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North london shops.jpg
A place selling a retail product or service.
Group: Shop
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Use shop=* to mark the location of a shop and the product that it sells.


See also: Shops

Key Value Element Comment Rendering Photo

Food, Beverages

shop alcohol Node Area Government owned or licensed shop selling alcohol. See also shop=beverages.
Liquor store in Breckenridge Colorado.jpg
shop bakery Node Area Selling bread
Shop bakery.p.16.png
Bread in Boudin.jpg
shop beverages Node Area Shop focused on selling alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. See also shop=alcohol.
Coca Cola Kisten.jpg
shop butcher Node Area Selling meat
Butcher's shop Hong kong.jpg
shop cheese Node Area Selling cheese
shop chocolate Node Area Selling chocolate
shop confectionery Node Area A shop selling sweets or candy
Sweet Shop, Chester.JPG
shop convenience Node Area A small local shop carrying a small subset of the items you would find in a supermarket
Shop convenience.p.16.png
Food and wine shop.jpg
shop deli Node Area A shop selling delicatessen (fine foods), possibly also fine wine.
shop farm Node Area A shop or roadside stand that sells freshly harvested farm produce suggested:
Apple 16x16.png
Chatsworth farm shop - - 24050.jpg
shop greengrocer Node Area Selling vegetables and fruits.
Greenrocer's Interior.jpg
shop organic Node Area A shop selling organic food. Alternatively you can use the more versatile organic=* in combination with a general shop=* key (In this case: shop=supermarket or shop=convenience).
shop pasta Node Area A shop selling (fresh) pasta, ravioli, etc.
Ravioli 2.jpg
shop seafood Node Area A shop selling fish/seafood. This tag includes the abandoned tag shop=fish. Seafood chijin.jpg
shop tea Node Area A tea shop.
Tea shop by matsuyuki in Nishiki Ichiba, Kyoto.jpg

General store, department store, mall

shop department_store Node Area A single large store - often multiple storeys high - selling a large variety of goods (see also shop=mall)
Department store.p.16.png
Takeshimaya Times Square in the evening.jpg
shop general Node Area A store that carries a general line of merchandise. (see also shop=convenience if it sells food).
Feinkost Weber Hernals 1994.jpg
shop kiosk Node Area A small shop on the pavement that sells magazines, tobacco, newspapers, sweets and stamps.
Kiosk germany.jpg
shop mall Mf node.pngMf area.png A shopping mall - multiple stores under one roof (also known as a shopping centre)
Dalian large Shopping Mall 2005.jpg
shop supermarket Node Area Supermarket
Shop supermarket.p.16.png
Supermarket check out.JPG

Clothing, shoes, accessories

shop baby_goods Node Area A shop that sells objects for babies (clothes, prams, cots, toys).
Baby care shop2.jpg
shop bag Node Area A shop that sells bags
shop boutique Node Area A small shopping outlet, especially one that specializes in elite and fashionable items
shop clothes Node Area A shop selling clothes (other related value in use is fashion)
Shop clothes.p.16.png
shop fabric Node Area A shop that sells fabric and other materials for the purpose of making clothes and other products, eg dress making.
Shop fabric.JPG
shop jewelry Node Area Jewellers shops.
shop shoes Node Area Selling shoes.

Discount store, charity

shop charity Node Area A charity shop is a shop operated by a charity, for the purposes of fundraising.
Cancer Research, Armagh, November 2009.JPG
shop second_hand Node Area A shop buying and selling used clothes and other things. See also shop=pawnbroker
HK Sheung Wan 2nd hand market Tung Street 上環東街.JPG
shop variety_store Node Area A variety store retailer is a retail store that sells inexpensive items, sometimes with a single price point for all items in the store.

