,

January 17th 2013.

- Field work, collecting data - Field data input and satellite imagery tracing & plans for use of OSM

Participants: Hrvoje Bogner,

January 18th 2013.

- Field data input and satellite imagery tracing & Summary of recent activities

Participants: Hrvoje Bogner,