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שפות זמינות — Map Features
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This page contains information on the map features used in Israel in English only. It is meant to compliment the main map features page by documenting and establishing conventions for tagging in Israel. For more information please visit the projet page WikiProject_Israel




This is used to describe roads and footpaths. For an introduction on its usage see the page titled Highways. See the page titled Restrictions for an introduction on access limitations by vehicles type, time, day, load and purpose, etc.

Key Value Element Comment Rendering Photo


These are the principal tags for the road network. They range from the most to least important.

highway motorway Way A restricted access major divided highway, with 2 or more running lanes. 1, 2 or 3 digits road. Examples in Israel are 1, 20, 431 or the toll road 6
Rendering-highway motorway neutral.png
highway trunk Way Important roads that aren't motorways. Need to have a red colored sign. Can have 1 or 2 digits ref. Need not necessarily be a divided highway. In Israel the best example is Road 4.
Rendering-highway trunk L3005 MF.png
Dscf0444 600.jpg
highway primary Way Triple digit roads are Primary that have a green sign
Rendering-highway primary neutral.png
highway secondary Way Quadruple digit roads are Secondary if they have a brown / black sign. If there is a very big and important urban road it can also be defined as secondary
Rendering-highway secondary neutral.png
highway tertiary Way roads in the city are Tertiary
Rendering-highway tertiary neutral.png
OHZ-K28-Bergedorfer Str.jpg
highway unclassified Way The least most important through roads in a country's system – i.e. minor roads of a lower classification than tertiary, but which serve a purpose other than access to properties. Often link villages and hamlets. (The word 'unclassified' is a historical artefact of the UK road system and does not mean that the classification is unknown; you can use highway=road for that.)
Rendering-highway unclassified.png
Highway unclassified-photo.jpg
highway residential Way Roads which serve as an access to housing, without function of connecting settlements. Often lined with housing.
Rendering-highway residential.png
highway service Way Area For access roads to, or within an industrial estate, camp site, business park, car park etc. Can be used in conjunction with service=* to indicate the type of usage and with access=* to indicate who can use it and in what circumstances.
Rendering-highway service.png

Link roads

highway motorway_link Way The link roads (sliproads/ramps) leading to/from a motorway from/to a motorway or lower class highway. Normally with the same motorway restrictions.
Rendering-highway motorway link.png
Dscf0242 600.jpg
highway trunk_link Way The link roads (sliproads/ramps) leading to/from a trunk road from/to a trunk road or lower class highway.
Rendering-highway trunk link.png
Trunk link.jpg
highway primary_link Way The link roads (sliproads/ramps) leading to/from a primary road from/to a primary road or lower class highway.
Rendering-highway primary link.png
highway secondary_link Way The link roads (sliproads/ramps) leading to/from a secondary road from/to a secondary road or lower class highway.
Rendering-highway secondary link.png
highway tertiary_link Way The link roads (sliproads/ramps) leading to/from a tertiary road from/to a tertiary road or lower class highway.
Rendering-highway tertiary link.png

Special road types

highway living_street Way A street where pedestrians have priority over cars, children can play on the street, maximum speed is low. Mainly not with asphalt.
Living street osm.png
beginning of a living street with a paving stones surface and some trees and cars parking at the sides
highway pedestrian Way Area For roads used mainly/exclusively for pedestrians in shopping and some residential areas which may allow access by motorised vehicles only for very limited periods of the day. To create a 'square' or 'plaza' create a closed way and tag as pedestrian and also with area=yes.
Pedestrian with area osm.png
Cambridge Rd - geograph.org.uk - 1189572.jpg
highway track Way Roads for mostly agricultural or forestry uses. To describe the quality of a track, see tracktype=*. Note: Although tracks are often rough with unpaved surfaces, this tag is not describing the quality of a road but its use. Consequently, if you want to tag a general use road, use one of the general highway values instead of track.
Rendering-highway track.png
Frühlingslandschft Aaretal Schweiz.jpg
highway bus_guideway Way A busway where the vehicle guided by the way (though not a railway) and is not suitable for other traffic. Please note: this is not a normal bus lane, use access=no, psv=yes instead!
Rendering-highway-bus guideway-mapnik.png
Bus track.jpg
highway escape Way For runaway truck ramps, runaway truck lanes, emergency escape ramps, or truck arrester beds. It enables vehicles with braking failure to safely stop.
highway raceway Way A course or track for (motor) racing
highway road Way A road/way/street/motorway/etc. of unknown type. It can stand for anything ranging from a footpath to a motorway. This tag should only be used temporarily until the road/way/etc. has been properly surveyed. If you do know the road type, do not use this value, instead use one of the more specific highway=* values.


highway footway Way For designated footpaths; i.e., mainly/exclusively for pedestrians. This includes walking tracks and gravel paths. If bicycles are allowed as well, you can indicate this by adding a bicycle=yes tag. Should not be used for paths where the primary or intended usage is unknown. Use highway=pedestrian for pedestrianised roads in shopping or residential areas and highway=track if it is usable by agricultural or similar vehicles.
Rendering-highway footway.png
Dscf0487 600.jpg
highway bridleway Way For horses. Equivalent to highway=path + horse=designated.
Rendering-highway bridleway.png
highway steps Way For flights of steps (stairs) on footways. Use with step_count=* to indicate the number of steps
Rendering-highway steps.png
highway path Way A non-specific path. Use highway=footway for paths mainly for walkers, highway=cycleway for one also usable by cyclists, highway=bridleway for ones available to horses as well as walkers and highway=track for ones which is passable by agriculture or similar vehicles.
Path osm.png

When sidewalk (or pavement) is tagged on the main roadway (see Sidewalks)

sidewalk both / left / right / no Way Specifies that the highways has sidewalks on both sides, on one side or no sidewalk at all
Sidewalk and zebra-crossing.jpg

When cycleway is drawn as its own way (see Bicycle)

highway cycleway Way For designated cycleways. Add foot=* only if default-access-restrictions do not apply.
Cycleway osm.png
Separated cycleway with traffic sign

Cycleway tagged on the main roadway or lane (see Bicycle)

cycleway lane Way A lane is a route that lies within the roadway
Cycle trackinroad.jpg
cycleway opposite Way Used on ways with oneway=yes where it is legally permitted to cycle in both directions. Used together with oneway:bicycle=no.
Sul bxl 01.JPG
cycleway opposite_lane Way Used on ways with oneway=yes that have a cycling lane going the opposite direction of normal traffic flow (a "contraflow" lane). Used together with oneway:bicycle=no.
Fr-C24a ex3-Conditions particulieres par voie-velo.gif
cycleway track Way A track provides a route that is separated from traffic. In the United States, this term is often used to refer to bike lanes that are separated from lanes for cars by pavement buffers, bollards, parking lanes, and curbs. Note that a cycle track may alternatively be drawn as a separate way next to the road which is tagged as highway=cycleway.
Cycle nexttoroad.jpg
cycleway opposite_track Way Used on ways with oneway=yes that have a cycling track going the opposite direction of normal traffic flow
549c Spitzenkiel140923.jpg
cycleway share_busway Way There is a bus lane that cyclists are permitted to use.
cycleway shared_lane Way Cyclists share a lane with motor vehicles, but there are markings indicating that they should share the lane with motorists.
Sharrows Toronto 2011.jpg
busway lane Way Bus lane on both sides of the road.
2010-01-02 15.19.16.jpg


highway proposed Way For planned roads, use with proposed=* and a value of the proposed highway value.
Planned mapnik.png
highway construction Way For roads under construction. Use construction=* to hold the value for the completed road.
Highway construction 200805041655.png
12Jan05 04.jpg


abutters commercial/ industrial/ mixed/ residential/ retail etc. Way See Key:abutters for more details.
bicycle_road yes Way A bicycle road is a road designated for bicycles. If residential streets get the status of bicycle roads, normally, by special signs, motor traffic is admitted with limited speed, often only for residents.
driving_side left/ right Node Relation Defines which side of the road vehicles must legally use. (must only be used on highways when they are an exception to the rule)
Drive on left in australia.jpg
ford yes Node Way The road crosses through stream or river, vehicles must enter any water.
Map feature ford.jpg
ice_road yes Way A highway is laid upon frozen water basin, definitely doesn't exist in summer.
Pechora crossing.jpg
incline Number %/° Node Way Incline steepness as percents ("5%") or degrees ("20°"). Positive/negative values indicate movement upward/downwards in the direction of the way.
junction roundabout Way Closed way This automatically implies oneway=yes, the oneway direction is defined by the sequential ordering of nodes within the Way. This applies on a way, tagged with highway=* already.
lanes number Way The number of traffic lanes for general purpose traffic, also for buses and other specific classes of vehicle.
NLEx 6 Lanes.jpg
lit yes/no NodeWayArea Street lighting
Berlin speer-leuchte.jpg
motorroad yes/no Way Node The motorroad tag is used to describe highways that have motorway-like access restrictions but that are not a motorway.
120px-Zeichen 331.svg.png
mountain_pass yes Node The highest point of a mountain pass.
Mountain pass.jpg
mtb:scale 0-6 Way Applies to highway=path and highway=track. A classification scheme for mtb trails (few inclination and downhill).
mtb:scale:uphill 0-5 Way A classification scheme for mtb trails for going uphill if there is significant inclination.
mtb:scale:imba 0-4 Way The IMBA Trail Difficulty Rating System shall be used for bikeparks. It is adapted to mtb trails with artificial obstacles.
mtb:description Text Way Applies to highway=path and highway=track. A key to input variable infos related to mtbiking on a way with human words
overtaking yes/ no/ both/ forward/ backward Way Specifying sections of roads where overtaking is legally forbidden.
parking:condition free/ ticket/ disc/ residents/ customers/ private Way Specifying the parking conditions (terms). See parking:condition=* for more details.
parking:lane parallel/ diagonal/ perpendicular/ marked/ no_parking/ no_stopping/ fire_lane. Way Specifying the parking space. See parking:lane=* for more details.
passing_places yes Way A way which has frequent passing places
sac_scale hiking / mountain_hiking / demanding_mountain_hiking / alpine_hiking / demanding_alpine_hiking / difficult_alpine_hiking Way Applies to highway=path and highway=footway. A classification scheme for hiking trails.
Mountain hiking.jpg
service alley / driveway / parking_aisle etc. Way See Key:service for more details.
Seattle - alley north from S Jackson between Western & 1st - A.jpg
surface paved / unpaved / asphalt / concrete / paving_stones / cobblestone / metal / wood / grass_paver / gravel / pebblestone / grass / ground / earth / dirt / mud / sand Way See Key:surface for more details.
tactile_paving yes / no Node Way Area A paving in the ground to be followed with a blindman's stick. Not to be rendered on standard maps.
Tactile paving.jpg
tracktype grade1/ grade2/ grade3/ grade4/ grade5 Way To describe the quality of the surface. See Key:tracktype for more information.
Surface grade1.jpg
traffic_calming yes / bump / hump / cushion / table etc. Node Way See Key:traffic calming for more details.
trail_visibility excellent / good / intermediate / bad / horrible / no Way Applies to highway=path, highway=footway, highway=cycleway and highway=bridleway. A classification for hiking trails visibility
winter_road yes Way A highway functions during winter, probably can't be driven in summer.
Anuisk bilibino sever66.jpg

Other highway features

highway bus_stop Node A small bus stop. Can be mapped more rigorously using public_transport=stop_position for the position where the vehicle stops and public_transport=platform for the place where passengers wait. See public_transport=* for more details.
Bus stop.12.svg
Bus prumyslova.jpg
highway crossing Node A.k.a. crosswalk. Pedestrians can cross a street here; e.g., zebra crossing
Zebra-crossing sm.jpg
highway elevator Node Elevator
240 Sparks Elevators.jpg
highway emergency_access_point Node Sign number which can be used to define your current position in case of an emergency. Use with ref=NUMBER_ON_THE_SIGN
Anfahrpunkt HP 108.jpg
highway give_way Node A "give way," or "Yield" sign
Give way.jpg
emergency phone Node A calling device can be used to tell on your current position in case of an emergency. Use with ref=NUMBER_ON_THE_SIGN
Borne SOS.jpg
highway mini_roundabout Node There are no mini roundabouts in Israel. Please use instead the following tag junction=roundabout
highway motorway_junction Node Indicates a junction (UK) or exit (US). ref=* should be set to the exit number or junction identifier. (Some roads – e.g., the A14 – also carry junction numbers, so the tag may be encountered elsewhere despite its name)
Dscf0242 600.jpg
highway passing_place Node The location of a passing space
highway rest_area Node Area Place where drivers can leave the road to rest, but not refuel.
Wentworth terrain.jpg
highway speed_camera Node A fixed road-side or overhead speed camera.
Speed camera.jpg
highway street_lamp Node A street light, lamppost, street lamp, light standard, or lamp standard is a raised source of light on the edge of a road, which is turned on or lit at a certain time every night
highway services Node Area A service station to get food and eat something, often found at motorways
Mapping Features Motorway service area.jpg
De lucht.jpg
highway stop Node A stop sign
STOP sign.jpg
highway traffic_signals Node Lights that control the traffic
Rendering-traffic singals.jpg
highway turning_circle Node A turning circle is a rounded, widened area usually, but not necessarily, at the end of a road to facilitate easier turning of a vehicle. Also known as a cul de sac.
Turning circle.jpg
highway User Defined Node Way All commonly used values according to Taginfo

This table is a wiki template with a default description in English. Editable here.


