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A bot (derived from the word "robot") is an tool that carries out repetitive and mundane automated edits on a regular basis to help maintain OpenStreetMap . Bots are able to make edits very rapidly and can disrupt OpenStreetMap if they are incorrectly designed or operated. The automated edits code of conduct should always been followed when creating, operating or modifying a bot.

List of bots

Bot Description Last used Account Owner Language
Botika Used to repair street names in Colombia May 2013 Botika Ikks English/Spanish
BugBuster Splits long ways, removes duplicate nodes Oct 2012 BugBuster Bürste English
Czechreg Makes automatic corrections (and updates) of Czech administrative boundaries and places Active czechreg xificurk English
General Dreedle Automatically reverts edits by blacklisted contributors Jan 2013 General Dreedle Richard English
Is_in-bot Adds 'is_in tags to places in Germany Nov 2008 Is in-bot flohoff English
MS BOT Makes adjustments to tags within French speaking community Nov 2012 MS BOT Marcussacapuces91 French
Xybot Cleanup of tags, removing null tags, trimming leading and trailing spaces, correcting common typos Sept 2012 xybot xylome English
Wall-E Carries out automatic corrections of specific errors in Germany and Austria Active Wall-E [Oli-Wan] English
SearchAroundBot Lets Telegram users insert new nodes in OSM via the Telegram bot SearchAroundBot. Currently limited to drinking_water and toilets amenities. Active SearchAroundBot Kercos English
SwiftFast_bot Ensures brands and multi-branch companies have consistent tags in Israel based on these templates. Active SwiftFast_bot SwiftFast English/Hebrew/Arabic/Russian