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OSM Transportation map (for Garmin devices)
Screenshot of OSM Transportation map (for Garmin devices)
Автор: Win32netsky
Сайт: OSM Transport Karte
Лицензия: GPL;proprietary (безкоштовно)
Платформа: Garmin

Transportation map for Garmin devices.

Note: This page is not fully translated into English at the moment.

Update & Download

The "OSM Transport Map" has 14 maps. Due to their large size, they are available for free download through at least two servers and as torrent-files (read about Wikipedia-16px.png BitTorrent в Википедии ). The map is updated weekly as possible, typically on weekends.

Newsletter for an new map, send a e-mail to:

No. Area Timestamp Update time Publication Download-Torrent


Size OLD New House No.
1 Germany, Denmark new map


06:30 Uhr 15.00 Uhr gmapsupp.img-2017-04-24 1,672 GB 1,633 GB 1,672 GB Yes
2 Germany, Austria, Suisse, Liechtenstein working on new map


06.30 Uhr 15.00 Uhr gmapsupp.img-2017-04-05


1,700 GB 1,700 GB 1,700 GB Yes
3 Belgium, Nederland, Luxembourg new map


12.30 Uhr 17.00 Uhr gmapsupp.img-2017-04-06


488,1 MB 440,3 MB 488,1 MB Yes
4 Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Latvia, Lettland, Estland new map


20:00 Uhr 14.00 Uhr gmapsupp.img-2017-04-08


794,7 MB 815,4 MB 794,7 MB Yes
5 France, Espana, Portugal new map


06:30 Uhr 19.00 Uhr gmapsupp.img-2017-03-15


1,750 GB 1,614 GB 1,750 GB Yes
6 Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraina new map


12:30 Uhr 16.00 Uhr gmapsupp.img-2017-04-06


1,040 GB 1,026 GB 1,040 GB Yes
7 Austria, Suisse, Italia, Slovenja, Croatia, Serbija, Montenegro, Bosna i Herzigowina new map


12:30 Uhr 17.00 Uhr gmapsupp.img-2017-04-06 1,295 GB 1,181 MB 1,295 GB ?
8 Poland, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Ukraina, Belarus, Moldova new map


10:00 Uhr 11:00 Uhr gmapsupp.img-2017-03-22


1,255 GB 1,142 MB 1,255 GB Yes
9 Africa-South-East Asia: Algerien, Angola, Äthiopia, Egypten, Äquatorial-Guinea, Burkina Faso, Benin, Botswana, Cameroon, Congo,

Dschibuti, Elfenbeinküste, Eritrea, Gambia, Guinea Bissau, Ghana, Guinea, Gabun, Israel, Iran, Irak, Jemen, Jordanien, Katar, Kenia, Kuwait, Lybien, Liberia, Libanon, Lesotho, Mali, Marokko, Mauretanien, Mosambik, Madagaskar, Malawi, Niger, Nigeria, Namibia, Oman, Pakistan, Palästina, Saudi Arabien, Sudan, Senegal, Simb ! style="background-color:#00FF00;"

new map


12:30 Uhr 16.00 Uhr gmapsupp.img-2017-03-23


1,319 GB 1,302 GB 1,319 GB Yes
10 United Kingdom, Ireland, Isle of Man, Island, Foroyar, Belgien, Nederland, Danmark, Norway, Swerige, Finnland working on new map


06:30 Uhr 20:00 Uhr gmapsupp.img-2017-02-27


1,906 GB 1,602 GB 1,906 GB ?
11 Afghanistan, Aserbaidschan, Bangladesh, Bulgarien, Georgien, Indien, Irak, Iran, Jordanien, Mazedonien, Pakistan, Republik Moldau, Rumänien, Ukraine, Syrien, Türkei, Usbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tadschikistan, Sri Lanka new map


06:30 Uhr 12:00 Uhr gmapsupp.img-2017-04-07 1,356 GB 1,223 GB 1,356 GB ?
12 South-America: Argentina, Bolivien, Brasilia, Costa Rica, Chile, Ecuador, Falkland Island, France, Kolumbien, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Venezuela, Guyana, Surinam, Uruguay new map


06:30 Uhr 16.00 Uhr gmapsupp.img-2017-04-05


982,5 MB 872,6 MB 982,5 MB Yes
13 USA: Karte: 1 Arizona, Californien, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North-Dakota, Oregon, South-Dakota, Utah, Washington, Wyoming new map


06:30 Uhr 16.00 Uhr gmapsupp.img-2017-04-06


856,4 MB 879,5 MB 856,4 MB ?
14 Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Papua-Neuguinea, Osttimor, Salomonen, Brunai, Malaysia new map


06:30 Uhr 16.00 Uhr gmapsupp.img-2017-04-05


555,4 MB 446,5 MB 555,4 MB ?
The following cards are now larger than 2GB. These are suitable for newer Garmin devices.
We start every file in super-seeding-mode! This means Leechers that support seeding (as opposed to blocking) will be recognized and get priority upload. Wikipedia-16px.png BitTorrent#Superseeding в Википедии View blocked leechers
Super-Seeding-Mode blocking

Real fast Super-seeding on picture

Blocking uploads slows things for everybody, especially on OSM Transport-map.

See picture for example of very slow transfers due to blocked peers by super-seeding-server.

qBittorrent is an excellent Bittorrent client we recommend.

Upon request additional maps can be provided. The only limit is 1.99 GB as a maximum size for .img-mapfiles.


Card No5

Road closed construction B6n and more.

The Transport-map

features and generation

Coming next are limitations for hazardous good transports according to ADR/GGVSEB

  • 1. Limitations for vehicles carrying pollutants.