These are used to describe barriers and obstacles that are usually involved by traveling. See the page Barriers for an introduction on its usage.

Key Value Element Comment Rendering Photo

Linear barriers

barrier cable_barrier Way Also called guard cable. This is a road side or median barrier made of steel wire ropes mounted on weak posts. See also the more extensive wikipedia description.
barrier city_wall Way Area A fortification used to defend a city or settlement from potential aggressors.

From ancient to modern times, they are used to enclose settlements.

  • Right side is bottom, left side is top.
  • If both sides are same height then add "two_sided=yes".

See also historic=city_gate.

City wall render eg1.png
City wall avila.png
barrier ditch Way Area A trench, ditch or ravine, usually with a stream at the bottom, that is not easily crossed, especially if not on foot.

Can be used in combination with waterway=stream or waterway=drain.

Barrier fence mapnik.png
Forest ditch.JPG
barrier fence Way Area A structure supported by posts driven into the ground and designed to prevent movement across a boundary. It is distinguished from a wall by the lightness of its construction. Use fence_type=* to add details.
Barrier fence mapnik.png
barrier guard_rail Way A guard_rail, also called a crash barrier. Right side is inner, left side is outer.
Barrier fence mapnik.png
barrier handrail Way Is designed to be grasped by the hand so as to provide stability or support.
Barrier fence mapnik.png
Geländer am Kulturhaus im Kinderdorf Dittrichshütte 2.JPG
barrier hedge Way Area Is a line of closely spaced shrubs and bushes, planted and trained in such a way as to form a barrier or to mark the boundary of an area.
Barrier hedge.png
Daniel Fuchs.CC-BY-SA.Morus nigra.Hedge.jpg
barrier kerb Node Way A (for example footway) kerb is a barrier for vehicles and wheelchair drivers. The height of the kerb is important and with this information, the usage by different groups can be determined. The height of the kerb is tagged additionally as height=*, if available. Right side is bottom, left side is top.
Barrier fence mapnik.png
barrier retaining_wall Way Area Retaining walls serve to retain the lateral pressure of soil. Right side is bottom, left side is top.
Barrier fence mapnik.png
Retaining wall.png
barrier tank_trap NodeWayArea Static anti-tank obstacle defences may take a number of forms, such as Czech hedgehog (barrier=tank_trap; tank_trap=czech_hedgehog).
Czech hedgehog.jpg
barrier wall Way Area A freestanding solid structure designed to restrict or prevent movement across a boundary. Usually made from solid brick, concrete or stone and almost always built so that it is opaque to vision.
Barrier fence mapnik.png

Access control on highways

barrier block Node A large, solid, immobile block that can be moved only with heavy machinery or great effort.

Typically big solid things made of concrete for stopping larger vehicles.

Sometimes natural boulders are used for the same purpose.

Barrier roadblock.jpg
barrier bollard Node Way Solid (usually concrete or metal) pillar or pillars in the middle of the road to prevent passage by some traffic.
Bollard in residential area.jpg
barrier border_control Node This is a control point at an international border between two countries. Passports or other forms of ID will be checked.
EU Swiss border post.jpg
barrier bump_gate Node See wikipedia:Bump gate. [1]
barrier bus_trap Node See wikipedia:Bus trap.
Bussluse 05-04-06 02.jpg
barrier cattle_grid Node Bars in the road surface that allow wheeled vehicles but not animals to cross.

Sometimes known as a Texas Gate, even outside of Texas.

Cattle grid.jpg
barrier chain Node A chain used to prevent motorised vehicles.
Barrier chain.jpg
barrier cycle_barrier Node Barriers to bicycle traffic, most typically a pair of staggered steel bars perpendicular to the way itself whose gaps allow pedestrians to pass.
473MS Mecklenbeck Bahn Umlaufsp.jpg
barrier debris Node A road is blocked by debris with or without ground. This might be for short or long time. Often used as first step in blocking an abandoned road.
Barrier debris.jpg
barrier entrance Node A gap in a linear barrier with nothing that limits passing through.

access=yes is implied.

The limitations are the same of the way that crosses it, if there is such.

barrier full-height_turnstile Node A full-height turnstile, also called HEET-turnstile (high entrance/exit turnstile), like the ones to access security areas. Note the mix of hyphen and underscore.
barrier gate Node Way An entrance that can be opened or closed to get through the barrier. For a permanent opening in the barrier, see barrier=entrance.

Combine with access=* where appropriate.

Barrier gate.svg
barrier hampshire_gate Node A section of wire fence which can be removed temporarily.

Combine with access=* where appropriate.

Wire gate.jpg
barrier height_restrictor Node Combine with maxheight=*.
barrier horse_stile Node A horse stile allows pedestrians and horses to cross a gap through a fence, but prevents or makes it very difficult for motorcycles and live stock to cross.
Horse stile on the Doncaster Greenway - geograph.org.uk - 502599.jpg
barrier jersey_barrier Node Way A Jersey barrier consists of heavy prefabricated blocks to create a barrier. Use material=plastic or material=concrete to express the used material.
Dora Baghdad soldiers.jpg
barrier kent_carriage_gap Node A Kent carriage gap is used by local authorities in the UK to prevent motorised vehicles from accessing public rights of way whilst allowing most horse drawn carriages to pass.
These are now becoming common on byways in the UK
barrier kissing_gate Node A gate which allows people to cross, but not livestock.
TL0452 stile.jpg
barrier lift_gate Node A lift gate (boom barrier) is a bar, or pole pivoted in such a way as to allow the boom to block vehicular access through a controlled point.

Combine with access=* where appropriate.

Lift gate.jpg
barrier log Node Way Use this when the passage is closed by lumber (trunk of a tree). This kind of barrier is often useful to sit on. This barrier is a penalty to cyclists but can be crossed by lifting the bike over.
barrier motorcycle_barrier Node Barriers along paths that prevent access by motorcycles.
Motorcycle barrier.jpg
barrier rope Node Way A flexible barrier made of fibres, twisted or braided together to improve strength. As a barrier it is often more symbolic than actually physically preventing pedestrians from accessing.
Black Red Gold Rope at German Bundestag in Berlin 2010.jpg
barrier sally_port Node A sally port is used to pass through thick or city walls, and is a type of covered gate with two doors.
barrier spikes Node Way Area Spikes on the ground that prevent unauthorized access. Can also be removable; e.g., after payment in a garage.
US Army spike strip.jpg
barrier stile Node A stile allows pedestrians to cross a wall or fence, but never actually "opens" the barrier

(Unlike a gate, a stile has few or no moving parts).

barrier sump_buster Node A sump buster is a concrete slab or steel structure that prevents passing of two-tracked vehicles with less than a minimum track and ground clearance. (Typically stops normal cars.)
barrier swing_gate Node Similar to a lift gate but rotates sidewards to open. It is usually made out of metal bars (wood or other material possible) and is intended to prevent cars from access but can usually be crossed by pedestrians and cyclists.
barrier toll_booth Node A road usage toll or fee is collected here. Used with toll=* and charge=*.
Toll booth.jpg
barrier turnstile Node A turnstile (also called baffle gate) is used to allow one person at a time to pass. Use this for small turnstiles like the ones in supermarkets or some subways.
Barrier drehkreuz.JPG
barrier yes Way A barrier which nature cannot be determined; typically only used in mapping using aerial imagery. Should be replaced by a specific value.
Bing imagery showing buildings and barrier.png
barrier user defined Node Way Area All commonly used values according to Taginfo

This table is a wiki template with a default description in English. Editable here.


To describe infrastructure designed mainly for cyclists. See also: Cycle routes.

Key Value Element Comment Rendering Photo
cycleway lane Way A lane is a route that lies within the roadway Cyclist mapCyclist map-Cycleway-lane.PNG Cycle trackinroad.jpg
lane Way A cycle lane only on one side of the road. Left or right depend on the direction in which the way is drawn in OpenStreetMap. Cyclist mapCyclist map-lane-right.png
cycleway opposite Way Used on ways with oneway=yes where it is permitted to cycle in both directions.

Note - such streets are common in Belgium, the Netherlands and Denmark, for example, but are rare in the UK (although they do exist): often, instead, actually the street is two-way as normal for its whole length except for the very short section past the no-entry sign at the end, where cycles are excepted from the no-entry by means of a short lane separated by an island. This is called a "cycle plug". In some places this has been represented as very short oneway Way at the end with an adjacent cycleway, forming a little triangle with the road they join to, or sometimes with a short oneway Way with cycleway=opposite_lane or opposite_track.

Cyclist mapCyclist map-Cycleway-opposite.PNG Sul bxl 01.JPG
cycleway opposite_lane Way Used on ways with oneway=yes that have a cycling lane going the opposite direction of normal traffic flow (a "contraflow" lane) Cyclist mapCyclist map-Cycleway-opposite.PNG Opposite cycle lane.jpg
cycleway track Way A track is a route that is separate from the road.+oneway=yes if needed. Cyclist mapCyclist map-Cycleway-track.PNG Cycle nexttoroad.jpg
track Way A track only on one side of the road. You can drive in both directions. Left and right depend on the direction in which the way is drawn in OpenStreetMap. Cyclist mapCyclist map-Cycleway-right.PNG
cycleway opposite_track Way Used on ways with oneway=yes that have a cycling track going the opposite direction of normal traffic flow Cyclist mapCyclist map-Cycleway-opposite.PNG 549c Spitzenkiel140923.jpg
cycleway shared Way Cyclists share space with other traffic on this highway.
cycleway share_busway Way There is a bus lane that cyclists are permitted to use. Busandbike.jpg
cycleway shared_lane Way Cyclists share a lane with motor vehicles, but there are markings indicating that they should share the lane with motorists. The road markings are usually there to highlight a cycle route or to remind drivers that you can cycle there. Also used for the on-road shared-lane marking called a "sharrow"[2]. Sharrows Toronto 2011.jpg
cycleway user defined Way All commonly used values according to Taginfo

This table is a wiki template with a default description in English. Editable here.


Used to describe the surface quality of the track, path or road.

