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Available languages

GeoConverter is a free online geospatial vector data converter (as a web application) that reads and writes several GIS file formats including an OSM XML reader. It's based on the well-known open source converter OGR/GDAL.

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These formats are supported for writing and also for reading. Try them out with the sample data below:

  • Comma Separated Value (.csv/(.csvt))
  • GPX (.gpx)
  • Geographic Markup Language (.gml)
  • INTERLIS 1-Transfer Format (.itf/.ili)
  • INTERLIS 2-XML Transfer Format (.xml/.ili)
  • Keyhole Markup Language (.kml)
  • Mapinfo File (.mif/.mid)
  • Shapefile (.shp/.dbf/.shx/.prj)
  • etc.

These formats are supported for reading only:

  • OSM (.osm)
  • KMZ (.kmz)
  • A new version of GeoConverter (Beta) also supports WFS

Documentation and contact: [1]