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Available languages — Data collection using short descriptive comments
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When recording your comments, it is helpful to have a standard language to use. Most situations can be described if a few words and being consistent can help you to understand when read them afterwards.


  • You can record comment using audio or video or using text
  • Not using comments (to save time) may be counter-productive:
    • You took pictures of an intersection with five roads, but which is which?
  • Make sure your comment contains all relevant information about some fact or topic
    • Imagine like you haven't seen this object but your want to learn about this object in detail from your friend. What would you like to know from him? Now say it loud on dictaphone/comment on camera.
    • Practice your commenting (at home) until you happy with your short language


  • when your forget something, you can double-check using your comment
  • when your object in front of the sun but you are using video and photo as main technique
  • when it is too dark to write using pencil or record video or make photo
  • if you don't have a copy-book hand


  • Same as with using your memory
  • It will take additional time:
    • to record comment
    • to process your comment (but not necessary; you can skip useless comments but how many of them are useless?)


Highways / motorways

  • Slip road exits
  • Slip road exits, 2 lanes
  • Lane 1 exits, 2 lane, now 3 lanes
  • Lane 2 exits, 2 lanes, now 2 lanes
  • Slip road merges
  • Slip road joins, now 3 lanes
  • Lane 1 merges, now 2 lanes
  • Under bridge, road
  • Under bridge, foot
  • Over bridge, rail
  • Over bridge, canal
  • Speed limit 100
  • Speed limit 80

Highways / general

  • Right, Highway 123, 2 lanes, unpaved
  • Crossing, Highway 123
  • T Junction, Highway 123
  • Off to right Antenna Mast

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