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This project is about parsing opening_hours=* syntax and related tags.

Project Name


Main Contact


Other people involved

n. d.

Short description of your project

Java Script library to parse opening_hours=* related tags. There also exists a map based on this library. There are two use cases for this project:

  1. Helping mappers to develop there opening_hours=* tags and as QA tool.
  2. Finding open facilities near you.


Why is this project interesting to the OSM community?

It is the JS library for parsing opening_hours=* with the biggest feature set and tools.

What special software will you need?

Only a default web server which can deliver static web pages.

What resources will you need?

Under 5 MB and the OpenLayers library.

Where is your source code?

What data do you need?

The OpenLayers map accesses tiles from and data from the overpass API. Both the evaluation tool and the map do Reverse Geocoding via

All the requests are made by the client browser.

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