Health and Beauty

shop beauty Node Area A non-hairdresser beauty shop, spa, nail salon, etc.. See also shop=hairdresser.
Hair and Beauty, Strabane, January 2010.JPG
shop chemist Node Area A shop selling articles of personal hygiene, cosmetics, and household cleaning products (for a shop that potentially dispenses prescription drugs, cf. pharmacy. U.S. drug store, see amenity=pharmacy)
Kelly Chemist, Omagh - - 103193.jpg
shop drugstore - This tag is discouraged. Please use either shop=chemist (if they sell prescription-free drugs, cosmetics, household cleaning products, etc.) or amenity=pharmacy (if they offer prescription drugs).
shop erotic Node Area A shop for erotictoys, -clothes or other eroticstuff.
Sex shops (Paris)-01.jpg
shop hairdresser Node Area Here you can get your hair cut, coloured, ... See also shop=beauty
Shop hairdresser.p.16.png
Belfast (187), October 2009.JPG
shop hearing_aids Node Area A shop specialized in selling hearing aids devices
Shop audiologist.jpg
shop herbalist Node Area A shop specialized in selling herbs, often for medical purposes
shop massage Mf node.pngMf area.png A massage shop
shop optician Node Area A shop that sells eyeglasses, contact lenses (may also check your eyes).
US Navy 021029-N-3228G-001 Adjusting a customer's eyeglasses.jpg
shop tattoo Node Area A tattoo parlour.

Do-it-yourself, household goods, building materials, gardening products

shop bathroom_furnishing Node Area Selling bathroom furniture and accessories
shop doityourself Node Area A shop that sells tools and supplies to do-it-yourself householders, gardening, ...
Shop diy.p.16.png
shop florist Node Area Get your bouquet of flowers from here (see shop=garden_centre for potted flowers).
Butler's Wharf Flower Shop.jpg
shop furnace Node Area A shop for furnances and ovens
shop garden_centre Node Area Selling potted flowers, maybe even trees (see also shop=florist for flower bouquets).
shop gas Node Area A shop where technical gas, such as argon, oxygen, acetylene, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, etc can be purchased in bottles
2008-07-24 Bundle of compressed gas bottles.jpg
shop glaziery Node Area Selling and installing glazing for windows and doors.
shop hardware Node Area A shop that sells building supplies including screws, bolts & paints, ... See also shop=doityourself Tweedy and Popp 03.jpg
shop houseware Node Area A shop that sells crockery, cutlery, kitchenware, small household appliances.
shop locksmith Node Area A shop that sells keys, see also craft=locksmith and craft=key_cutter
shop paint Node Area A shop where you can buy paints.
Artists paints.jpg
shop trade Node Area A place of business that specifically sells one or more building supplies such as timber/wood, cement etc. See also shop=doityourself

Furniture and Interior

shop antiques Node Area Retail store specializing in the selling of antiques.
shop bed Node Area A shop that specalises in selling mattresses and other bedding products.
Bed Shop, Omagh - - 129722.jpg
shop candles Node Area A shop primarily selling candles and candle accessories (holders, etc)
shop carpet Node Area A shop selling carpets
shop curtain Node Area Shop that specalises in selling curtains or drapes (see also shop=fabric)
Commerciante di tessuti.jpg
shop furniture Node Area Selling furniture, might range from small decorational items to a whole flat interieur
shop interior_decoration Node Area Shop for interior decorations.
shop kitchen Node Area A shop where you can plan and buy your kitchen. (Sometimes called "kitchen studio" and the like, but plain kitchen is the most frequently used tag so far.)
shop window_blind Node Area A shop that sells window blinds.
Some window blinds.JPG


shop computer Node Area A shop selling computers, peripherals, software, ...
Computer shop, Crossens.JPG
shop electronics Node Area Selling consumer electronics (TV, radio, ...). Larger ones may also sell computers, fridges, ...
shop hifi Node Area A shop that sells High Fidelity or High End environment to listen music or watch films at home
JB Hi-Fi Wagga Wagga.jpg
shop mobile_phone Node Area A shop that primarily sells mobile phones and accessories
3G Mobile Phones fot China Mobile.jpg
shop radiotechnics Node Area A shop selling electronic components, electrical products, radio measuring devices, supplies for radio and electronics.
shop vacuum_cleaner Node Area A shop that specalises in the sale of vacuum cleaners and associated products.
Panasonic MCE8013 vacuum cleaner close.jpg

