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利用できる言語 — Relation:enforcement
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Public-images-osm logo.svg enforcement
Fixed speed camera.svg
  • ノードウェイエリア - device
  • ノード - from
  • ノード - to
  • ノード - force
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  • スピードトラップ
  • 赤外線カメラ
  • 車間距離計測器
  • 重量検査(大型貨物車向け)
  • 通常の交通検問(免許証、アルコール、など)
  • 通行料金の支払の正確さ(現在は特にドイツの料金収集システム)



Note that some countries forbid mapping traffic enforcement installations. If rendering or displaying in a routing software or alerting in a routing software is forbidden anywhere, you can add the information to the map - renderer and routing software will make sure to follow the law. Therefore, routing software shall offer traffic enforcement features as plug-ins, so the user can choose if he wants to install the feature.


Traffic enforcement devices are not a place you'd want to go and are therefore not an amenity.

Create a single relation for each traffic enforcement device, if there are several, as each can measure different things to vehicles from different directions.

Key Value Example Comment
type enforcement enforcement The type of relation.
enforcement maxheight / maxweight / maxspeed / mindistance / traffic_signals / check / access maxheight The type of enforcement.
enforcement toll toll HGV toll enforcement camera bridges in Germany (see Wikipedia-16px.png Toll Collect(Wikipedia)), checking system compliance.

For normal toll bridges that directly trigger the payment please use barrier=toll_booth

maxheight number; specify unit if not in metres 4 The maximum height (only specify if enforcement=maxheight)
maxweight number; specify unit if not in tonnes 16 The maximum weight (optional, only specify if enforcement=maxweight)
maxspeed number; specify unit if not in km/h 60 The maximum speed (only specify if enforcement=maxspeed)

The "mindistance" enforcement is for following distance. The "check" enforcement is for a checkpoint.


Type Role Recurrence? Comment
ノードウェイエリア device one or more Placed where the enforcement device is located. For a large device (e.g. an HGV scale), a way or area may be preferred (that must be connected to the same way). Note that the device might not be on the same way as the from (and optional to) nodes; e.g. a speed camera will often be on the side of the road).
ノード from one or more Node on the highway from which the enforcement is checked. Placed at the same place as signs (e.g. "radar controlled", "traffic signals ahead") if present. If not, estimate a sensible distance where a driver would need to be warned of the enforcement if driving with allowed speed, or the usual legal distance of such warning.
ノード to one or more - in some cases optional Node where the enforcement ends.
  • Optional if device and from roles are on the same way. In this case, the device acts as the to member.
  • Required if device and from roles aren't on the same way (e.g., speed camera, turn restriction), to make clear in which direction the enforcement occurs.
ノード force one or more - optional A device (e.g. light or barrier) which enforce the rule being applied in the relation.

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