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Brighton, East Sussex, England, United Kingdom
latitude: 50.83, longitude: -.13
Browse map of Brighton 50°49′48″ N, 0°07′48″ W
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Brighton is a city in East Sussex, England, United Kingdom at latitude 50°49′48″ North, longitude 0°07′48″ West.

OpenStreetMap images (and underlying map data) are freely available under the OpenStreetMap License.

OSM Coverage

This map includes the City of Brighton and Hove and Shoreham-by-Sea.

The natural boundaries of this conurbation are the sea to the South, the Downs to the East (to Falmer Rd, and including Woodingdean), Downs to the North (the A27 effectively), and River Adur on the West.

An area of the city centre has all the building outlines drawn in. Clearly this can be expanded. There's also rich POI data which has been input during the various waves of mapping parties. This will require some maintenance. See something out-of-date? Edit the map!

Past events and history

2011 Mapping Party

We had a mapping party on Saturday 19th November 2011, with people such as: Smsm1, Derick,nDan Karran, Alex, Emilie, Jez Nicholson

This Mapping party was in response this tweet and this article on the Guardian blog re Skobbler's navigation app lack POIs in Brighton

Photos on Flickr (tag osmbrightonmappingparty2011)

Cake diagram


The project to map Brighton was taken up by User:Mikel in 2006/7 who was a Brighton resident at the time, and instigated a flurry of activity, enthusiasm and events.

Animated GIF of the initial mapping 2006/7. Mappers started from the Brighton core and extended out in each direction.

2007 Brighton Stubs Map show locations of "known unknowns", mainly footpaths which couldn't be surveyed while driving through Bevendean.

Flyer for the 2007 launch event

There was a number of workshops and presentations took place:

"Launch" event 2007

There was also big "launch" event back in 2007, launching OpenStreetMap Brighton at the Brighthelm Centre, November 29th 2007.

Download the Invitation
Download the Press Release