First test: water hazardous goods

Changes to the map will be shown/proceed as follows.


  • My map is optimized for trucks with a height of 4 metre (13.12 ft).
  • You can recognize industrial parks easier.
  • The map is being optimized for trucks more and more.
  • The map download is provided via torrent so that the download can be paused and continued another time.
  • The sign "no truck transit" No Trucks has been improved.
  • Added sign Crossbuck
  • Added sign height limit. Ways with height limit are excluded in routing.
  • Added weight limit (e.g. small bridges). Ways with weight limit are excluded in routing.
  • Boundarys, towns, streets and house numbers are of the same date as the map itself.
  • Company names are display at Garmin satnavs.
  • Electricans with name are displayed after typing the address ("show on map").
  • DIY stores with name are displayed after typing the address ("show on map").
  • House numbers are displayed at high zoom levels.
  • Steel construction and trade with name are displayed after typing the address ("show on map").
  • Anzeige des Icon für Landmaschienen / Herstellung / Reparatur / Teilelager Firmen


  1. You need a SD oder microSD card with a size of at least 4 GB.
  2. Format the SD card and create a directory "Garmin" in the top directory on the SD card.
  3. Copy the "gmapsupp.img" file you have downloaded to the directory "Garmin" (see point 2).
  4. Put the SD card into your Garmin satnav and turn it on.
  5. The satnavs recognizes the map and the map can be used. Finish.

Do not overwrite the internal file "gmapsupp.img" on your Garmin satnav in any case!

Use in a shipping company

It may be useful to let many microSD/SD cards circulate in your company. If a driver enters the premises, he can just swap the SD card.


Maxheight sign

Screenshots to some feautres of the map.


How "maxheight" should work if tagged correctly.

"maxheight" in Sweden

Successful tests

Of course, there have been made several tests, e.g. if the satnav attends maxheight limits. In truck mode maxheights below bridges below 4 metres are being considered, in car mode maxheight limits are not being considered.

If you zoom in, the name of a do-it-yourself store ist being shown, in the same manner if there is a metal construction company.

Already tested is tagging for cross traffic

As example the tags for "maxweight=7.5 t on cross-traffic", to protect a small bridge (Ziehte) from overload by to trucks that simultanious cross that bridge.

Garmin Devices

The Garmin satnavs have to support the truck mode to be able to use the full power of OSM Tranport Karte. Garmin Nüvi 660T and 560T do so.

The map also works, maybe with limitations (no truck mode, i.e. no consideration of maxheight limits) on

  • Garmin Nüvi 660 T
  • Garmin Nüvi 465
  • Garmin Nüvi 765 TFM
  • Garmin eTrex vista HCx

Nicht zu empfehlende Geräte

  • Garmin Dezl 560

Loading points

A list of loading points can be found here Sub-page.

OSM Transport Karte is environment friendly!

  1. Our sever runs with green electricity
  2. You can save fuel and money because you find loading and unloading points quicklier!
  3. less costs because of rare damages at low bridges
  4. better usage of time because you know better how long you need for a trip

Country List in Garmin

Code Country-EN (National) Name in Garmin
DZA Algerien Algerien
AUT Austria Österreich
ECU Ecuador Ecuador
EGY Egypt Egypten
FLK Falkland Island Falkland Island
BEL Belgium België
BLR Belarus (Belarus) Belarus
BIH Bosnia and Herzegovina (Bosna i Hercegovina) Bosna Hercegovina
CZE Czech Republic (Česká republika) Cesko
DEU Germany (Deutschland) Deutschland
DNK Denmark (Kongeriget Danmark) Danmark
EST Estonia (Eesti) Estonia
FIN Finland (Suomi) Finland
FRA France (République française) France Métropolitaine
ITA Italy (Repubblica Italiana) Italia
HRV Croatia (Hrvatska) Hrvatska
LTU Lithuania (Lietuva) Lietuva
NLD Netherlands (Nederland) Nederlands
NOR Norway (Kongeriket Norge/Noreg) Norge
OMN Oman (Oman) Oman
PER Peru (Peru) Peru
POL Poland (Polska) Polska
CHE Switzerland (Schweizerische Eidgenossenschaft) Schweiz
SRB Serbia (Србија) Srbija
SWE Sweden (Sverige) Sverige
SVK Slovakia (Slovensko) Slovensko
ISL Iceland (Iceland) Island
IMN Isle of Man (Isle of Man) Isle of Man
IND India (India) India
LKA Sri Lanka (Sri Lanka) Sri Lanka
PAK Pakistan (Pakistan) Pakistan
AZE Azerbaijan (Azerbaijan) Aserbaidschan
TUR Turkey (Turkey) Turkey
UZB Uzbekistan (Uzbekistan) Uzbekistan
UKR Ukraine (Ukraine) Ukraine
SYR Syria (Syria) Syria

Please help us improving the map!

Data improve

If you know something that is important for trucks, you can help us improving our data.

height limits, weight limits, prohibitions of transit, see also the according wiki page with more instructions.

Tagging for trucks/transport

A correct tagging is essential as base for the navigation! Editor JOSM is a very handy tool for that.

Instructions "maxheight"

a good how-to for tagging of Bridge height with JOSM.

Instructions Diy

a good how-to for JOSM.

Instructions Steel construction

a good how-to for JOSM.

Instruction agricultural business

a good how-to for JOSM.

Instructions 3D Building

a good how-to for JOSM.

Abbiegebeschränkungen eintragen

a good how-to for JOSM.

Taging for HazMat-Transportation!

How-to for water protection areas

This links to a good manual for the editor JOSM