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Why using the ContourOverlappingMerge plugin?


That plugin action determined overlapping from two contours(ex: forest and waterway),erase overlapping zone and merge the two contours from the priority contour border.

Plugin action

  1. Determine which contour have priority
  2. Calculate and draw overlapping intersection points
  3. Redraw the border from non-priority contour to the priority contour border, in the overlapping section

Special Cases

An special case is then contours have more than one overlapped section (exists more than two intersection points). In these case plugin action must redraw the non-priority contour border to the priority contour border in overlapped section(between even and odd intersection points). In overlapped section the priority contour border is redrawn to the non-priority contour border (between odd and even intersection points).


The plugin should be available in your JOSM Plugins preference window under "ContourOverlappingMerge" or you can download it from [1].


  1. Select two contours with Ctrl+Click or Shift+Click on the contours(Attention first selected contour is priority,second selected contour border will merge on the first selected contour border)ContoursOverlapp1.png

2. Then press the button Button.png on the Tools menu or press Zero Key. The overlapping section is removed and the two second selected contour have the border on first selected contour in previous intersection zone.


Other Example

When have an special case, when the contours have more than one overlapping section