Key Value Element Comment Rendering Photo
tracktype grade1 Way Solid.
Usually a paved or heavily compacted hardcore surface.
Cesta od Leštiny do Lipnice nad Sázavou (2).jpg
tracktype grade2 Way Mostly solid.
Usually an unpaved track with surface of gravel mixed with a varying amount of sand, silt, and clay. See Wikipedia-16px.png Gravel road בוויקיפדיה.
Surface grade2.jpg
tracktype grade3 Way Even mixture of hard and soft materials.
Almost always an unpaved track.
Surface grade3.jpg
tracktype grade4 Way Mostly soft.
Almost always an unpaved track prominently with soil/sand/grass, but with some hard materials, or compressed materials mixed in.
Surface grade4.jpg
tracktype grade5 Way Soft.
Almost always an unpaved track lacking hard materials, uncompacted, with surface of soil/sand/grass.
Surface grade5.jpg
tracktype <no value> Way If no tracktype tag is present, the track is rendered with a dot-dash line style (as shown right).
Photo not applicable

This table is a wiki template with a default description in English. Editable here.


This is used to described different types of waterways. When mapping the way of a river, stream, drain, canal, etc. these need to be aligned in the direction of the water flow. See the page titled Waterways for an introduction on its usage.

Key Value Element Comment Rendering Photo

Natural watercourses

waterway river Way For narrow rivers which will be rendered as a line. For larger rivers see also waterway=riverbank (Other languages).
Nau im Langenauer Ried 600x450.jpg
waterway riverbank Area Used for larger rivers in addition to waterway=river, to define an area between the opposite riverbanks. See water=river for alternative tagging.
waterway stream Way A naturally-formed waterway that is too narrow to be classed as a river. An active, able-bodied person should be able to jump over it if trees along it aren't too thick.
waterway wadi Way A natural, dry (ephemeral) riverbed that contains water only during times of heavy rain or simply an intermittent stream, in semi-arid areas. Also known as a "Wash" in the deserts of America.
It has been recommended to stop using this tag. For intermittent waterways use waterway=river/waterway=stream + intermittent=yes. For valleys natural=valley.
waterway drystream Way Dry stream bed - negative forms of erosion relief formed by the activity of temporary streams.
Don't use this tag. For intermittent waterways use waterway=stream + intermittent=yes. For valleys use natural=valley.

Man made waterways

waterway canal Way An artificial open waterway used for transportation, waterpower, or irrigation.(Other languages).
Grand Union Canal.jpg
waterway drain Way An artificial waterway for carrying storm water or industrial discharge.
Example Drain.jpg
waterway ditch Way A small to moderate depression created to channel water.
Forest ditch.JPG
waterway fairway Way A navigable route in a lake or sea marked by buoys. (Note: conflicts with seamark:type=fairway)


waterway dock Node Area An 'enclosed' area of water used for building or repairing ships.
waterway boatyard NodeArea Boat yard – a place for constructing, repairing and storing vessels out of the water.
Boatyards, Rhyll.jpg

Barriers on waterways

waterway dam Way Area A wall built across a river or stream to impound the water. A dam normally does not have water flowing over the top of it.
Amagase Dam.jpg
waterway weir Node Way A barrier built across a river, sometimes to divert water for industrial purposes. Water can still flow over the top.
Alifakovac Miljacka.jpg
waterway waterfall Node A waterfall, use in combination with natural=cliff
Waterfall near Keldur.JPG
waterway lock_gate Node To mark the position of gates at each end of a lock. Alternatively, for smaller locks use a single lock=yes node in the middle of the lock.

Other features on waterways

waterway turning_point Node A place to turn the driving direction for vessels, where the boats are longer than the river/canal is wide. Use maxlength=* to denote the maximum length of the vessel.
waterway water_point Node A place to fill fresh water holding tanks of a boat.
waterway fuel Node Area A place to get fuel for boats.

Some additional attributes for waterways

intermittent yes Way Indicates that the waterway does not have a permanent flow (i.e. is sometimes/often dry).
seasonal yes, spring, summer, autumn, winter, wet_season, dry_season Way Indicates that a waterway has a seasonal (yearly cyclic) flow.
Four seasons.jpg
lock yes Way (Node) A lock is used for moving boats between waterways at two different levels. Can tag either the section of the way between the gates (detailed) or just a single node in the waterway (less detailed).
mooring yes, private, no Way A length of bank where boats are explicitly permitted to moor. maxstay=* should be used for timing information.
Lamanage La Rochelle.jpg
service transportation, water_power, irrigation Way A waterway=canal may have one (or more; separate with semicolons) uses.
tunnel culvert Way (Node) For streams passing under a road in culverts use tunnel=culvert+layer=-1 on the section of stream passing under the road. Don't use either of these tags for streams passing under bridges.
waterway user defined Node Way All commonly used values according to Taginfo

This table is a wiki template with a default description in English. Editable here.


This tag includes all kinds of railways ranging from heavily used mainline railways to an abandoned rail line. See the page titled Railways for an introduction on its usage.

Key Value Element Comment Rendering Photo


railway abandoned Way The course of a former railway which has been abandoned and the track and infrastucture removed. The course may be still recognized through embankments, cuttings, bridges, tunnel and rolling or straight ways. currently not rendered by mapnik
Abbey Barn Lane Bridge, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire.jpg
railway construction Way Railway under construction. Rendering-railway disused.png
Verlegen FF Rheda.jpg
railway disused Way A section of railway which is no longer used but where the track and infrastructure remains in place. See disused:railway=* for alternative tagging.
Rendering-railway disused.png
Disused railtrack 101 5351.jpg
railway funicular Way Cable driven inclined railways. In many cases they serve touristic interest, giving easy access to spectacular mountain views.
Rendering funicular.jpg
Vilnius funicular.jpg
railway light_rail Way A higher-standard tram system, normally in its own right-of-way. Often it connects towns and thus reaches a considerable length (tens of kilometer).
Pittsburgh LRT 4305 47L Gateway to Library April 2008.jpg
railway miniature Way Miniature railways are narrower than narrow gauge and carry passengers. They can be found in parks.
3871553552 f2204c3d83 o.jpg
railway monorail Way A railway with only a single rail. A monorail can run above the rail like in Las Vegas and Disneyland or can suspend below the rail like the Wuppertal Schwebebahn (Germany).
Monorail in Kuala Lumpur
railway narrow_gauge Way Narrow-gauge passenger or freight trains. Narrow gauge railways can have mainline railway service like the Rhaetian Railway in Switzerland or can be a small light industrial railway. Use gauge=* to specify the actual width of rails.
Rendering narrow gauge.jpg
Narrow gauge.jpg
railway preserved Way A railway running historic trains, usually a tourist attraction (changed to preserved from preserved_rail as "rail" is redundant). Using railway:preserved=yes is an alternate method to mark railway as preserved.
Railway preserved rendered.PNG
Railway preserved.jpg
railway rail Way Full sized passenger or freight trains in the standard gauge for the country or state.
LGV Est PK217.jpg
railway subway Way A city passenger rail service running mostly grade separated (see Wikipedia:rapid transit).
800px-Madrid - Estación Marqués de Vadillo - 20060910.jpg
railway tram Way One or two carriage rail vehicles, usually sharing motor road (Other languages).
Praha, Hloubětín, Lehovec, tram KT8D5.JPG

Additional features

bridge yes Way If the railway goes over a street, waterway or other railway.
Railway bridge mapnick render.jpg
Railway bridge.jpg
cutting yes Way A section where the railway is significantly lower than ground level.
Railways cutting.jpg
electrified contact_line
Way contact_line: a power line over the train head
rail: a third rail near the track supplying the train with power
yes: electrified track, but no details available
no: track with no power supply.
Overhead power lines.jpg
embankment yes Way A section where the railway is raised significantly higher than ground level.
Railway embankment.jpg
frequency number [Hz] Way The frequency with which a line is electrified. Use 0 for DC. Also see the voltage tag.
railway:track_ref number Way Track number
service siding Way Relatively short lengths of track, running parallel to (and connected to) a main route
service spur Way Relatively short lengths of track, built to give one company or entity access to a main or branch line.
service yard Way Tracks within railway company operated marshaling or maintenance yards.
tracks number Way Number of parallel tracks in close proximity when mapped as one single way representing all tracks. If not given means unknown and defaults to 1. In many parts of the world the tracks are being drawn out separately so that there is more detail, in which case this tag isn't used.
tunnel yes Way If the railway goes below ground. Should be always present on subways.
Haywards Heath tunnel.jpg
usage main
Way main line: heavy traffic
branch line: connecting places with a mainline
freight: freight service only
industrial: servicing large plants (iron, chemical etc.), surface mining, …
military: servicing military area
tourism: most mountain rails (rack-rails, funicular) and preserved railways.
voltage number Way The voltage with which a line is electrified. Also see the frequency tag.

Stations and Stops

railway halt Node A small station without switches
Rendering-railway-tram stop-mapnik.png.png
Railway halt.jpg
public_transport stop_position Node The position on the railway track where the train (its center) stops at a platform. This is useful for routing on long platforms where also short trains stop and on long platforms where multiple trains stop behind each other. See also public_transport=stop_area.
public_transport platform Node Way Area This is parallel to the rail line for showing where the actual platforms are. It is also to know where you can change platform and enter the station, so use footpaths to connect them. This is really useful for routing too. Use only if the platform is served by public transport.
Relax ... take it easy (7757527444).jpg
railway platform Way Area This is parallel to the rail line for showing where the actual platforms are. It is also to know where you can change platform and enter the station, so use footpaths to connect them. This is really useful for routing too. Use in addition to public_transport=platform.
Relax ... take it easy (7757527444).jpg
public_transport station Node Area Railway passenger only station.
Paddington Station.jpg
railway station Node Area Railway passenger and/or cargo station. Use in addition to public_transport=station.
Rendering-railway-tram stop-mapnik.png.png
Paddington Station.jpg
railway subway_entrance Node The entrance to a subway station, usually going from surface to underground.
railway tram_stop Node A tram stop is a place where a passenger can embark / disembark a tram.
Rendering-railway-tram stop-mapnik.png.png

Other railways

railway buffer_stop Node stops the train at the end of a track. see Buffer_stop. currently not rendered by mapnik
Stootblok (staal).jpg
railway derail Node a device used to prevent fouling of a rail track by unauthorized movements of trains or unattended rolling stock. See Derail_(railroad). currently not rendered by mapnik
US derail detail.JPG
railway crossing Node A point where pedestrians may cross.
Level crossing2.svg
railway level_crossing Node A point where rails and roads cross.
Level crossing2.svg
Level crossing - Chertsey - England - 270404.jpg
landuse railway Area Ground used around railways and railway-stations. Rendering-area-landuse-industrial.png same rendering as landuse=industrial, but without border (see above)
Illustration of Rail.jpg
railway signal Node Any kind of railway signal. currently not rendered by mapnik
Zwischensignal FFM-Hoechst Schnee.jpg
railway switch Node Full Connections between railways (aka 'points'). currently not rendered by mapnik
Railway switch.JPG
railway railway_crossing Node Crossing rails with no interconnection. currently not rendered by mapnik
Railroad crossing at grade also known as a diamond.jpg
railway turntable Node Area These are used for changing the direction that part of a train is pointing in. Node: currently not rendered by mapnik

Area: Rendering-area-railway turntable-mapnik.png

Turntable of Railroad 001.jpg
railway roundhouse Area A semicircular building with many stalls for servicing engines. Without building=*: currently not rendered by mapnik

With building=*: same as building=*

5843873292 81e16dea1f z d.jpg
railway traverser Node Area These are used for changing trains between railways. Also known as transfer table. Node: currently not rendered by mapnik

Area: currently not rendered by mapnik

Schiebebuehne 01.jpg
railway user defined Node Way All commonly used values according to Taginfo – – – – – –

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These are mainly related to aerodromes, airfields other ground facilities that support the operation of airplanes and helicopters. See the page Aeroways for an introduction on mapping these features.

