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In order to remain a reliable force in non-traditional humanitarian response there is a need for sustainable funding for HOT. The HOT Fundraising Working Group recommends fundraising strategies and goals to the HOT board.

This group currently does not have a regular meeting schedule.

The HOT Board facilitator is: Heather Leson.

HOT would be thankful for dedicated contributors who have fundraising/campaign background, documentation, grant-writing, project management or various network/community sector skills.

Interested individuals

Next meeting

To Be Determined

  • Discuss Goals of Fundraising Working Group
  • Outline Terms of Reference (actions, ownership, plan)

IRC Logs of Previous Meetings:

Fundraising priorities for HOT

HOT has three types of fundraising: project, core and community. The purpose of this document is to outline fundraising goals for the Fundraising Working Group. One of the first priorities of the Fundraising Working Group is to write a Terms of Reference. This concept note is provide an outline to begin the conversations.

Fundraising for HOT the organization

  • All project and core funding for HOT is managed by the Executive Director. The Operations and Board will work with major funders and apply for grants related to supporting projects and HOT core funding for HOT as the NGO legal entity.

The Fundraising Working Group will assist in strategic planning, research and support.

  • Community and Membership need to consult with the ED before approaching funders. The reason for this is to avoid duplication and confusion. HOT needs to be considered a professional contender for funding, as such the role of ED guides these relationships.

The Board fundraising lead and the ED can approach funders above the amount of $1000.00. The Fundraising Working Group can approach organizations below the amount of $1000.00 without ED or Board approval. This recommended guideline is to help delineate fundraising for HOT the “community” and the “membership” and HOT the “legal entity.”

  • All items pertaining to HOT organizational funding should be directed to the ED and All contracts are to be signed and approved by the ED and Board.

Resources: Show your impact

Fundraising Working Group

The Fundraising Working Group is accountable to the community and membership. The mandate is to raise funds for the community to support community initiatives and help fellow members/community supporters. Some examples of potential fundraising goals could include:

  • Need people with fundraising background, need strategic plan post fundraising part-time intern job?
  • Provide guidance for individual fundraising, for example, maybe a person or group could raise funds for HOT by running a race, setting up a golf tournament, or some other type of event.
  • Set up a Community fund and plan to support community participation & event participation
  • provide guidelines
  • process from outreach to the donate button to provision of ‘reward’ or ‘support’


  • Purchasing swag/supplies (stickers, t-shirts, books or GPS supplies for special projects)

via swag stores (cafe press), not by individuals (we don’t want to end up with a surplus of supplies)

    • designs needed
    • process for rewarding and handling or just a HOT store
    • do we get a percentage
    • how do we keep HOT prestigious
    • Funds for HOT mapping parties
    • Thank you awards for community leadership.
    • Small Grants for community projects: Maintain and share a list of small grants that might help
    • Supporting Hotties to attend SOTM/Crisismappers Conference or other OSM /map leadership events to represent HOT.

Archived details

The following is some notes on fundraising, perhaps as document produced by the working group?

  • Support in project redaction by fundraisers methodologies(?)

Very rough budget outline

  • Out
    • Travel costs
    • Conferences + Advocacy (meeting iNGOs, governments etc)
    • Yearly Board Meeting
    • Training of new HOT volunteers
    • A parttime admin (aprx 5 hours a week, preferably in DC but without office)
    • Crisis Cash. Only to be used if a coordinator needs to be hired to activate HOT when the 2 staff are not available.
    • Salaries for the 2 HOT staff
      • Staff does all the above + projects.
  • In
    • Projects (could cover at least salaries of Staff)
    • Long Term Funding, mostly to cover the overheads

Fundraising Guidelines

  • TBD

Suggested donation platforms

Fundrasing Goals / Projects

Long Term Goals

  • Maintain adequate funding for full-time HOT workers

Short Term Projects to be Funded

Translating the Manual into Creole

Total costs: 2500USD

  • food for participants
  • travel costs professional translator

Going to seek funding through:

  • (takes 5%)
  • (?)
  • using to find a volunteer to create a marketing video