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Galileo Offline Maps
Screenshot of Galileo Offline Maps
Author: Evgen Bodunov
Version: 3.4.4 (2016-07-05)
Install: Google Play
iTunes App Store
License: proprietary (freemium)
Platforms: iOS, Android

Fast and easy-to-use vector maps with offline search based on OpenStreetMap data.

Galileo Offline Maps app logo

Galileo Offline Maps - the universal map application for iOS (iPad, iPhone and iPod touch) and Android, free with in-app purchases. Available on the App Store and Google Play.


1. Vector Maps based on OpenStreetMap data

  • There is no limit on the number of countries/regions you can download.
  • Detailed and informative.
  • Up-to-date and accurate – we update them monthly.
  • Take up less space than others and work really fast – app uses GPUs in addition to CPUs to render vector maps.
  • Changeable size of labels – large labels on maps is extremely useful while driving.
  • Multiple languages support – map labels will be changed to the selected language immediately.

2. Offline Search

  • Incredible fast – results appear instantly as you type.
  • It works in variety of ways – by object name, category or even by GPS coordinates.
  • It finds objects in multiple languages – this will make your searching much easier than ever.
  • No internet connection required.

3. Geo Data Syncing

  • iCloud and Dropbox sync supported.
  • Any number of devices could sync simultaneously.

4. GPS Tracks Recording

  • Record your trips and export them as KML/GPX files.
  • Monitor your real-time speed, distance and time traveled, as well as altitude right on the map during the trip.
  • Beautiful gradients to visualise altitude and speed changes.

5. Bookmarks on the Map

  • Mark your favorite places on your maps and set points of interest for your next trip.
  • Choose from lots of icons to assign to bookmarks.
  • Store your bookmarks and GPS tracks in separate collections for a quick access.

6. Sharing Your Geodata

  • Share your itineraries from the app via Mail, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Export them in the most common formats: KML & GPX.

7. Backing Up Your Data

  • Back up your collections to have the copy of data that may be lost or deleted by mistake.
  • Restore data to your device from the backup you created earlier in one tap.
  • Transfer backuped data to another iOS device or app.

8. Offline Maps Import

  • Import previously created custom offline maps in .sqlitedb or .mbtiles format (use Mobile Atlas Creator, TileMill or SAS.Planet to generate offline maps).

And even more:

  • Custom map sources support (including multi-layer sources)
  • Different coordinate formats (including MGRS)
  • Importing KML/GPX files into the app
  • GPS filtering (accuracy and distance threshold)
  • Bearing line to bookmark
  • One finger zooming
  • Measuring distance between two points on the map
  • Works on slow iOS5 devices iPad 1 and iPhone 3GS

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