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This is used to tag different forms of transportation for people or goods by using aerial wires. For example these may include cable-cars, chair-lifts and drag-lifts. See the page Aerialway for more information on the usage of these tags.

Key Value Element Comment Rendering Photo
Types of aerialway
aerialway cable_car Way [W] Cablecar or Tramway. Just one or two large cars. The traction cable forms a loop, but the cars do not loop around, they just move up and down on their own side, rolling along static cables over which they are suspended.
Aerialway gondola render.png
CH Furtschellas aerial tram.jpg
gondola Way [W] Gondola lift. Many cars on a looped cable.
Aerialway gondola render.png
Linbana kolmården cable car.jpg
chair_lift Way [W] Chairlift. Looped cable with a series of single chairs (typically seating two or four people, but can be more). Exposed to the open air (can have a bubble).
This implies oneway=yes (drawn upward). Any two-way chairlifts should be tagged oneway=no.
Chair lift rendering.png
Silver Queen Chair, CBMR.jpg
mixed_lift Way [W] Mixed lift Also known as a hybrid lift is a new type of ski lift that combines the elements of a chairlift and a gondola lift.
Cgd panoramabahn.jpg
drag_lift Way [W] Drag lift or Surface lift is an overhead tow-line for skiers and riders. A T-bar lift, button lift, or more simple looped rope drag lifts, or loops of wire with handles to grab. See also aerialway=t-bar, aerialway=j-bar, aerialway=platter and aerialway=rope_tow.
This automatically implies oneway=yes (drawn upward).
Chair lift rendering.png
T-bar lift.JPG
t-bar Way [W] T-bar lift. A type of aerialway=drag_lift.
This automatically implies oneway=yes (drawn upward).
Chair lift rendering.png
j-bar Way [W] J-bar lift. A type of aerialway=drag_lift. Like t-bar but just on one side.
This automatically implies oneway=yes (drawn upward).
Chair lift rendering.png
Coldspgs j bar lift.jpg
platter Way [W] Platter lift. A type of aerialway=drag_lift. Similar to a t-bar, but with a disc instead of a bar. Single-person only.
This automatically implies oneway=yes (drawn upward).
Chair lift rendering.png
rope_tow Way [W] Rope tow. A type of aerialway=drag_lift.
This automatically implies oneway=yes (drawn upward).
Chair lift rendering.png
Rope tow overview.jpeg
magic_carpet Way [W] Magic carpet. A type of ski lift.
This automatically implies oneway=yes (drawn upward).
Magic carpet uphill loaded P1437.jpeg
zip_line Way [W] Zip line. Simple aerial rope slides.
This automatically implies oneway=yes (drawn downward).
Zip line arival SuperFly Whistler, BC, Canada.JPG
aerialway pylon Node [W] Aerial lift pylon is a pylon supporting the aerialway cable.
09 Sommet TS.JPG
station Node A station, where passengers can enter and/or leave the aerialway. Alternatively mapped according to the Public transport schema.
aerialway canopy Way Obsolete, please use aerialway=zip_line instead.
This automatically implies oneway=yes (drawn downward).
goods Way Controversial, consider other aerialway=* values in combination with foot=no and/or a usage=* key instead of this.
Aerialway goods.png
user defined Node Way All commonly used values according to Taginfo

This table is a wiki template with a default description in English. Editable here.


These are used to map electrical power generation and distributions systems. See the page titled Power for an introduction on its usage.

Key Value Element Comment Rendering Photo
power plant Area Relation A place/industrial facility where power is generated. Individual generating units within the facility should be tagged as power=generator.
Huntly Power Station.JPG
power cable Way A way following the path of underground cables, such as the local 0.4 kV network between transformer stations, distribution boxes and cable connection points, or sea cables. Not to be confused with non-power supply cables such as cables for telecommunication. May be combined with voltage=*, circuits=* and location=*.
Power to the People - geograph.org.uk - 560240.jpg
power compensator Node Area Several kind of power devices used to insure of power quality and network resilience.
Static VAR Compensator 2a.png
power converter Node Area An HVDC converter converts electric power from high voltage alternating current (AC) to high-voltage direct current (HVDC), or vice-versa.
Pole 2 Thyristor Valve.jpg
power generator Node Area A device used to convert power from one form to another. Use in combination with generator:source=*, generator:method=* and generator:output=*. Depends on generator type
Eoliennes Gaspesie.jpg
power heliostat Node A mirror of a heliostat device.
power insulator Node Way A device to protect a power line from grounding on supports
Power insulator.png
power line Way A way following the path of (overground) power cables. For minor power lines with poles and not towers, you may want to use power=minor_line. Useful combinations: voltage=*, cables=* and wires=*. Please see the respective feature pages for details.
Power line.png
Electric transmission lines.jpg
line busbar Way Determines a power=line to a busbar.
line bay Way A bay connects an incoming circuit to a busbar assembly.
power minor_line Way A way following the path of (overground) minor power cables, supported by poles and not towers/pylons. (This isn't quite so simple, as sometimes larger towers are replaced by smaller poles made with a stronger material; a better distinction might be based on voltage).
Power minor line.png
power pole Node For single (often wooden or concrete) poles carrying medium/low voltage electricity cables.
Power pole.svg
power portal NodeWay Power supporting structure composed of vertical legs with cables between them attached to a horizontal crossarm
Power substation portal.jpg
power catenary_mast Node A catenary mast supports system of overhead wires used to supply electricity to electricaly powered vehicle equipped with a pantograph.
power substation Node Area A tag for electricity substations. These provide voltage step-up/step-down, switching, conditioning, etc. Substations may be large facilities (up to several acres) for very high voltage transmission lines or just small buildings or kiosks near the street for low voltage distribution lines. Useful combinations: voltage=*, substation=* and location=*, see the feature page for details.
power switch Node A tag for electricity switches which are devices which allow operators to power up & down lines and transformer in substations or outside.
French overhead power switch pole.jpg
power terminal Node Point of connection between overhead power lines to buildings or walls
power tower Node For towers or pylons carrying high voltage electricity cables. Normally constructed from steel latticework but tubular or solid pylons are also commonly used. Should not be used for medium or low voltage electricity conductors carried on single wooden poles which might be tagged power=pole. See power=tower for detailed tagging of tower types.
Power-tower mapnik.png
Benkid77 Puddington-Shotwick footpath 24 110809.JPG
power transformer Node A static device for transferring electric energy by inductive coupling between its windings. Large power transformers are typically located inside substations.
Trafostation Alter Hellweg IMGP4722.jpg
power User Defined Node Way Area All commonly used values according to Taginfo

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A tag for identifying man made (artificial) structures that are added to the landscape. See the page Man-made for an introduction on its usage.

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This table is a wiki template with a default description in English. Editable here.


This is used to tag leisure and sports facilities. See the page titled Leisure for an introduction on its usage.

Key Value Element Comment Rendering Photo
leisure adult_gaming_centre Node Area A venue with pay-to-play games, such as video games, driving simulators, pinball machines, merchandisers, etc. With a set age limit. As opposed to leisure=amusement_arcade.
Slot machines in Venetian.jpg
leisure amusement_arcade Node Area A venue with pay-to-play games, such as video games, driving simulators, pinball machines, merchandisers, etc. Without a set age limit. As opposed to leisure=adult_gaming_centre.
Dave & Buster's video arcade in Columbus, OH - 17910.JPG
leisure beach_resort Node Area To mark the boundary of a managed beach.
Beach resort.jpg
leisure bandstand Node Area An open structure where musical bands can perform concerts.
leisure bird_hide Node Area A place to observe birds.
leisure common Node Area A common land.
leisure dance Node Area A place to go dancing.
Webster Hall by David Shankbone.jpg
leisure dog_park Node Area Designated area, with or without a fenced boundary, where dog-owners are permitted to exercise their pets unrestrained.
Rendering-leisure dog park.png
leisure firepit Node Area A permanent location or structure to host campfires, bonfires, etc.
Camp site.jpg
leisure fishing Node Area A place for fishing.
leisure fitness_centre Node Area A place with exercise machines and/or fitness/dance classes.
Gym 1-1-.jpg
leisure garden Node Area Place where flowers and other plants are grown in a decorative and structured manner or for scientific purposes.
SF Japanese Garden.JPG
leisure golf_course Node Area The outline of a golf course. The node form may be used to place an icon within the course. This tag implies sport=golf.
Rendering-leisure-golf course.png
leisure hackerspace Node Area A place where people with common interests, often in computers, technology, science, digital art or electronic art, can meet, socialize and/or collaborate.
Protospace, a Hackerspace.jpg
leisure horse_riding Node Area A facility where people practice horse riding, usually in their spare time.
Warendorf, Reitanlage Josephshof -- 2014 -- 8591 -- Ausschnitt.jpg
leisure ice_rink Node Area A place where you can skate or play ice hockey.
leisure marina Node Area For mooring leisure yachts and motor boats.
Rendering-leisure marina.png
leisure miniature_golf Node Area A place or area that you can play miniature golf.
Rendering-leisure miniature golf.png
1st course of bahn golf.jpg
leisure nature_reserve Node Area Protected area of importance for wildlife, flora, fauna or features of geological or other special interest.
Black Opal Spring in Biscuit Basin.JPG
leisure park Node Area Open, green area for recreation, usually municipal.
Arena Roundhay 07.jpg
leisure picnic_table Node Area A picnic table
Picnic table.jpg
leisure pitch Node Area e.g. a field for playing football/soccer, cricket, baseball sports, and skate parks. To describe what kind of sport(s) use sport=*.
leisure playground Node Area Playground for little children.
leisure slipway Node Way Boats can be launched here.
Transport slipway.p.20.png
800px-Swanage lifeboat on its slipway 1.JPG
leisure sports_centre Node Area A distinct facility where a range of sports take place within an enclosed area. To describe what kind of sport(s) use sport=*.
Western Leisure Centre, Cardiff, Wales.jpg
leisure stadium Node Area A major sports arena with substantial tiered seating. To describe what kind of sport(s) use sport=*.
leisure summer_camp Node Area Summer camp is a supervised program for children or teenagers conducted during the summer months in some countries. Children and adolescents who attend summer camp are known as campers.
Summer camp example wartenberg 2015 01.jpeg
leisure swimming_area Area A swimming area - place over river, lake or other water reservoir where swimming is allowed.
leisure swimming_pool Node Area A swimming pool.
Pool i.jpg
leisure track Way Area e.g. running, cycle-racing, greyhound, horses. To describe what kind of sport(s) use sport=*.
Jahnkampfbahn hamburg.jpg
leisure water_park Node Area Amusement area with water slides, recreational swimming pools and dressing rooms.
leisure wildlife_hide Node Area A place to observe wildlife. See also leisure=bird_hide.
Wildlife Hide, Uath Lochan - geograph.org.uk - 707260.jpg
leisure user defined Node Way Area All commonly used values according to Taginfo

This table is a wiki template with a default description in English. Editable here.


Used to map facilities used by visitors and residents. For example: toilets, telephones, banks, pharmacies, cafes, parking and schools. See the page Amenities for an introduction on its usage.

