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利用できる言語 — Tag:bicycle=use sidepath
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Public-images-osm logo.svg bicycle = use_sidepath
Radwegschaeden by Karl-Ludwig Poggemann.jpg
グループ: 制限
状態: 承認Page for proposal

このタグ bicycle=use_sidepath全般的に自転車の通行が許可されている分類の道路にのみ適用します。このタグは、通行義務のある自転車通行帯(例えば、Nederlands verkeersbord G11.svg(日本やいくつかのヨーロッパの国々)、Zeichen 240 - Gemeinsamer Fuß- und Radweg, StVO 1992.svgZeichen 241-30.svg(ドイツ、ポーランド)、Nederlands verkeersbord G12a.svg(オランダ))が並行して設置されている道路に適用できます。しかし、道路に自転車の通行を禁じる道路標識(例えば、Nederlands verkeersbord C14.svgNederlands verkeersbord C9.svg)がないことが条件です。その場合は、 "bicycle=no" を使用してください。

このタグは通行義務のある自転車道がある国でのみ適用してください。(訳注: 日本も含まれます。)

Please do not use bicycle=use_sidepath in combination with cycleway=track on the main highway, if there is no separate cycleway drawn on the map. This is confusing for routing engines because bicycle=use_sidepath indicates not to route on the main highway (use the separate cycleway) and this conflicts with the tag cycleway=track, which indicates that bicycles are allowed to route on (bike lanes connected to) the main highway.

Legal and access implications may and will vary between countries. The implications of these traffic signs on many specials vehicles and situations varies so much that it would need a lot of new tags to express this in OSM. There is no need to do this if the legal situation is clear. With a new country specific access scheme (=concept) on compulsory cycleways and their parallel roads it should give routers and renderers enough information for any type of vehicle/situation.




To indicate a one-way compulsory cycleway use a directional subkey, e.g. bicycle:forward=use_sidepath. Choose between :forward and :backward depending on the compulsory cycle direction relative to the direction of the OSM way ウェイ for the main road. The cycleways OSM direction is not important.

In some cases a two-way cycleway may be compulsory only in one direction. In the opposite direction cyclists are free to choose between the main road and the cycleway. Handle this case like a one-way compulsory cycleway.

For more in-depth information see this tags proposal Proposed_features/use_sidepath.

画像 タグ
Fietspad PeeWee32.jpg
This cycleway is compulsory.
bicycle=designated を暗黙に含む)

Nederlands verkeersbord G13.svg (NL)
France road sign C113.svg (FR, AT)
Zusatzzeichen 1022-10.svg or 434c Radw ohne Benupfli St-Jürgen-Str HB.jpg (DE)
These cycleways are not compulsory.
Cycling is allowed on the adjacent roads, too.
Possible additional tags:
  • tags that show that the cycleway is not compulsory
  • mofa=* tags.
Slovenska cesta kolo nezazeleno 2.jpg
In this street, cycling is explicitly not
on the "road" (carriageway).
bicycle=no (explicit bicycle ban)


On both the German ((in English)) and the Dutch forum have compulsory cycleways been discussed.


This tag is supported on the "Bicycle tags on OSM"- map.


bicycle:forward=use_sidepath    bicycle:backward=use_sidepath