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For categorising any specific sport.
Group: Sport
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The sport=* tag is used to identify one or more sports which can be played within or on some physical feature. A list of sports is given below. Note that both football and rugby are to be avoided; please use american_football, australian_football, canadian_football, rugby_league, rugby_union or soccer, as appropriate.

A sport should normally also be associated with a suitable physical feature where it is performed; often this is leisure=pitch or leisure=track although other surfaces or features are sometimes appropriate, for example natural=beach for swimming and diving. A leisure=sports_centre may be associated with a number of sports. Where individual sports are played at distinct identifiable places then identify the sport with the particular pitch etc. Where a number of sports are associated with a single feature then separate the sports with a ';', for example 'gymnastics;badminton'.

Several sports rely on different or additional tagging, whitewater sports use specific tagging to tag waterways, Proposed features/Climbing routes are tagged as ways with grades and there is special mapping for highway=via_ferrata.

Associated tags

Since this is a non-physical tag it should be combined with one of these (physical) tags:


The colour of areas should be determined by the physical tags mentioned above. The sport-tag itself should only result in an appropriate icon. When there's no other (physical) tag some default color could be applied, though this wouldn't encourage proper mapping.

Core values

Key Value Element Comment Rendering Photo
sport 9pin Node Area 9-pin Bowling (on Wikipedia) - bowling game played in Europe with only 9 pins
sport 10pin Node Area 10-pin Bowling (on Wikipedia)
sport american_football Node Area American Football. Tag introduced June 2010 in preference to use of the confusing sport=football
Shea Smith-edit1.jpg
sport aikido Node Area Aikido (on Wikipedia)
Aikido pictogram.svg
sport archery Node Area The different variations of this sport can be specified by also adding a archery=* tag. Values for this are e.g.: FITA, field, 3D, ... See also Archery on Wikipedia
sport athletics Node Area Track and field athletics. A collection of sports events that involve throwing and jumping (on Wikipedia).
for running tracks better use running
Silke Spiegelburg Berlin 2009.jpg
sport australian_football Node Area Australian Rules Football. A team sport played between two teams of 18 players with a ball on large oval shaped grass fields (often also used as a cricket ground), with four goal posts at each end.(on Wikipedia)
Aussie rules kicking.jpg
sport base Node Way Buildings, Antennae, Span & Earth. A more down to earth approach to parachuting (on Wikipedia)
sport badminton Node Area An indoor sport played with a shuttlecock and racquet, played as singles or in teams of two (on Wikipedia).
Badminton Semifinal Pan 2007.jpg
sport baseball Node Area An outdoor bat-and-ball sport contested by two teams of nine players each on a large grass pitch (on Wikipedia)
Baseball swing.jpg
sport basketball Node Area Basketball, very popular in the USA and the Philippines (on Wikipedia)
Basketball through the hoop.JPG
sport beachvolleyball Node Area beachvolleyball on Wikipedia
Beach volleyball from zh.JPG
sport bmx Node Area BMX on Wikipedia.
BMX racing action photo.jpg
sport boules Node Area A collective name for games played with metal balls, popular in France (on Wikipedia).

The different variations of this sport can be specified by also adding a type=* tag. Values for this type=* tag are e.g.: petanque, lyonnaise, extreme, ...

Boules set.jpg
sport bowls Node Area A place where you can play lawn bowls/lawn bowling
Lawn Bowling.jpg
sport boxing Node Area Boxing (Olympic discipline)
Boxing080905 photoshop.jpg
sport canadian_football Node Area Canadian Football
Canadian football.jpg
sport canoe Node Area Canoeing (both canadian and kayaks)
sport chess Node Area Chess (on Wikipedia) - here mostly intended: big chess-boards in the open air
sport cliff_diving Node Area jumping from a cliff or a rock into water
Mazatlan Diver Sequence.jpg
sport climbing Node Area Rock climbing - natural or artificial climbs (climbing walls) (on Wikipedia)
Dscf0658 600.jpg
sport cricket Node Area A bat-and-ball sport contested by two teams, usually of eleven players, each on a large grass pitch (on Wikipedia)
Cricket Bat.jpg
sport croquet Node Area A game played between 2 or more players on a small grass pitch hitting wooden or plastic balls with a mallet through hoops embedded into the grass. (on Wikipedia)
Croquet modern.jpg
sport curling Node Area For a description of curling, see Curling on Wikipedia. The different variations of this sport can be specified by also adding a curling=* tag. Values for this curling=* tag are e.g.: asphalt (the common type), bavarian (on ice).
Brier 045.jpg
sport cycling Node Area
Fabian Wegmann 03.jpg
sport dog_racing Node Area
Greyhound Dogs entering the trap boxes in the Macau caninodrome(Macau)2005..jpg
sport fencing Node Area fencing on Wikipedia
0408 USA Olympic fencing.jpg
sport equestrian Node Area Equestrianism, sports involving the skill of riding or driving horses (on Wikipedia).