Key Value Element Comment Rendering Photo


amenity bar Node Area Bar is a purpose-built commercial establishment that sells alcoholic drinks to be consumed on the premises. They are characterised by a noisy and vibrant atmosphere, similar to a party and usually don't sell food. See also the description of the tags amenity=pub;bar;restaurant for a distinction between these.
amenity bbq Node BBQ or Barbecue is a permanently built grill for cooking food, which is most typically used outdoors by the public. For example these may be found in city parks or at beaches. Use the tag fuel=* to specify the source of heating, such as fuel=wood;electric;charcoal. For mapping nearby table and chairs, see also the tag tourism=picnic_site. For mapping campfires and firepits, instead use the tag leisure=firepit.
amenity biergarten Node Area Biergarten or beer garden is an open-air area where alcoholic beverages along with food is prepared and served. See also the description of the tags amenity=pub;bar;restaurant. A biergarten can commonly be found attached to a beer hall, pub, bar, or restaurant. In this case, you can use biergarten=yes additional to amenity=pub;bar;restaurant.
amenity cafe Node Area Cafe is generally an informal place that offers casual meals and beverages; typically, the focus is on coffee or tea. Also known as a coffeehouse/shop, bistro or sidewalk cafe. The kind of food served may be mapped with the tags cuisine=* and diet=*. See also the tags amenity=restaurant;bar;fast_food.
Klagenfurt Wörthersee Strandbad Cafe Sunset Bar 11102008 65.jpg
amenity drinking_water Node Drinking water is a place where humans can obtain potable water for consumption. Typically, the water is used for only drinking. Also known as a drinking fountain or bubbler.
Basler Trinkwasser 1341.jpg
amenity fast_food Node Area Fast food restaurant (see also amenity=restaurant). The kind of food served can be tagged with cuisine=* and diet=*.
Burger king kamen osm.jpg
amenity food_court Node Area An area with several different restaurant food counters and a shared eating area. Commonly found in malls, airports, etc.
amenity ice_cream Node Area Ice cream shop or ice cream parlour. A place that sells ice cream and frozen yoghurt over the counter
Shop-ice cream.jpeg
amenity pub Node Area A place selling beer and other alcoholic drinks; may also provide food or accommodation (UK). See description of amenity=bar and amenity=pub for distinction between bar and pub
amenity restaurant Node Area Restaurant (not fast food, see amenity=fast_food). The kind of food served can be tagged with cuisine=* and diet=*.
Caprice Restaurant.JPG


amenity college Node Area A college campus or buildings Rendering-area-amenity-college.png
Cambridge Regional College main entrance.jpg
amenity kindergarten Node Area For children too young for a regular school (also known as playschool or nursery school). Rendering-area-amenity-school.png
Story Time.jpg
amenity library Node Area A public library (municipal, university, …) to borrow books from.
Guantanamo captives' library a.jpg
amenity public_bookcase Node Area A street furniture containing books. Take one or leave one.
Hannover, public bookcase.jpg
amenity school Node Area School and grounds Rendering-area-amenity-school.png
Williamstown school.jpg
amenity music_school Node Area Music school
amenity driving_school Node Area Driving School
amenity language_school Node Area Language School
amenity university Node Area An university campus Rendering-area-amenity-university.png
Brock University campus.JPG


amenity bicycle_parking Node Area Parking for bicycles
amenity bicycle_repair_station Node Area Self-service repair stand
amenity bicycle_rental Node Area Rent a bicycle
amenity boat_sharing Node Area Share a Boat
A Boat To Share.jpg
amenity bus_station Node Area May also be tagged as public_transport=station.
Bus station.n.16.png
Manchester Piccadilly Bus Station.jpg
amenity car_rental Node Area Rent a car
Hertz car rental office Livonia Michigan.JPG
amenity car_sharing Node Area Share a car
Car share.p.16.png
U Car Share Shattuck Hearst.jpg
amenity car_wash Node Area Wash a car
Car wash-14.svg
Wuppertal - Friedrich-Engels-Allee 130 02 ies.jpg
amenity charging_station Node Charging facility for electric vehicles
Charging station.16.svg
amenity ferry_terminal Node Area Ferry terminal/stop. A place where people/cars/etc. can board and leave a ferry.
Ferry Reet.jpg
amenity fuel Node Area Petrol station; gas station; marine fuel; … Streets to petrol stations are often tagged highway=service.
Preem Karlskrona.jpg
amenity grit_bin Node A container that holds grit or a mixture of salt and grit.
Grit bin.jpg
amenity motorcycle_parking Node Area Parking for motorcycles
Motorradparkplatz Gifhorn Mühlenmuseum.jpg
amenity parking Node Area Car park. Nodes and areas (without access tag) will get a parking symbol. Areas will be coloured. Streets on car parking are often tagged highway=service and service=parking_aisle.
P3030027ParkingLot wb.jpg
amenity parking_entrance Node An entrance or exit to an underground or multi-storey parking facility. Group multiple parking entrances together with a relation using the tags type=site and site=parking. Do not mix with amenity=parking.
3690668043 88a731e3e0 b.jpg
amenity parking_space Node Area A single parking space. Group multiple parking spaces together with a relation using the tags type=site and site=parking. Do not mix with amenity=parking.
138081166 2a56d66c27 b.jpg
amenity taxi Node Area A place where taxis wait for passengers.
Amenity taxi picture-Hong Kong Shatin Taxi Stand.jpg


amenity atm Node an ATM or cash point
ATM 750x1300.jpg
amenity bank Node Area a bank (for a bank that also has an ATM, it is preferred that a separate node for each ATM is added)
amenity bureau_de_change Node Bureau de change, currency exchange, Wechsel, cambio – a place to change foreign bank notes and travellers cheques
Bureau de change electronic sign.jpg


amenity baby_hatch Node Area A place where a baby can be, out of necessity, anonymously left to be safely cared for and perhaps adopted.
Babybox - venkovní strana.jpg
amenity clinic Node Area A medium-sized medical facility or health centre.
Bristol , Central Health Clinic - geograph.org.uk - 1360619.jpg
amenity dentist Node Area A dentist practice / surgery.
Military dentists in Guatemala.jpg
amenity doctors Node Area A doctor's practice / surgery.
Doctors stethoscope 2.jpg
amenity hospital Node Area Often used in conjunction with emergency=* to note whether or not the hospital has emergency facilities (A&E (brit.) or ER (am.))
Guantanamo captive's hospital beds -c.jpg
amenity nursing_home Node Area A home for disabled or elderly persons who need permanent care. See social_facility=* for more details.
Hora Svate Kateriny - nursing home.jpg
amenity pharmacy Node Area Pharmacy
dispensing=no or omitted
Boots The Chemist At Gunwharf Quays.jpg
amenity social_facility Node Area A facility that provides social services.
Social facility-14.svg
Salvation Army Citadel, Hill Street , Newport - geograph.org.uk - 1585015.jpg
amenity veterinary Node Area A place where a veterinary surgeon (vet) practices.
Veterinary Surgeon.jpg
healthcare blood_donation Node Area A place where you can donate blood, plasma and/or platelets, and possibly have stem cell samples taken.
Blood donation centre interior.jpeg

Entertainment, Arts & Culture

amenity arts_centre Node Area A venue where a variety of arts are performed or conducted
Alhamra Art Centre.JPG
amenity brothel Node Area An establishment specifically dedicated to prostitution
Walletjes 001.jpg
amenity casino Node Area A gambling venue with at least one table game(e.g. roulette, blackjack) that takes bets on sporting and other events at agreed upon odds.
amenity cinema Node Area A place where films are shown (US: movie theater)
Palace cinéma beaumont.JPG
amenity community_centre Node Area A place mostly used for local events and festivities.
Community centre-14.svg
Greasby Community Centre.JPG
amenity fountain Node Area A fountain for cultural / decorational / recreational purposes.
Fountain at Milan citadel.JPG
amenity gambling Node Area A place for gambling, not being a shop=bookmaker, shop=lottery, amenity=casino, or leisure=adult_gaming_centre.

Games that are covered by this definition include bingo and pachinko.

Bingo cards.jpg
amenity nightclub Node Area A place to drink and dance (nightclub). The German word is "Disco" or "Discothek". Please don't confuse this with the German "Nachtclub" which is most likely amenity=stripclub.
amenity planetarium Node Area A planetarium.
amenity social_centre Node Area A place for free and not-for-profit activities.
Governor Hotel, Rotary Club of Portland plaque.JPG
amenity stripclub Node A place that offers striptease or lapdancing (for sexual services use amenity=brothel).
amenity studio Node Area TV radio or recording studio
amenity swingerclub Node Area A club where people meet to have a party and group sex.
Swingerclub Cäsars Palace. Spröckhövel.JPG
amenity theatre Node Area A theatre or opera house. Use amenity=cinema for movie theaters.
Sydney opera.jpg


amenity animal_boarding Node Area A facility where you, paying a fee, can bring your animal for a limited period of time (e.g. for holidays)
Holmbyre Cattery - geograph.org.uk - 167661.jpg
amenity animal_shelter Node Area A shelter that recovers animals in trouble
Kennel 2.jpg
amenity baking_oven Node An oven used for baking bread and similar, for example inside a building=bakehouse.
Backofen Emstal.JPG
amenity bench Node A bench to sit down and relax a bit
amenity clock Node A public visible clock
Houses Of Parliament Clock Tower (Big Ben).jpg
amenity courthouse Node Area A place where justice is dispensed
amenity coworking_space Node Area A place where people can go to work (might require a fee); not limited to a single employer
Coworking Space in Berlin.jpg
amenity crematorium Node Area A place where dead human bodies are burnt
Bushbury Crematorium - geograph.org.uk - 259876.jpg
amenity crypt Node Area It is a stone chamber or vault beneath the floor of a burial vault possibly containing sarcophagi, coffins or relics.
amenity dive_centre Node Area A dive center is the base location where sports divers usually start scuba diving or make dive guided trips at new locations.
Diving Center in Marsalforn.JPG
amenity dojo Node Area Training place for any of the Japanese arts.
Noma Dojo, 2006.JPG
amenity embassy Node Area An embassy
Bulgarian embassy in Paris.jpg
amenity fire_station Node Area A fire station
Fire station.jpg
amenity firepit Node Area Deprecated. For campfires and firepits, see Tag:leisure=firepit
Camp site.jpg
amenity game_feeding Node Area Game feeding place
Futterkrippe hohewand.jpg
amenity grave_yard Node Area A (smaller) place of burial, often you'll find a church nearby. Large places should be landuse=cemetery instead. Landuse-cemetery.png
Odenbuell Nordstrand St Vinzenz IMGP2940 wp crop.jpg
amenity gym Node Area Do no use, leisure=fitness_centre is preferred! A place which houses exercise equipment for the purpose of physical exercise.
amenity hunting_stand Node Area A hunting stand
A rised hide closed quadrat.jpg
amenity internet_cafe Node Area A place whose principal role is providing internet services to the public.
Cafe internet uninorte.JPG
amenity kneipp_water_cure Node Area Outdoor foot bath facility. Usually this is a pool with cold water and handrail. Popular in German speaking countries.
Wassertreten 1.jpg
amenity marketplace Way Area A place where trade is regulated, e.g. a square.
Marche berlin002.jpg
amenity photo_booth Node Photo Booth – A stand to create instant photo.
amenity place_of_worship Node Area A church, mosque, or temple, etc. Note that you also need religion=*, usually denomination=* and preferably name=* as well as amenity=place_of_worship. See the article for details. Christian-16.svg Muslim-16.svg Jewish-16.svg

Taoist-16.svg Buddhist-16.svg Hinduist-16.svg
Shintoist-16.svg Sikhist-16.svg Place-of-worship-16.svg

Place of worship.png
amenity police Node Area A police station
Polizeiautos Davidwache.jpg
amenity post_box Node A box for the reception of mail. Alternative mail-carriers can be tagged via operator=*
Post box-12.svg
Post Box.JPG
amenity post_office Node Area Post office building with postal services
Post office-14.svg
100px-Pošta Praha 025.jpg
amenity prison Node Area A prison
Osaka keimusho.jpg
amenity public_building Node Area A generic public building. Don't use! See office=government.
amenity ranger_station Node Area National Park Visitor Headquarters
Talkeetna Ranger Station.jpg
amenity recycling Node Area Recycling facilities (bottle banks, etc.). Combine with recycling_type=container for containers or recycling_type=centre for recycling centres.
amenity rescue_station Node Area A rescue station
Rescue station.jpg
amenity sauna Node Area Deprecated. For sauna use: leisure=sauna
Sauna in pancevo.jpg
amenity shelter Node Area A small shelter against bad weather conditions. To additionally describe the kind of shelter use shelter_type=*.
Réunion Maïdo kiosque pique-nique.JPG
amenity shower Node Area Public shower or bath.
Znak D-26d.svg
amenity table Node A public table to sit down and eat or just relax
Table in Garden Restaurant.jpg
amenity telephone Node Public telephone
amenity toilets Node Area Public toilets (might require a fee)
amenity townhall Node Area Building where the administration of a village, town or city may be located, or just a community meeting place
amenity vending_machine Node A machine selling goods – food, tickets, newspapers, etc. Add type of goods using vending=*
Vending machines at Haeundae.jpg
amenity waste_basket Node A single small container for depositing garbage that is easily accessible for pedestrians.
amenity waste_disposal Node A place where canal boaters, caravaners, etc. can dispose of rubbish (trash/waste).
Waste container.jpg
amenity waste_transfer_station Node Area A waste transfer station is a location that accepts, consolidates and transfers waste in bulk.
amenity watering_place Node Place where water is contained and animals can drink
Drinking Water For Humans and Animals.jpg
amenity water_point Node Place where you can get large amounts of drinking water
Aire de Valuejols.JPG
amenity user defined Node Way Area All commonly used values according to Taginfo

This table is a wiki template with a default description in English. Editable here.


