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Burger and fries (1).jpg
For describing the type of food served at an eating place.
Group: Cuisine
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For describing the type of food served at an eating place.

May also apply to other services that deliver food, like convenience (shop=convenience).

See taginfo for the most commonly used values.

Suggested values

Cuisine (type of food)

Cuisine, categorized by type of food.

Key Value Element Comment Rendering Photo
cuisine bagel Node Area A dense bread baked in a donut shape; sometimes sliced and used for a sandwich (Wikipedia-16px.png Bagel).
cuisine barbecue Node Area There are several styles: chicken, beef, pork, etc. with or without skewer.
Bratwürste Steaks Bauch und mehr.JPG
cuisine bougatsa Node Area Common in Greece. Phyllo dough bread with spinach, cheese or custard cream.
cuisine burger Node Area e.g. McDonald's, Wendy's, Jollibee (Philippines).
Wall Food 10036 (15821854281).jpg
cuisine cake Node Area Most of the time a small cafe where you can buy and eat cakes (main business cakes not coffee, see cuisine=coffee_shop).
Laika strawberry cake (cropped).jpg
cuisine casserole Node Area
cuisine chicken Node Area e.g. KFC.
cuisine coffee_shop Node Area Serves mainly coffee, may have some light cold snacks such as cakes.
cuisine crepe Node Area Crêpes (Wikipedia-16px.png Crêpe), Pannekoekenrestaurant in Dutch.
Fruit Filled crêpe.jpg
cuisine couscous Node Area A north African savoury wheat dish (Wikipedia-16px.png Couscous).
cuisine curry Node Area There are several styles of curries, not only Indian style.
cuisine dessert Node Area Serves mainly desserts (food, typically sweet, served after the main course); use more specific tags, such as cuisine=cake or cuisine=donut if applicable
cuisine donut Node Area A type of fried dough confectionery or dessert food.
Jack's Donuts.jpg
cuisine doughnut Node Area was formerly proposed but hasn’t really been adopted by mappers.
cuisine empanada Node Area An empanada (called pastel in Brazilian Portuguese) is a stuffed bread or pastry baked or fried in many countries in Southern Europe, Latin America, and parts of Southeast Asia. (Wikipedia-16px.png Empanada)
Empanadas de pino.JPG
cuisine fish Node Area please use cuisine=seafood!, look below
cuisine fish_and_chips Node Area Fish and chips, common in UK.
cuisine fried_food Node Area Fried food, often takeaway.
cuisine friture Node Area Dutch and Belgian chip shop (fish_and_chips but usually without fish); also called friterie, frietkot, (Wikipedia-16px.png Friterie).
cuisine gyros Node Area Wikipedia-16px.png Gyro_(food)
Pita gyro.JPG
cuisine ice_cream Node Area For ice cream parlours or other outlets. Note: some mappers use this instead of, or as well as, the amenity=ice_cream or shop=ice_cream tags.
cuisine kebab Node Area Kebabs (Wikipedia-16px.png Kebab).
Beef kebabs.jpg
cuisine noodle Node Area Japanese, Chinese, Korean noodles such Japanese Udon, Soba and Ramen, Chinese Dan Dan men and Tan men, Korea Renmyon and Bibin myon. Common throughout east Asia and increasingly world wide.
Cup of cooked Roasted Beef Noodle.JPG
cuisine pancake Node Area Wikipedia-16px.png Pancake, possibly redundant with cuisine=crepe
Banana on pancake.jpg
cuisine pasta Node Area Italian pasta (spaghetti, etc.).
Bolognese 2630-1.jpg
cuisine pie Node Area Pies, common in Australia.
cuisine pizza Node Area Pizza, in conjunction use oven=wood_fired if it applies.
Fruktpizza Rebeca från Mariannes Pizzeria i Sala 0450.jpg
cuisine regional Node Area Regional food.
cuisine sandwich Node Area A place mainly selling sandwiches (e.g. Subway).
Salmon Cream Cheese Sandwiches.jpg
cuisine sausage Node Area Grilled sausages, common in Sweden (Korv), could be used for hot dogs (US).
Sausages on a Barbecue.jpg
cuisine savory_pancakes Node Area Japanese pancake, okonomiyaki, monjayaki and similar style.
Okonomiyaki by S e i in Osaka.jpg
cuisine seafood Node Area A place mainly selling fish, shrimps, lobster...
Maquereaux etal.jpg
cuisine soup Node Area A place mainly selling soup, stews, etc.
Vegetable beef barley soup.jpg
cuisine steak_house Node Area Restaurants specialized in beef steaks.
Grilling Steaks (with border).jpg
cuisine sub Node Area Baguetterie, better use cuisine=sandwich
cuisine sushi Node Area Japanese food consisting of cooked vinegared rice combined with other ingredients, usually raw fish or other seafood.
Salmon Sushi.jpg
cuisine tapas Node Area spanish Wikipedia-16px.png Tapas
cuisine vegan Node Area Wikipedia-16px.png Veganism - do not use this one, please use the key diet=* !
cuisine vegetarian Node Area Wikipedia-16px.png Vegetarianism - do not use this one, please use the key diet=* !
cuisine wings Node Area A place mainly selling chicken wings
Buffalo - Wings at Airport Anchor Bar.jpg
cuisine user defined Node Area All commonly used values according to Taginfo

