Garmin/eTrex Summit

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eTrex Summit

GPS unit: Garmin eTrex Summit

  • navigator (Navigation: )
  • CPU: (OS: ), Flash: (external: no)
  • GPS: 12 channels, ( waas;egnos, )
  • Display: , Connectivity: rs232
  • Internal: compass,altimeter Batteries:
Addresses POIs
Mass Storage mode ? Waterproof


  • Not too expensive.
  • Has an electronic compass and altimeter.
  • One-handed use.
  • Suitably splashproof.
  • Supports WAAS/EGNOS.


  • Like some other eTrex models, waypoint names are limited to 6 characters.
  • Can take a long time to acquire enough satellites to navigate, especially if you're impatient and start moving.
  • Only has a 10,000 point track memory, and saved logs limited to 750 points each.
  • Serial cable is optional.

12 channel GPS with electronic compass and altimeter, but no mapping capability. Uses 2 AA batteries; rechargable batteries suffice.