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Mapping Party - Culbokie Primary School, Saturday 7th September 2013

Transition Black Isle is organising its first mapping meeting of the Million Miles project, which aims to find sustainable alternatives to car use on the peninsula. Transition Black Isle wants to use OpenStreetMap to create an active travel map that will encourage people to travel by bike and on foot. Visit the group's Community Mapping page for more information.

We want people to add cycling and walking routes around the Black Isle onto OpenStreetMap. The level of detail that can be included makes it extremely powerful - you can specify track surface, access, width, barriers, etc. The list is practically endless! Transition Black Isle aims to use the data to produce detailed and useful maps of cycling and walking routes around the Black Isle. In addition, other online applications using OpenStreetMap will be improved. We're particularly interested in the journey planner CycleStreets becoming more powerful. We'd like to see more parts of the Black Isle mapped in more detail, especially forestry plantations in rural areas.

    Culbokie Mapping Meeting Mini Notice Aug 2013 v2.png

Venue and Schedule

We're meeting at Culbokie Primary School on Saturday 7th September 2013, as the school is very kindly able to provide internet access.

10:00am - Introduction (some background to OpenStreetMap and what Transition Black Isle wants to achieve)

10:30am - Agree on which parts of Culbokie to map

11:00am - 'Happy Mappers' head out to start gathering data / 'Not Quite Happy Mappers' welcome to stay behind for a tutorial or discuss the project in more detail

12:30pm - Reconvene at Primary School (please bring a packed lunch)

15:00pm - Finish up and head home satisfied with a job well done!

All these times are approximate. We'd like people to be present at the start of the event, but feel free to stay disappear if you have something else to attend to in the afternoon. Someone will be around until mid-afternoon to answer questions.

The event will be free and there will be complementary tea, coffee, soft drinks and biscuits (you might want to bring a packed lunch though!).

Please bring along any GPS devices you may have to trace routes around the village (remember smartphones!).

Can't make the event - but want to help?

We have setup a 'mapcake' which splits up the Black Isle in to sections to edit - click here to get started. You can use the aerial imagery to trace what is there. Please help by primarily mapping paths, tracks, roads and woods. Finish off with buildings and agriculture if you have time! Your edits will be verified by local knowledge and survey on 7 September (please stop armchair editing after that point). Please respect what has been map already and follow 'armchair' mapping guidelines.