The shop tag is used as a place of business that has stocked goods for sale. See the page titled Shop for an introduction on its usage.

Key Value Element Comment Rendering on default layer (osm-carto) Photo

Food, beverages

shop alcohol Node Area Shop selling alcohol to take away
Liquor store in Breckenridge Colorado.jpg
shop bakery Node Area Shop focused on selling bread
Bread in Boudin.jpg
shop beverages Node Area Shop focused on selling alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. See also shop=alcohol.
Coca Cola Kisten.jpg
shop brewing_supplies Node Area Shop focused on selling supplies for home brewing of beer, wine and spirits (where permitted).
Home-brewing set with 5-gallon containers.jpg
shop butcher Node Area Shop focused on selling meat
Butcher's shop Hong kong.jpg
shop cheese Node Area Shop focused on selling cheese.
Cheese shop P1010071.JPG
shop chocolate Node Area Shop focused on selling chocolate.
Chocolate shop.jpg
shop coffee Node Area Shop focused on selling coffee.
Ahrre's Coffee Roastery in Summit NJ interior view.jpg
shop confectionery Node Area Shop focused on selling sweets or candy
Sweet Shop, Chester.JPG
shop convenience Node Area A small local shop carrying a small subset of the items you would find in a supermarket
Food and wine shop.jpg
shop deli Node Area Shop focused on selling delicatessen (fine foods, gourmet foods), possibly also fine wine. Not to be confused with the US delis.
Rome Italian deli.jpg
shop dairy Node Area Shop focused on selling dairy products.
Milk Aisle.jpg
shop farm Node Area Shop or roadside stand focused on selling freshly harvested farm produce
Chatsworth farm shop - geograph.org.uk - 24050.jpg
shop greengrocer Node Area Shop focused on selling vegetables and fruits.
Greenrocer's Interior.jpg
shop ice_cream Node Area Shop focused on selling ice cream to take home. See also amenity=ice_cream.
Shop ice cream-16.svg
Ice Cream Parlour - geograph.org.uk - 1773794.jpg
shop organic Node Area Shop focused on selling organic food. Alternatively you can use the more versatile organic=* in combination with a general shop=* key (In this case: shop=supermarket or shop=convenience).
shop pasta Node Area Shop focused on selling (fresh) pasta, ravioli, etc.
Ravioli 2.jpg
shop pastry Node Area Shop focused on selling baked sweets like cakes, biscuits, strudel and pies.
Pasticceria displaying cannoli siciliani.jpg
shop seafood Node Area Shop focused on selling fish/seafood.
Seafood chijin.jpg
shop spices Node Area Shop focused on selling spices.
Old city, best spice shop (498280882).jpg
shop tea Node Area Shop focused on selling tea.
Tea shop by matsuyuki in Nishiki Ichiba, Kyoto.jpg
shop wine Node Area please use shop=alcohol + drink:wine=yes instead
Wine Shop.JPG

General store, department store, mall

shop department_store Node Area A single large store – often multiple storeys high – selling a large variety of goods (see also shop=mall)
Department store-16.svg
Takeshimaya Times Square in the evening.jpg
shop general Node Area A store that carries a general line of merchandise. (see also shop=convenience if it sells food).
Feinkost Weber Hernals 1994.jpg
shop kiosk Node Area A small shop on the pavement that sells magazines, tobacco, newspapers, sweets and stamps.
Kiosk germany.jpg
shop mall NodeArea A shopping mall – multiple stores under one roof (also known as a shopping centre)
Dalian large Shopping Mall 2005.jpg
shop supermarket Node Area Supermarket – a large store with groceries and other items
Supermarket check out.JPG

Clothing, shoes, accessories

shop baby_goods Node Area Shop focused on selling objects for babies (clothes, prams, cots, toys).
Baby care shop2.jpg
shop bag Node Area Shop focused on selling bags.
Shop bag berlin.jpg
shop boutique Node Area A small shopping outlet, especially one that specializes in elite and fashionable items
Inside Sttilo.jpg
shop clothes Node Area Shop focused on selling clothes (other related value in use is fashion)
shop fabric Node Area Shop focused on selling fabric and other materials for the purpose of making clothes and other products, eg dress making.
Shop fabric.JPG
shop fashion Node Area Shop focused on selling fashion.
Shop fashion berlin.jpg
shop jewelry Node Area Jewellers shops.
shop leather Node Area Shop focused on selling products made out of leather.
Lewis Leathers shop.jpg
shop shoes Node Area Shop focused on selling shoes.
shop tailor Node Area Use craft=tailor instead.
shop watches Node Area Shop focused on selling watches.
Paris Forum des Halles 2012 09.jpg

Discount store, charity

shop charity Node Area A charity shop is a shop operated by a charity, for the purposes of fundraising.
Cancer Research, Armagh, November 2009.JPG
shop second_hand Node Area A shop buying and selling used clothes and other things. See also shop=pawnbroker
HK Sheung Wan 2nd hand market Tung Street 上環東街.JPG
shop variety_store Node Area A variety store retailer is a retail store that sells inexpensive items, sometimes with a single price point for all items in the store.
Variety store-14.svg

Health and beauty

shop beauty Node Area A non-hairdresser beauty shop, spa, nail salon, etc.. See also shop=hairdresser.
Hair and Beauty, Strabane, January 2010.JPG
shop chemist Node Area Shop focused on selling articles of personal hygiene, cosmetics, and household cleaning products (for a shop that potentially dispenses prescription drugs, cf. pharmacy. U.S. drug store, see amenity=pharmacy)
Kelly Chemist, Omagh - geograph.org.uk - 103193.jpg
shop cosmetics Node Area Shop focused on selling cosmetics
Cosmetics at Central Ladprao.JPG
shop drugstore - This tag is discouraged. Please use either shop=chemist (if they sell prescription-free drugs, cosmetics, household cleaning products, etc.) or amenity=pharmacy (if they offer prescription drugs).
shop erotic Node Area Shop focused on selling erotic toys, -clothes or other erotic stuff.
Sex shops (Paris)-01.jpg
shop hairdresser Node Area Here you can get your hair cut, coloured, … See also shop=beauty
Belfast (187), October 2009.JPG
shop hairdresser_supply Node Area A shop, where you can buy hairdressing supplies.
Zeeb GmbH Friseurbedarf Mannheim S1.jpg
shop hearing_aids Node Area Shop focused on selling hearing aids devices
Shop audiologist.jpg
shop herbalist Node Area Shop focused on selling herbs, often for medical purposes. (See also: healthcare:speciality=herbalism and healthcare=alternative).
Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences, The Herbalist Shop.jpg
shop massage NodeArea A massage shop
shop medical_supply NodeArea Shop focused on selling medical supplies.
Jt medical supply.jpg
shop nutrition_supplements NodeArea Shops that sells one or more nutritional supplements (of vitamins, minerals and/or herbs)
shop optician Node Area Shop focused on selling eyeglasses, contact lenses (may also check your eyes).
US Navy 021029-N-3228G-001 Adjusting a customer's eyeglasses.jpg
shop perfumery Node Area Shop focused on selling perfumery
301 perfumery and drugstore in Cala Millor.jpg
shop tattoo Node Area A tattoo parlour.

Do-it-yourself, household, building materials, gardening

shop agrarian Node Area Shop focused on selling agrarian products, like seeds, agricultural machinery, animal feed, etc.
shop bathroom_furnishing Node Area Shop focused on selling bathroom furniture and accessories
Moderní koupelna.jpg
shop doityourself Node Area Shop focused on selling tools and supplies to do-it-yourself householders, gardening, …
Inside BandQ - geograph.org.uk - 649798.jpg
shop electrical Node Area Shop focused on selling electrical supplies and devices
shop energy Node Area Shop focused on selling energy
shop fireplace Node Area Shop focused on selling wood fireplaces.
Kaminofen in Betrieb IMG 6067.jpg
shop florist Node Area Shop focused on selling bouquets of flowers (see shop=garden_centre for potted flowers).
Butler's Wharf Flower Shop.jpg
shop garden_centre Node Area Shop focused on selling potted flowers, maybe even trees (see also shop=florist for flower bouquets).
Garden centre-14.svg
shop garden_furniture Node Area Shop focused on selling garden furniture (sheds, outdoor tables, gates, fences, ...). See shop=garden_centre if also plants are sold.
shop gas Node Area Shop focused on selling technical gas, such as argon, oxygen, acetylene, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, etc. in pressurized containers
2008-07-24 Bundle of compressed gas bottles.jpg
shop glaziery Node Area Shop focused on selling and installing glazing for windows and doors.
Double glazed Units.JPG
shop hardware Node Area Shop focused on selling building supplies including screws, bolts & paints, … See also shop=doityourself
Tweedy and Popp 03.jpg
shop houseware Node Area Shop focused on selling crockery, cutlery, kitchenware, small household appliances.
shop locksmith Node Area Shop focused on selling keys, see also craft=locksmith and craft=key_cutter
shop paint Node Area Shop focused on selling paints.
Artists paints.jpg
shop security Node Area Shop focused on selling security items like burglar alarms, vaults, locking systems, etc.
shop trade Node Area Shop focused on selling one or more building supplies such as timber/wood, cement etc. See also shop=doityourself
Timber yard of Travis Perkins builders merchants - geograph.org.uk - 1025761.jpg

Furniture and interior

shop antiques Node Area Shop focused on selling antiques.
Antiques shop berlin.jpg
shop bed Node Area Shop focused on selling mattresses and other bedding products.
Bed Shop, Omagh - geograph.org.uk - 129722.jpg
shop candles Node Area Shop focused on selling candles and candle accessories (holders, etc)
Candle shop, Liberty of London (8370788712).jpg
shop carpet Node Area Shop focused on selling carpets
A carpet seller in Jaipur.jpg
shop curtain Node Area Shop focused on selling curtains or drapes (see also shop=fabric)
Commerciante di tessuti.jpg
shop furniture Node Area Shop focused on selling furniture, might range from small decorational items to a whole flat interior
Small furniture shop.jpg
shop interior_decoration Node Area Shop focused on selling interior decorations.
LA Showroom1 dakota jackson.jpg
shop kitchen Node Area A shop where you can plan and buy your kitchen. (Sometimes called "kitchen studio" and the like, but plain kitchen is the most frequently used tag so far.)
Kitchen shop in "The Boulevard" - geograph.org.uk - 1368775.jpg
shop lamps Node Area Shop focused on selling lamps (see also shop=lighting).
Lamps shop at Djeema el Fnaa Square.jpg
shop tiles Node Area Shop focused on selling tiles.
2.2 Jura Gelb geschliffen.JPG
shop window_blind Node Area Shop focused on selling window blinds.
Some window blinds.JPG


shop computer Node Area Shop focused on selling computers, peripherals, software, …
Computer shop, Crossens.JPG
shop electronics Node Area Shop focused on selling consumer electronics (TV, radio, …). Larger ones may also sell computers, fridges, …
Currys Digital.jpg
shop hifi Node Area Shop focused on selling High Fidelity or High End environment to listen music or watch films at home
JB Hi-Fi Wagga Wagga.jpg
shop mobile_phone Node Area Shop focused on selling mobile phones and accessories
3G Mobile Phones fot China Mobile.jpg
shop radiotechnics Node Area Shop focused on selling electronic components, electrical products, radio measuring devices, supplies for radio and electronics.
Tokyo Akihabara electronic parts shop.jpg
shop vacuum_cleaner Node Area Shop focused on selling vacuum cleaners and associated products.
Panasonic MCE8013 vacuum cleaner close.jpg