Outdoors and Sport, Vehicles

shop bicycle Node Area A shop that sells bicycles, bicycle equipment and may rent or repair them
Shop bicycle.png
shop car Node Area Car store - a place to buy cars or to get your car repaired
shop car_repair Node Area A shop focused on car repair (usually independent of a specific car brand).
Shopping car repair.p.16.png
Colourful Shops Places In Onehunga II.jpg
shop car_parts Node Area Shop for auto parts, auto accessories, motor oil, car chemicals, etc.
shop dive Node Area Shop where you can buy or rent diving equipment.
Dive shop, Babbacombe - - 224395.jpg
shop fishing Node Area shop where to buy fishing equipment.
shop free_flying Node Area shop where to buy free_flying equipment.
shop hunting Node Area Shop where you can buy gun and hunting equipment.
Bass Pro Shops entrance.JPG
shop motorcycle Node Area A shop that sells motorcycles and/or related accessories, clothes, parts, repair and rental services.
shop outdoor Node Area A shop that sells camping, walking, climbing, and other outdoor sports equipment (GPSes, etc.)
shop sports Node Area A shop selling sporting goods.
HK TST East Mody Road Wing On Plaza Shop Kettler Sport Fitness.JPG

Art, music, hobbies

shop art Node Area A private art gallery which sells works of art.
Art Mur Installation Jinny Yu.jpg
shop craft Node Area An arts and crafts supply store. Commonly sold items are paper, canvas, paint, pencils, crafting wood, crafting tools, etc. - look at craft=*
shop frame Node Area A shop where you can buy frames.
Framed Madhubani art in a shop.jpg
shop music Node Area where music is purchased (vinyl/CDs/...)
Music shop.JPG
shop musical_instrument Node Area A shop where you can buy musical instruments, lyrics, scores.
Portadown (66), September 2009.JPG
shop video Node Area A shop that sells or rents out videos/DVDs.
Video shop.jpg
shop video_games Node Area A shop selling video games.

Stationery, gifts, books, newspapers

shop anime Node Area Specials shops for anime stuff.
shop books Node Area Selling books (for a library that lends books, see amenity=library)
Strand basement jeh.jpg
shop gift Node Area Selling gifts, greeting cards, or tourist gifts (souvenirs)
Gift shop interior.jpg
shop newsagent Node Area Shop selling newspapers, cigarettes, other goods HK Sheung Wan Po Yan Street 7-11 Shop Newspaper Stand.JPG
shop stationery Node Area A shop selling office supplies center
shop ticket Node Area A ticket shop or box office. Sells tickets for concerts, events, public transport, ...
Box office of Shosha station.jpg


shop copyshop Node Area A shop that offers photocopying and printing services.
HK 上環 Sheung Wan 蘇杭街 Jervois Street 24 photo copy print co shop.JPG
shop dry_cleaning Node Area A shop or kiosk offering a clothes dry cleaning service. The actual cleaning may be done elsewhere.
Dry clean rack.jpg
shop funeral_directors Node Area Providing services related to funeral arrangements, may also be known as a "funeral parlour" or "undertakers".
shop laundry Node Area A shop to get your normal clothes washed. Might be self service coin operated, with service staff for drop off, ... suggested:
Polarstern laundry hg.jpg
shop money_lender Node Area A money lender offers small personal loans at high rates of interest.
shop pawnbroker Node Area A pawnbroker (or pawnshop) is an individual or business that offers secured loans to people. See also shop=second_hand
Pawnbroker Oulu 20090906.JPG
shop pet Node Area A shop for pets, animals and toys or food for them.
Baby parrots in a pet shop-8a.jpg
shop pyrotechnics Node Area Store of pyrotechnics: fireworks, firecrackers, sparklers etc.
shop religion Node Area Store of religious articles, church shop. See also religion=*
shop tobacco Node Area A shop selling tobacco, cigarettes and their related accessories.
Bundesarchiv B 145 Bild-F009687-0007, Wuppertal, Einzelhandel, Tabakladen.jpg
shop toys Node Area A toy store.
HK Toys R Us.JPG
shop vacant Node Area Don't use this anymore - a vacancy is not a shop and should not show up on maps as a shop. Use disused:shop=* instead. Not deleting a shop that has been closed can be useful to avoid confusing other mappers who may not know about this (please leave a note=*). Then you can keep the corresponding object and simply edit it when a new shop opens on the same spot.
shop weapons Node Area Store of weapons: Knifes, guns etc.

Other values

shop user defined Node Area All commonly used values according to Taginfo

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