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Public-images-osm logo.svg minspeed
Minimum speed
Group: Restrictions
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may be used on nodes
may be used on ways
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use on relations unspecified
Status: Unspecified

This Key allows the specification of a minimum speed limit. While this information can refer to both of

  1. the posted minimum allowed driving speed, likely with provisions for impeding traffic volumes and situations
  2. the minimum speed a vehicle must at least be able to attain as defined by local law

the effective outcome for known uses (routing) is that vehicles unable of achieving the tagged speed can not and may not use the tagged section of the road.

Units are km/h by default. Limits in mph should get a mph postfix.


minspeed=60 (using default units of km/h)

minspeed=60 mph (explicitly stating units as mph instead of km/h)

Lane dependent minimum speed limit

If the minimum speed limit applies only to specific lanes (see example road sign below) and not the complete highway, then the :lanes suffix can be used (see Lanes for further information).

Zeichen 525-31.svg minspeed:lanes=80|50|

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