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The Free and Open source Software Developers' European Meeting (FOSDEM) is a general Open Source conference - one of the largest in Europe. OSM was represented by a stand at most of the last years.


FOSDEM 2017 is a free and non-commercial event bringing together about 5000 developers in Brussels, Belgium, with the goal to provide open source software developers and communities a place to meet and share thoughts. The participation is free of charge, although donations are welcome. The next edition will take place on Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th February 2017, at Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB, Campus du Solbosch, Avenue Franklin D. Roosevelt 50, Brussels 1050, Belgium).

Official site

For the third (!) time there will be a Geospatial devroom and will be happening on Sunday 5/2/2017! Geospatial technologies and mapping used to be specialist work, but nowadays location and maps are becoming part of many projects/applications, which usually use only a small subset of the possibilities the data and software offer. The geospatial devroom is the place to talk about open, geo-related data and software and their ecosystem. This includes standards and tools, e.g. for spatial databases, and online mapping, geospatial services, used for collecting, storing, delivering, analysing, and visualizing purposes.

We welcome submissions about:

  • Web and desktop GIS applications;
  • Collaborative editing / versioning of geodata and metadata;
  • Interoperable geospatial web services and specifications;
  • Collection of data using sensors / UAVs / satellites;
  • Geo-analytic algorithms / libraries;
  • Geospatial extensions for classical databases (indexes, operations) and dedicated databases;
  • Big geodata, scalable GIS applications;
  • Volunteered Geographic information - Crowdsourced geodata.
How to submit a proposal for a talk

Are you thrilled to present your work to other open source developers? Would you like to run a discussion? Any other ideas? Please submit your proposal at:

Make sure to select the 'Geospatial devroom' as 'Track'. If you have an account from previous years, you should be using the same.

Please specify in the notes if you prefer for your presentation either a short timeslot (lightning talks ~10 minutes) or a long timeslot (20 minutes presentation + discussion). However, note that time slots are indicative and will be assigned according to the timing of the session.

The DEADLINE for submissions is Thursday **1st December 2016**.

Notification of acceptance will be sent to the Authors by 11/12/2016 at the latest.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the organisers of the devroom at fosdem-geospatial (at)!

Want to know what FOSDEM geospatial is like?

Check out the videos and the presentations of our previous two editions.


16ed. FOSDEM 2016, Saturday 30th and Sunday 31st January 2016 at the usual location, ULB Campus Solbosch in Brussels.

Call for participation:

Important datesː

  • 16 October: deadline for first batch of main track proposals
  • 30 October: final deadline for main track proposals


There will be a geospatial devroom at the FOSDEM 2015. And there are intentions to also have a stand there.

The call for papers of the geospatial devroom can be found at:

Submission deadline is 1/12/2015

Program of the geospatial devroom

Intro geospatial devroom Johan Van de Wauw 09:00-09:05
Use of OSS in the Lifewatch biodiversity research project Julien Radoux 09:05-09:15
QGIS Tool for Landslide Hazard Assessment Darya Golovko 09:15-09:25
Opensource Desktop GIS at Regional and Local goverments in Flanders
Integrating Govermental webservices into QGIS
Kay Warrie 09:25-09:35
Bridging the gap between simulation and GIS Vincent Mora 09:40-10:05
GRASS GIS 7: Efficiently processing big geospatial data Markus Neteler 10:10-10:30
GRASS Development APIs
Lifting the fog on the different ways to develop for GRASS
Moritz Lennert 10:30-10:45
Open Standards for Big Geo Data Peter Baumann 10:50-11:15
Scotty, I need a data in three minutes! (Or we're all dead!!)
Just the right data at just the right time
Andrew Ross 11:20-11:45
Distributed tile processing with GeoTrellis and Spark Rob Emanuele 11:50-12:15
GeoTrellis and the GeoTiff File Format Johan Stenberg 12:15-12:25
Habitat - a programmable personal geospatial datatore Richard Pope 12:30-12:40
spatial backend as a service !
Mathieu Leplatre 12:45-13:10
Taking Web GIS beyond Google Maps with the Geomajas Client and Spatial Application Server
Mapping stuff with Java, GWT and Javascript
Frank Maes 13:15-13:40
Mobile Map Technology
Developing Mobile Multiplatform 3d maps
Manuel de la Calle Alonso 13:45-14:10
Potree - Rendering Large Point Clouds in Web Browsers Markus Schütz 14:15-14:25
OpenLayers 3: A unique web-mapping library Éric Lemoine 14:30-14:55
Ol3-Cesium : 3D for OpenLayers map
An exciting library for automatically bringing 3D to your map
Guillaume Beraudo 14:55-15:10
Overpass API
A service to query OpenStreetMap data
Roland Olbricht 15:15-15:40
Tempus: a framework for multimodal trip planning Hugo Mercier 15:45-16:10
Douglas-Peucker updated
or do you want to reduce your data
Stephane Winnepenninckx 16:15-16:40
PicoTCP on Mobile Ad Hoc networks Brecht Van Cauwenberghe 16:45-16:55


once again OSM had a stand at the FOSDEM in 2013.

Available users



once again OSM had a stand at the FOSDEM in 2012.

Available users


  • 1 table + 2 chairs
  • 2 A0 printouts provided by Geofabrik (1 * world, 1 * Brussels around FOSDEM area)
  • multiple laptops and mobile devices to show maps and the use of OSM


FOSDEM is the biggest free and non-commercial event organized by and for the community. Its goal is to provide Free and Open Source developers a place to meet. The OpenStreetMap stand's is organised by RatZillaS

Available users


  • 1 table + 2 chairs
  • 1 "Pocket" Server:

Shuttle K45 4GB RAM / Pentium E5300 / HD 1TB / Debian 6.0 "Squeeze" ;-)

  • Package for demo and/or workshop:
  osmosis - openlayer - postgresql - qemu virtual machine - osm2pgsql
  • 1 Gigabit 8-port Switch
  • 1 Wifi Router WRT54GL OpenWRT 10.03 "Backfire"
  • Goodies
 Stickers - pins - mugs - if possible TShirts
  • 16 GB DeadDrop with :
 Planet of the week
 Some MapOSMatic plans
 and and ... surprise ... come and see


  • who knows detils about the presence 2008? Please add...