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Google Plus ([1]) is a social network.

OpenStreetMap has a presence on Google+, currently administered by Jonathan Bennett for the OSMF Communication Working Group. In fact there are a number of different Google Plus things created in the name of 'OpenStreetMap'

We'd like to know more about who set these up and who is administering them. At the moment it's somewhat mysterious. Please add details here.

Global community

Community Maintainer Comment
OpenStreetMap Harry Wood,JonathanB "official" OSM community on Google Plus


Community Maintainers Comment
Openstreetmap +1 more
OpenStreetMap Monitoring ---

Local Communities

Community Country Maintainer Comment
OpenStreetMap - Vancouver Island Canada
OpenStreetMap México Mexico
OpenStreetMap France France
OpenStreetMap Belarus Belarus
OpenStreetMap Utah USA Mvexel
Openstreetmap Luxembourg Luxembourg
OpenStreetMap Austria Austria
OpenStreetMap - Saskatchewan Canada
OpenStreetMap Azerbaijan Azerbaijan
OpenStreetMap Hungary Hungary
OpenStreetMap Latinoamerica -
OpenStreetMap FL USA ???
OpenStreetMap GB UK/GB??? Harry Wood + 2 more
OpenStreetMap Colombia Colombia
OpenStreetMap  ??? Created by OpenStreetMap Deutschland
OpenStreetMap Canada Canada Created by OpenStreetMap???
OpenStreetMap España Spain
OpenStreetMap Argentina Argentina +7 more Created by OpenStreetMap Argentina
OpenStreetMap D-A-CH Germany-Austria-Switzerland +2 more
OpenStreetMap Indonesia Indonesia Russia +1 more Created by OSM Russian
OpenStreetMap Ukraine Ukraine Created by OpenStreetMap Ukraine Spain???ánchezLópez +5 more
OpenStreetMap Sverige Sweden
OpenStreetMap Brasil Brasil
OSM Växjö Sweden +1 more

Local Pages

Local Users

User Country Maintainer Comment
OpenStreetMap Argentina Argentina Maintainer unknown
OpenStreetMap Austria Austria Maintainer unknown
OpenStreetMap Deutschland Germany Maintainer unknown
OpenStreetMap Mexico Mexico Maintainer unknown
OSM Russian Russia Maintainer unknown
OpenStreetMap Ukraine Ukraine Maintainer unknown