Often associated internationally with show jumping and dressage, but also including endurance riding, eventing, reining, tent pegging, vaulting, polo, horse racing, driving, rodeo and more.

See also sport=horse_racing

Evie Gullis Jumping Her Horse.JPG
sport football DO NOT USE THIS TAG, as it is ambiguous. Use: soccer, rugby_league, rugby_union, australian_football, ...
sport free_flying Node Way Area Paragliding/Hanggliding/... takeoff, landings, towing, etc. and related amenities and properties
Pente ecole parapente.jpg
sport gaelic_games Node Area Gaelic games such as Hurling, Gaelic Football, Camogie, predominantly played in Ireland.

For tagging individual games under this category see the tag page.

Hurling sport - Taking a swing.jpg
sport golf Node Area for golf courses, use leisure=golf_course
sport gymnastics Node Area
sport handball Node Area Handball on Wikipedia
Women Handball.jpg
sport hockey Node Area
Field hockey.jpg

Eishockey Eisbaeren gegen Capitals.jpg
sport horseshoes Node Area horseshoes on Wikipedia
Horseshoes Modern.jpg
sport horse_racing Node Area
Racing at Ruidoso Downs.jpg
sport ice_stock Node Area Use with: leisure=pitch. Eisstockschießen on Wikipedia
sport judo Node Area Judo (Olympic discipline)
sport karting Node Area For a description of this motor sport, see: . When used together with highway=raceway then please add also area=no, otherwise the raceway is not rendered.
Kart Racing 1.jpg
sport kitesurfing Node Area For a description of this water sport, see: Kitesurfing on Wikipedia
sport korfball Node Area (korfball on Wikipedia)
sport motor Node Area See also Template:Sport
sport multi Node Area
sport obstacle_course Way Area (Obstacle course). A series of challenging physical obstacles an individual or team must navigate usually while being timed.
sport orienteering Node Area (Orienteering club or centre). Navigation sport with Map and compass.
sport paddle_tennis Node Area (paddle_tennis on Wikipedia)
Paddle tennis.jpg
sport paragliding Node Area Paragliding takeoff or landing site (paragliding on Wikipedia)
Air sports pictogram.svg
Virage à la sellette.jpg
sport pelota Node Area Spanish Groupname for a number of ball games (Baseball, Basque pelota, Bocce, Jai alai, Valencian pilota). (pelota on Wikipedia)
Ustaritz Fronton Pala.jpg
sport racquet Node Area Group name of sports that are played with a racquet
sport rowing Node Area (rowing on Wikipedia)
Daniel Lyons and Robert Espeseth of the US Olympic rowing team.JPEG
sport rugby_league Node Area One of the two codes of rugby football, split from rugby union in 1895, along with subsequent rule changes
Lance hohaia running into the defence (rugby league).jpg
sport rugby_union Node Area Rugby union is a full contact team sport, a form of football which originated in England in the early 19th century.
Senegal rugby.jpg
sport running Node Way Area Running
800m at 2011 German Athletics Championships.jpg
sport sailing Node Area Sailing
VOR0506-Pirates of the Caribbean.jpg
sport scuba_diving Node Area
Diving - scubadiver.JPG
sport shooting Node Area Shooting sport Wikipedia Shooting sport
See also sport=archery
050607 M 5900L 044.jpg
sport skating Node Area ice skating
Ice skating icon.svg
sport skateboard Node Area
sport skiing Node Area This tag isn't well documented, and it's usage is unclear. I would better recommand the use of the Proposed_features/Piste_Maps Project for things related to skiing
sport soccer Node Area Association football, more commonly known as football or soccer, a team sport played between two teams of eleven players (on Wikipedia). Note: While called "football" (fussball, fotball, ...) in many countries, and by the International Olympic Committee, it is best to tag it as "soccer" to avoid confusion with other usages of "football"
Billiken soccer.jpg
sport surfing Node Area (surfing on Wikipedia)
sport swimming Node Area
KingdomGames07 02.jpg
sport table_tennis Node Area
Pingpong equip.jpg
sport taekwondo Node Area Taekwondo (Olympic discipline)
Taekwondo Fight 01.jpg
sport tennis Node Area Tennis courts
Yes NCTU tennis 2.JPG
sport toboggan Node Way Area public sledding run; see also Piste Map Proposal (piste:type=sled, piste:difficulty=advanced, piste:lit=yes)
Kohn 4menbobsled 2005-11-02.jpg
sport volleyball Node Area volleyball on Wikipedia
Volleyball game.jpg
sport water_ski Node Way Area Waterskiing: either on a cable ski course, or pulled by a boat.
Water skiing 0757.jpg
sport weightlifting Node Area Weightlifting (Olympic discipline)
sport wrestling Node Area Wrestling (Olympic discipline)
Wrestling dsc03566.jpg
sport user defined Node Area All commonly used values according to Taginfo

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