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The state of Pará in Brazil. Mapping effort has mainly been restricted to the coastal region between Belém and Viseu; the vast areas north and south of the Amazon river as well as southern and western Pará have partly been worked on using satellite images. Municipal borders have been imported from IBGE data.

Cities and Towns

Cidade OSM
Progress notes Usuário
Ananindeua [1] A few streets mapped via GPS tracks; many streets digitised from Yahoo! imagery Ulf Mehlig and others
Augusto Corrêa [2] Just a few streets mapped (GPS survey). Ulf Mehlig
Belém [3] Quite a number of streets and roads digitised from Yahoo imagery, a few via GPS tracks. Almost all street names are missing, also oneway tags etc. tomoyan, katpatuka, Márcio Moraes, Ulf Mehlig and others
Bragança [4] City is ±well mapped via GPS-based surveys (landsat images are very cloudy), street names are still incomplete. Lots of smaller streets and tracks in the surrounding area are already mapped, too, but landuse features, rivers and streams are very incomplete. Ulf Mehlig, Colin Beasley
Capanema [5] Just a few streets mapped (GPS survey). Ulf Mehlig
Marituba [6] A small number of streets mapped via GPS tracks Ulf Mehlig and others
Salinópolis [7] Just a few streets mapped (GPS survey). Ulf Mehlig
Santarém [8] A few streets mapped. Felipe Costa
Tailândia [9] Just a few streets mapped (GPS survey by Elismara Oliveira). Ulf Mehlig
Tracuateua [10] Just a few streets mapped (GPS survey). Ulf Mehlig, Colin Beasley

Coastline, Rivers and Islands

The coastline is farely well mapped via PGS import and Landsat tracing between Viseu and Belém; Marajó and the Amazon mouth look ok. The large rivers (Amazon, Tocantins etc.) are much better represented now (thanks to mikes, PA94 ...) but still could be improved; satellite imagery does not always help because of high percentage of cloud covered area.


C. N. Junior has imported a bunch of roads and road fragments from IBGE data, so there is a basic skeleton of roads. However, the IBGE data is most often quite badly georeferenced, so adjustments have to be made via GPS-based surveys. Roads from IBGE data are also frequently incorrectly tagged ("track" for roads that have been paved in the meantime etc.), and the road fragments often overlap or do not meet at crossings where they should. The main roads between Bragança and Belém and several others (e.g., Capanema-Salinópolis-Santarem Novo, Sta. Isabel-Vigia, Capanema-Ourem-Capitão Poço) have been mapped by GPS (thanks to U. Saint-Paul, D. Ribeiro e M. Menezes for providing GPS tracks).