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Community Update from 27 June 2011 to 03 July 2011 (week 2011-26)

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Image Of the Week 2011-26


Animation showing progress of Jaén_Mapping_Party [1] (over 100 people 3h. survey. Organized with Spanish Public Administrations: Diputación de Jaén, Ayuntamiento Baeza, IDEJaén, CNIG, Junta de Andalucía, Universidad de Jaén...)

Project Of The Week : Wimbledon! (Tennis)

The project of the week is a fun way to get out and map something that you might not map otherwise. This week we'll map tennis courts before we run home to watch the matches at Wimbledon.

First job: Make sure all your local tennis courts are on the map!

Centre Court Wimbledon (2).jpg

Quick News

  • A new site which tracks the status of the license change process
  • User:Zverik created a Russian site for novices recommending them to start using JOSM: (google translation)
  • GIS-Lab provides daily dumps of Russia and former soviet republics in .pbf and .osm.bz2 formats [2]
  • New cycling map of Austria (via OSM_ticker)
  • Osmitter ( allows you to contribute to OpenStreetMap using twitter
  • Alex Morega has created tiles out of GPX tracks for two Romanian cities [3]
  • Twitter@OSM_ticker is a new twitter account set up by the German blog editors with the latest OSM news (in German)



Other News

Planned Maintenance

Some OpenStreetMap services will be unavailable during the following dates, due to power maintenance work at our server hosting:

  • 2nd and 3rd July 2011. (Saturday & Sunday)
  • 30th and 31st July 2011. (Saturday & Sunday)
  • 3rd and 4th September 2011. (Saturday & Sunday)
  • and 1 weekday (to be confirmed) during August 2011.

On each of these weekends, the servers will be shut down at 7:30 UTC, and will be started again after works are completed, which will be Sunday 16:30 UTC at the latest, but may be earlier. We do not yet have a precise date for the August maintenance.

The following services will be unavailable during these periods:

  • XAPI / jXAPI
  • server (errol)
  • rendering of new map tiles
  • and web sites

Additional information will be posted to the Power Maintenance Q3 2011 page

Pre Voting : New barrier types

About a year ago, User:Dieterdreist created a proposal for new barrier types. After a recent revival some more have been added such as turnstile or "post and chain".

Please add your comments on Talk:Proposed features/New_barrier types.


Big thanks to AndiPersti, Zverik, Stephan75 and !i! !