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Community Update from 07 March 2011 to 13 March 2011 (week 2011-10)

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Image Of the Week 2011-10


Maperitive's custom DEM support showing detail of Viewfinder's Alps SRTM1 DEM compared to SRTM, for Lake Brienz area. (also visible on [1] [2] [3] topo maps)

Project Of The Week : Music Shop

They aren't as common as they used to be, or perhaps they have merely changed form. Some of us have a music store on our phones. Others might have to travel to the next town to find a Bricks and Mortar music shop. The used to be called Record Stores; ask your grand-parents about them. The Project of the Week is to add your local music shop.



  • New OSMF working groups summary [4]
  • About the security and ethics of mapping Libya [5]
  • The US power network is still incomplete [6]
  • Using Kinect as 3D mapping radar [7]
  • FixMyStreet had been deployed for Norway, with OSM map of course [8]
  • EU develops a free open source lib to make EGNOS available to smart phones [9]

Software Updates


Lists Talks

RFC : Illegal Landuse

This proposal is to add a possibility to tag things that are illegal in OpenStreetMap. A fence, a barrier, a waste disposal and many other things can be tagged as illegal=yes and can be marked as reported to someone.

The author is waiting for your remarks on the talk page


Cost and Price of Things

Someone asked how he can map fees that you must pay on a road or in a parking. Several proposals were made earlier: use amenity=parking together with fee=yes/xx$, but there is also a proposal about Price Tags.


Creative Commons starting work on CC 4

It seems that the timetable for the ODbL change will be altered due to a Creative Commons 4.0 license. Create Commons has announced they will start working on a version 4.0 that will handle databases. LWG is currently studying this. [13]


Big Thanks to : AndiPersti and !i!