This table is a wiki template with a default description in English. Editable here.

Cuisine (ethnicity)

Cuisine, categorized by ethnicity.

Key Value Element Comment Rendering Photo
cuisine african Node Area One of the many styles from the continent of Africa. It's preferable to use a more specific tag if possible.
cuisine american Node Area
Motherhood and apple pie.jpg
cuisine arab Node Area
Petra metzes.jpg
cuisine argentinian Node Area
Asado 2005.jpg
cuisine asian Node Area One of the many styles from the continent of Asia. It's preferable to use a more specific tag if possible.
cuisine australian Node Area
cuisine baiana Node Area Brazilian region Baiana, state of Bahia.
cuisine balkan Node Area
cuisine basque Node Area
cuisine bavarian Node Area German bavarian food.
cuisine belarusan Node Area Belarusan food.
cuisine bolivian Node Area Bolivian food, is a varied and stems from the combination of Spanish cuisine with Indigenous ingredients
cuisine brazilian Node Area Brazilian cuisine; consider using the regional terms, such as cuisine=gaucho or cuisine=mineira
Feijoada 01.jpg
cuisine cantonese Node Area Food from the Guangzhou province of China.
cuisine capixaba Node Area Brazilian region Capixaba, state of Espírito Santo.
Moqueca capixaba 18 de janeiro de 2014 (2).JPG
cuisine caribbean Node Area Caribbean cuisine.
cuisine chinese Node Area Chinese food (any/unspecified region), may include Chinese-Indonesian restaurants (common in the Netherlands).
cuisine croatian Node Area
cuisine czech Node Area
cuisine danish Node Area danish
cuisine french Node Area
cuisine gaucho Node Area Brazilian region Gaucho, state of Rio Grande do Sul.
cuisine german Node Area
cuisine greek Node Area
cuisine hunan Node Area Chinese Hunan cuisine.
cuisine hungarian Node Area
cuisine indian Node Area
cuisine international Node Area
cuisine iranian Node Area
cuisine italian Node Area
cuisine japanese Node Area
cuisine korean Node Area
cuisine kyo_ryouri Node Area Japanese Kyoto style, traditional so called 'obanzai'.
cuisine latin_american Node Area
cuisine lebanese Node Area
cuisine malagasy Node Area
cuisine mediterranean Node Area Food from the cultures adjacent to the Mediterranean Sea, especially less popular in the West: Armenian, Lebanese, Israeli, Moroccan, etc. Greek, Italian, French and other cuisines, while technically also being Mediterranean, get their own categories, but a fusion of those cuisines would fit this category.
cuisine mexican Node Area
cuisine mineira Node Area Brazilian region Mineira, state of Minas Gerais.
Pão de queijo.jpg
cuisine okinawa_ryori Node Area Japanese Okinawa food.
cuisine pakistani Node Area
cuisine peruvian Node Area
cuisine polish Node Area
cuisine portuguese Node Area
cuisine regional Node Area Regional (local) cuisine, if there is no exact description
cuisine rhenish Node Area rhenish, german regional cuisine
cuisine russian Node Area Russian cuisine.
cuisine shandong Node Area Chinese Shandong cuisine include Beijing style.
cuisine sichuan Node Area Chinese Sichuan food.
cuisine spanish Node Area
cuisine thai Node Area
cuisine turkish Node Area
cuisine vietnamese Node Area
cuisine westphalian Node Area westphalian, german regional cuisine
cuisine user defined Node Area All commonly used values according to Taginfo

This table is a wiki template with a default description in English. Editable here.

Dietary requirements

Vegetarian and vegan food was previously indicated using the cuisine key, but that practice has now been replaced by the more comprehensive diet=* key.


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