Outdoors and sport, vehicles

shop bicycle Node Area Shop focused on selling bicycles, bicycle equipment and may rent or repair them
shop car Node Area Car store – a place to buy cars or to get your car repaired
shop car_repair Node Area Shop focused on car repair (usually independent of a specific car brand).
Colourful Shops Places In Onehunga II.jpg
shop car_parts Node Area Shop focused on selling auto parts, auto accessories, motor oil, car chemicals, etc.
Car parts-14.svg
Auto Parts Store.jpg
shop fuel Node Area Shop selling fuels (motor fuel, wood, coal, gas) that can't be considered a amenity=fuel (fuel station). Use fuel:*=yes/no to indicate which fuels are available.
Barreled fuel shop.jpg
shop fishing Node Area Shop focused on selling fishing equipment.
M.A. Wickham, East Grinstead (15538910361).jpg
shop free_flying Node Area Shop focused on selling free flying equipment.
shop hunting Node Area Shop focused on selling gun and hunting equipment.
Bass Pro Shops entrance.JPG
shop motorcycle Node Area Shop focused on selling motorcycles and/or related accessories, clothes, parts, repair and rental services.
Shop motorcycle.svg
shop outdoor Node Area Shop focused on selling camping, walking, climbing, and other outdoor sports equipment (GPSes, etc.)
Outdoor shop.png
shop scuba_diving Node Area Shop focused on selling scuba diving equipment.
Paradise Dive Shop.jpg
shop sports Node Area Shop focused on selling sporting goods.
HK TST East Mody Road Wing On Plaza Shop Kettler Sport Fitness.JPG
shop swimming_pool Node Area A store that sells swimming pool equipment and supplies.
shop tyres Node Area Shop focused on selling tyres.
Istanbul Continental tyre shop.jpg

Art, music, hobbies

shop art Node Area Shop which sells works of art. May be paintings, sculpture, or other types of art
Ruiz gallery.jpg
shop collector Node Area A shop for different collector's items like stamps, coins, action figures, etc.
shop craft Node Area An arts and crafts supply store. Commonly sold items are paper, canvas, paint, pencils, crafting wood, crafting tools, etc. - look at craft=*
shop frame Node Area Shop focused on selling frames.
Shop frames berlin.jpg
shop games Node Area Shop focused on selling board games, card games and/or role-playing games.
Essen 2008 0251.jpg
shop model Node Area Shop specialising in the sale of scale models.
shop music Node Area Shop focused on selling recorded music (vinyl/CDs/...)
Music shop.JPG
shop musical_instrument Node Area Shop focused on selling musical instruments, lyrics, scores. If focused on a specific instrument, specify with musical_instrument=*
Musical instrument-14.svg
Portadown (66), September 2009.JPG
shop photo Node Area Shop focused on selling products or services related with photography.
Fujifilm photo shop.jpg
shop camera Node Area A shop mainly selling cameras and lenses
Nikkor Lens Showcase @ Berjaya Times Square's Nikon Centre.jpg
shop trophy Node Area Store selling trophies, awards, plaques etc.
shop video Node Area Shop focused on selling or renting out videos/DVDs.
Video shop.jpg
shop video_games Node Area Shop focused on selling video games.
GameStop on Powell Street in San Francisco, California.

Stationery, gifts, books, newspapers

shop anime Node Area Shop focused on selling anime stuff.
KT Anime Shop 20150926.jpg
shop books Node Area Shop focused on selling books (for a library that lends books, see amenity=library)
Strand basement jeh.jpg
shop gift Node Area Shop focused on selling gifts, greeting cards, or tourist gifts (souvenirs)
Gift shop interior.jpg
shop lottery Node Area A shop of which the main or only purpose is the sale of lottery tickets.
12 Kościuszki Street in Sanok (2015), Lotto.jpg
shop newsagent Node Area Shop focused on selling newspapers, cigarettes, other goods
HK Sheung Wan Po Yan Street 7-11 Shop Newspaper Stand.JPG
shop stationery Node Area Shop focused on selling office supplies
shop ticket Node Area Shop focused on selling tickets for concerts, events, public transport, …
Box office of Shosha station.jpg


shop bookmaker Node Area A shop that takes bets on sporting and other events at agreed upon odds.
Ladbrokes - 263 Park Lane (2299743817).jpg
shop copyshop Node Area Shop focused on selling photocopying and printing services.
HK 上環 Sheung Wan 蘇杭街 Jervois Street 24 photo copy print co shop.JPG
shop dry_cleaning Node Area Shop or kiosk offering a clothes dry cleaning service. The actual cleaning may be done elsewhere.
Dry clean rack.jpg
shop e-cigarette Node Area Shop focused on selling electronic cigarettes.
510N e-cigarette and e-liquids.jpg
shop funeral_directors Node Area Providing services related to funeral arrangements, may also be known as a "funeral parlour" or "undertakers".
shop laundry Node Area A shop to get your normal clothes washed. Might be self service coin operated, with service staff for drop off, …
Polarstern laundry hg.jpg
shop money_lender Node Area A money lender offers small personal loans at high rates of interest.
Guaranteed Payday Loans-Cash Money Store.jpg
shop pawnbroker Node Area A pawnbroker (or pawnshop) is an individual or business that offers secured loans to people. See also shop=second_hand
Pawnbroker Oulu 20090906.JPG
shop pet Node Area A shop for pets, animals and toys or food for them.
Baby parrots in a pet shop-8a.jpg
shop pyrotechnics Node Area Store of pyrotechnics: fireworks, firecrackers, sparklers etc.
TNT Fireworks Supercenter, Jennings (East face).JPG
shop religion Node Area Shop focused on selling religious articles, church shop. See also religion=*
shop tobacco Node Area Shop focused on selling tobacco, cigarettes and their related accessories.
Fachgeschäft für Tabakwaren.JPG
shop toys Node Area Shop focused on selling toys.
HK Toys R Us.JPG
shop travel_agency Node Area Shop focused on selling tickets for travelling. Also known as a tour operator.
Travel agency-14.svg
Shop travel agency berlin.jpg
shop vacant Node Area Not an actual shop, of course. You may want to use this tag when a shop has been closed, to avoid confusing other mappers who may not know about this (please leave a note=*). Plus, you can keep the corresponding object and simply edit it when a new shop opens on the same spot. May be confusing, a vacancy is not a shop and should not show up on maps as a shop. disused:shop=* is an alternative
2012-05-02 Carrera de San Jeronimo anagoria.JPG
shop weapons Node Area Shop focused on selling weapons like knifes, guns etc.
Welcome to America - Supermarket with guns.jpg
shop user defined Node Area All commonly used values according to Taginfo

This table is a wiki template with a default description in English. Editable here.


This is used to map places and things of specific interest to tourists. For example these may be places to see, places to stay and things and places providing support. See the page titled Tourism for an introduction on its usage.

Key Value Element Comment Rendering Photo
tourism alpine_hut Node Area [W] Alpine hut or a mountain hut is a remote building positioned in the mountains designed to provided lodging accommodation for mountaineers, climbers and hikers. The access is usually restricted to foot, mountain bike or ski. Typically, these are operated by an Alpine Club or a similar organisation.
Ascher Hütte a.jpg
tourism apartment Node Area A holiday or vacation apartment is a furnished apartment or flat with cooking and bathroom facilities that can be rented for holiday vacations. This tag can be applied to a building accommodating one or more holiday flats. Between tourism=apartment and tourism=chalet is a clear distinction: "Chalet" is for a detached holiday cottage which you rent exclusively, "apartment" is for one or several flats in a shared building (or a single flat in one part of the building and other usages, like private apartments or a restaurant, in the other part).
Guest house.p.16.png
HolidayFlats Martinique.jpg
tourism aquarium Node Area An aquarium, meant as [W] Public aquarium is the aquatic counterpart of a zoo with living aquatic animals for public viewing.
Georgia Aquarium - Ocean Voyager Tunnel Jan 2006.jpg
tourism artwork Node Way Area [W] Artwork is used to tag public pieces of art. Typically, these are outdoors.
tourism attraction Node Area [W] Attraction or tourist attraction is a general place of interest for visitors. Typically used for its natural or historical significance. This tag is often used in combination with other tags such as historic=*, building=*, amenity=*.
tourism camp_site Node Area [W] Campsite, camp ground or camping pitch is an area where people can temporarily use a shelter, such as a tent, camper van or sometimes a caravan. Typically, the area is spilt into "pitches" or "sites".
2009-07-26 Ekeberg Camping.JPG
tourism caravan_site Node Area [W] Caravan site, caravan park or RV park is an area where people with caravans, motorhomes, recreational vehicles can stay overnight, or longer, in allotted spaces known as "pitches" or "sites". They usually provide facilities including toilets, waste disposal, water supply, power supply etc.
Caravan Site, Stonehaven - geograph.org.uk - 156173.jpg
tourism chalet Node Area Chalet is a type of accommodation used in the hospitality industry to describe one or more detached cottages with self-contained cooking facilities and/or bathroom and toilet facilities. This is not to be confused with the Swiss term for a type of wood house, use the tags building=cabin or building=yes instead. Between tourism=apartment and tourism=chalet is a clear distinction: "Chalet" is for a detached holiday cottage which you rent exclusively, "apartment" is for one or several flats in a shared building (or a single flat in one part of the building and other usages, like private apartments or a restaurant, in the other part).
Chalets - geograph.org.uk - 37944.jpg
tourism gallery Node Area [W] Art gallery or art museum is an area or typically a building that displays a variety of visual art exhibitions; The most common exhibits being paintings, sculpture or photography. This is not to be confused with tourism=museum.
Malba Buenos Aires.jpg
tourism guest_house Node Area [W] Guest houses, similar to a Hostel, provides lodging accommodation without a hotel license that is typically owner-operated. They usually offer a private room served with breakfast, but the staff is not convenient around-the-clock. These range from custom-built guest houses to family-based homes, frequently refer to as a bed and breakfast.
Guest house.p.16.png
The Crossroads Country Guest House - geograph.org.uk - 88520.jpg
tourism hostel Node Area [W] Hostels provide inexpensive accommodation, typically with them having shared bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and lounges.
Dorm Room 1.jpg
tourism hotel Node Area [W] Hotels provide accommodation for guests with usually numbered rooms. Some facilities provided may include a basic bed, storage for clothing and additional guest facilities may include swimming pool, childcare, and conference facilities.
Hcom 1097758 7 b.jpg
tourism information Node Area [W] Information, visitor center or centre, visitor information center or tourist information center is an information source for tourists, travellers and visitors. To additionally describe the kind of information use the tag information=*.
Fleetwood tourist information centre - DSC06596.JPG
tourism motel Node Area [W] Motel is an abbreviation which is shortened by the term "motor hotel". It's an establishment that provides accommodation designed for motorists usually on a short-term basis, with convenient parking for motor cars at or close to the room.
Dscf0759 600.jpg
tourism museum Node Area [W] Museum is an institution which has exhibitions on scientific, historical, artistic, or cultural artifacts. Typically these are open to the public as a tourist attraction.
tourism picnic_site Node Area [W] Picnic site is an area that is suitable for eating outdoors and may have a number of facilities within it. For example they might include: toilets, water taps for drinking or cleaning, BBQ grills, benches, table with benches (picnic tables) and covered structures for bad weather. They also may be used on a grassy area that is popular for picnics.
Picnic site.jpg
tourism theme_park Node Area [W] Theme park or amusement park is an area where entertainment is provided by rides, game concessions, etc., catering to large numbers to people. For example: Disneyland, Magic Kingdom, Universal Studios Florida, Europa Park, and Ocean Park.
Theme park.jpg
tourism viewpoint Node [W] Viewpoint, also known as a overlook, observation point, lookout, viewing point, scenic area or vista point is a place for visitors, often high, with good a scenery view of the surrounding countryside or notable buildings.
tourism wilderness_hut Node Area [W] Wilderness hut or backcountry hut is a remote building, with generally a fireplace, intended to provide temporary shelter and sleeping accommodation. See also [W] Bothy
Wilderness hut.svg
Alpe scaredi.jpg
tourism zoo Node Area [W] Zoo is an abbreviation for a zoological garden or park that has confined animals on display for viewing by the public.
A miss. berlin 1.JPG
tourism yes Node Area To add tourist interest to something described by other tags.
tourism user defined Node Area All commonly used values according to Taginfo

This table is a wiki template with a default description in English. Editable here.


