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Name des Projektes/Project Name

Maxheight Map / OSM Truck QA Map

Kontakt/Main Contact


Kurze Beschreibung des Projektes/Short description of your project

Overpass API based application to show truck related tags, find missing maxheight tags.

Full description on Wiki page


Maxheight Map

Warum ist das Projekt für die OSM-Community interessant?/Why is this project interesting to the OSM community?

QA tool, promote tagging of truck related tags for OSM Transportkarte, etc.

Welche spezielle Software brauchst Du?/What special software will you need?

Only webspace, no additional software needed on server side, all data comes form Overpass API.

Welche Ressourcen brauchst Du?/What resources will you need?

A few MB for html, js, css, images static web space.

Wo ist der Source-Code?/Where is your source code?


Welche Daten brauchst Du?/What data do you need?

No additional data needed, all data provided by Overpass API

Verwandte Projekte/Related Projects

not relevant