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Yes or no, to indicate if money is charged to use this facility. See wiki for other values.
Group: Properties
Used on these elements
may be used on nodesmay be used on waysmay be used on areasmay be used on relations
Status: De facto

The fee tag is for specifying whether a fee is usually charged for a service, or for access.

Examples include car parking (amenity=parking) or toilets (amenity=toilets) or tourist attractions and historic buildings (e.g., historic=castle).


  • fee=yes - a fee is usually charged
  • fee=no - no fee usually charged
  • fee=interval - fee charged only on certain hours of the day, use the same syntax as for opening hours. (See the discussion.)

Similar tags

  • payment=* to indicate the precise method of payment.
  • toll=* to indicate that a road, bridge, ferry, or other way is tolled - that you must pay to use it.
  • charge=* or fee:amount=* or fee:price=* to define the fee, though some mappers place this directly on the fee tag with a currency symbol such as $ or ¥.


Tagging of different fees at different times is undeveloped, leading to nodes like this.