This is used to describe various historic places. For example: archeological sites, wrecks, ruins, castles and ancient buildings. See the page titled Historic for an introduction on its usage.

Key Value Element Comment Rendering Photo
historic aircraft Node Area A decommissioned aircraft which generally remains in one place
Historic aircraft monki.JPG
historic archaeological_site Node Area A place in which evidence of past activity is preserved
Dscf0105 600.jpg
historic battlefield Node Area The site of a battle or military skirmish in the past. This could be on land or at sea.
Fort Donelson river battery (1).jpg
historic boundary_stone Node A historic boundary stone usually found along the way.
Boundary stone St Brelade and St Peter, Jersey.jpg
historic building Node Area If it's not clear what type a historic building has, it can be tagged as a generic building.
historic cannon Node A historic/retired cannon. Usually found at on forts or battlefields.
Muzzle loading cannons at the Swedish Naval Museum (6648150909).jpg
historic castle Node Area Castles are (often fortified) buildings from medieval and modern times. Other languages
Dscf0226 600.jpg
historic city_gate Node Area A Wikipedia-16px.png city gate (or town gate) is a gate within a city wall.
Spaarnwouder- of Amsterdamse poort.jpg
historic citywalls Way Area A Wikipedia-16px.png defensive wall is a fortification used to protect a city or settlement from potential aggressors.
City wall render eg1.png
Delitzsch Stadtmauer.jpg
historic farm Node Area A historical farm, kept in it's original state.
historic fort Node Area A military fort – distinct from a castle as it is generally more modern
Komárom Fortress 03.jpg
historic gallows Node Relation A structure designed for capital punishment by hanging.
historic highwater_mark Node A marker for indicating past flood.
Hochwassermarke Schwaebisch Gmuend 1912.jpg
historic locomotive Node Area A decommissioned locomotive which generally remains in one place.
Ambarawa locomotief.jpg
historic manor Node Area Historic Wikipedia-16px.png manors / Wikipedia-16px.png mansions
Gut Panker Herrenhaus.jpg
historic memorial Node Area Much like a monument, but smaller. Might range from a WWII memorial to a simple plate on a wall.
historic milestone Node A historic marker that shows the distance to important destinations.
Jt meilenstein.jpg
historic monastery Node Area An historic monastery. See Also amenity=monastery.
Malbork Zamek Wysoki kruzganek.jpg
historic monument Node Area A memorial object, wich is especially large (one can go inside, walk on or through it) or high enough (see the examples), built to remember, show respect to a person or group of people or to commemorate an event. Other languages
historic optical_telegraph Node Area Historic optical telegraph
historic pillory Node A construction designed to immobilitate and humiliate a person who was convicted in lower courts.
Kirchberg pranger.jpg
historic ruins Node Area Remains of structures that were once complete, but have fallen into partial or complete disrepair. If the type of original structure is known or apparent it can be described using ruins=*, e.g. ruins=castle.

Alternative tagging is historic=castle, ruins=yes.
See the proposal and discussion at Proposed features/ruins for ruins of historic buildings.

historic rune_stone Node A Wikipedia-16px.png runestone is typically a raised stone with a runic inscription.
U 240, Lingsberg.JPG
historic ship Node Area A decommissioned ship or submarine
Aurora Cruiser Museum StPetersburg.JPG
historic tomb Node Area Historic tomb
historic tree_shrine Node A single tree of a religious figure mounted onto a tree. Use natural=tree + historic=wayside_shrine instead.
Tree Shrine - Giritzer, Mautern an der Donau, Österreich - 02.JPG
historic wayside_cross Node Area A historical (usually christian) cross. Frequently found along the way in Southern Germany, Austria and probably elsewhere.
historic wayside_shrine Node Area A historical shrine often showing a religious depiction. Frequently found along the way in Southern Germany, Austria and probably elsewhere.
2003-10-11 tanner moor 36.JPG
historic wreck Node Area Nautical craft that has unintentionally been sunk or destroyed.
historic yes Node Area Used to add the historic significance of the objects described by other tags.
historic user defined Node Area All commonly used values according to Taginfo

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This is used to describe the purpose for which an area of land is being used. See the page titled Landuse for an introduction on its usage.

Key Value Element Comment Rendering Photo
landuse allotments Node Area A piece of land given over to local residents for growing vegetables and flowers.
landuse basin Node Area An area of water that drains into a river.
Together with basin=* for stormwater/rainwater infiltration/detention/retention basins.
Other languages.
Boneyard Detention Basin 2006.jpg
landuse brownfield Node Area Describes land scheduled for new development where old buildings have been demolished and cleared
Former Brickworks ... - geograph.org.uk - 56268.jpg
landuse cemetery Area Place for burials. You can add religion=* (values listed in the place of worship page). Smaller places (e.g. with a church nearby) may use amenity=grave_yard instead.
landuse commercial Node Area Predominantly offices, business parks, etc.
Cambourne Business Park - geograph.org.uk - 15908.jpg
landuse conservation Area Protected areas (Not approved) Alternate tagging of same thing: boundary=protected_area, protected_area=*
Landuse conservation.png
landuse construction Node Area "Under construction" site, should become something different once the construction is finished
Landuse construction.jpg
landuse depot Area An area used as a depot for e.g. vehicles (trains, buses or trams). currently not rendered by mapnik
RET remise Beverwaard (2).JPG
landuse farmland Area An area of farmland used for tillage and pasture (animals, crops, vegetables, flowers, fruit growing).
Rye field.jpg
landuse farmyard Area An area of land with farm buildings like farmhouse, dwellings, farmsteads, sheds, stables, barns, equipment sheds, feed bunkers, etc. plus the open space in between them and the shrubbery/trees around them.
Rendering-area-landuse farmyard-mapnik.png
landuse forest Node Area Managed forest or woodland plantation (Other languages).
Fort Nelson Forestry.JPG
landuse garages Area One level buildings with boxes commonly for cars, usually made of brick and metal. Usually this area belong to garage cooperative with own name, chairman, budget, rules, security, etc.
Rendering-area-landuse garages-mapnik.png
landuse grass Node Area For areas covered with grass. Consider landuse=meadow for meadow.
Note that this is actually a Landcover tag, not a landuse tag and there is a proposal to deprecate it.
Mapnik landuse grass .png
landuse greenfield Node Area Describes land scheduled for new development where there have been no buildings before. A greenfield is scheduled to turn into a construction site
Rendering-area-landuse greenfield-mapnik.png
Greenfields - geograph.org.uk - 1202824.jpg
landuse greenhouse_horticulture Area Area used for growing plants in greenhouses
Greenhouses westland.jpg
landuse industrial Node Area Predominantly workshops, factories or warehouses
Rehuraisio feed plant in Oulu 2008 001.jpg
landuse landfill Node Area Place where waste is dumped.
landuse meadow Node Area An area of land primarily vegetated by grass and other non-woody plants, usually mowed for making hay.
Landuse Meadow.png
landuse military Node Area For land areas owned/used by the military for whatever purpose
REUNION 2007 04.jpg
landuse orchard Node Area intentional planting of trees or shrubs maintained for food production
landuse pasture Node Area (Proposed in Proposed features/pasture:) An area of land primarily vegetated by grass, used for grazing.
Landuse Meadow.png
Pasture with shelter.jpg
landuse peat_cutting Area An excavation created by the removal of peat.
Use landuse=quarry + resource=peat instead
currently not rendered by mapnik
Peat cutting - geograph.org.uk - 1385530.jpg
landuse plant_nursery Area intentional planting of plants maintaining for the production of new plants currently not rendered by mapnik
Cutchogue - Oregon Road - Plant Nursery.jpg
landuse port Area coastal industrial area where commercial traffic is handled currently not rendered by mapnik
landuse quarry Node Area Surface mineral extraction
landuse railway Area Area for railway use, generally off-limits to the general public
landuse recreation_ground Node Area An open green space for general recreation, which may include pitches, nets and so on, usually municipal but possibly also private to colleges or companies
Landuse-recreation ground.png
landuse reservoir Node Area Stores water, may be covered or uncovered; for a covered reservoir see also man_made=reservoir_covered (Other languages). See water=reservoir for alternative tagging.
Amagase Dam.jpg
landuse residential Node Area Predominantly houses or apartment buildings
landuse retail Node Area Predominantly shops
Trocadero - London 1.jpg
landuse salt_pond Area A place where sea water is evaporated to extract its salt currently not rendered by mapnik
Salt ponds SF Bay (dro!d).jpg
landuse village_green Node Area An area of common land, usually grass, in the centre of a village (quintessentially English – defined separately from 'common land' under the Commons Registration Act 1965 and the Commons Act 2006).
This tag is more used to tag all sorts of mixed vegetation, mostly in urban areas. Hence the above definition probably needs to be adjusted to fit the real use of it.
Landuse-village green.png
landuse vineyard Node Area A piece of land where grapes are grown.
739px-Grape vines.jpg
landuse user defined Node Area All commonly used values according to Taginfo

This table is a wiki template with a default description in English. Editable here.


This is used to describe natural and physical land features. These also include features that have been modified by humans. See the page titled Natural for an introduction on its usage.

Vegetation or surface related

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Water related

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Landform related

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It might be illegal for Israeli citizens to map military buildings and areas. WikiProject_Israel encourages all osm users not to map millitary and confidential areas in Israel

Non Physical


מאמר ראשי: relation:route

This is used to describe routes of all different kinds.

Key Value Element Comment Rendering Photo
route bicycle Relation Cycle routes explains how to tag cycle routes.
route bus Relation The route a public bus service takes. See Buses.
route canoe Relation Route for canoeing through a waterway.
route detour Relation Route for fixed detour routes. Examples are Bedarfsumleitung in Germany and uitwijkroute in the Netherlands
route ferry Way Relation The route a ferry takes from terminal to terminal Please make sure to add at least one node per tile (zoom level 12), better at least one every few km, so offline editors catch it with bbox requests.
Ferry route mapnik.png
route fitness_trail Relation Fitness trails consist of a path or course equipped with obstacles or stations distributed along its length for exercising the human body.
Exercise post.jpg
route hiking Relation Hiking explains how to tag hiking routes.