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Available languages — Key:created_by
Public-images-osm logo.svg created_by
Created by JOSM 15 6115 de.png
Tag representing Editor/Script which created/(edited) this item.
Group: Annotations
Used on these elements
should not be used on nodesshould not be used on waysshould not be used on areasshould not be used on relations
Status: Discardable

This tag is used to describe the computer program (editor or script) which made the changes - similar to a user agent and is automatically added by editors to a saved changeset.


  • created_by=JOSM/1.5 (8480 de)
  • created_by=Potlatch 1.2
  • created_by=Merkaartor 0.13
  • created_by=iD 1.1.4
  • created_by=rosemary v0.4.4 (used by


Prior to version 0.6 of the API the created_by tag was applied to individual objects (nodes, ways and relations and even segments in earlier protocol versions). However, with the introduction of changesets to provide non-geographic "meta data" it makes more sense for the created_by tag to be recorded there. As of November 2012 many nodes, ways or relations still have a created_by tag, but these are slowly disappearing since this key is silently dropped by OSM editors like JOSM, iD, Potlatch, Potlatch2 when objects get modified.


Guidance to users

  • You should not edit this value to record your own name. Your user name will be recorded anyway (and in addition) automatically on upload.
  • You should not remove the created_by tag on objects you are not otherwise modifying. If we wanted to remove them in bulk we'd do it some other way.
  • You may remove the created_by tag on nodes/ways/relations that you are modifying in a changeset anyway. This is what JOSM, iD, Potlatch, Potlatch2 and other editors do automatically.

Guidance to software developers

The guidance to users plus:

  • You should record a created_by tag on a changeset when saving changes
  • The created_by tag may contain a revision number, version number or similar. This helps people track down problems if a version of your editor/script has a bug in it.
    • Alternatively, potlatch2 splits information into created_by, version and build tags.
  • You should not add or update the created_by tag on nodes/ways/relations.
  • For translation QA : please add the 'language' version ( like: de,en,es,it,hu)