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A bicycle road is a road designated for bicycles.
Group: Cycleway
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A bicycle road is a road designated for bicycles. Any other vehicles are prohibited unless marked with an addition sign. These kind of roads get more and more common in Europe. So far, this page is about the situation in Germany.


A signed bicycle road is tagged with bicycle_road=yes. In Germany the following tags are implied but they are usually still tagged:


  • maxspeed=30 (since the amendment of Nov 1st 2009, maxspeed is set to 30 km/h if not explicit signed differently)
  • source:maxspeed=DE:bicycle_road
  • traffic_sign=DE:244.1 (official traffic sign)

Type of highway

Considering the tag highway=* it is not important if the road is a bicycle road or not. The value is rather determined by the state of development of the road and its importance in the traffic system:

Alternatively, highway=service or highway=unclassified can be used.

Additional signs

Traffic sign Tagging Description
Zusatzzeichen 1020-30.svg

(Sign 1020-30)

vehicle=destination --
Zusatzzeichen 1022-12.svg

(Sign 1022-12)

motorcycle=yes vehicle=no does still fit
Zusatzzeichen 1024-10.svg

(Sign 1024-10)

motorcar=yes vehicle=no does still fit
Zusatzzeichen KFZ frei.svg motor_vehicle=yes Same meaning as "KFZ frei"



Mapnik and the OpenCycleMap do not render bicycle roads so far.

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