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Public-images-osm logo.svg man_made = tower
A tower is a building, which is multiple times higher than its diameter
Group: Buildings
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A tower is a building, which is multiple times higher than its diameter. It can stand alone or as a part of a bigger building. Towers can be built from wood, steel or concrete.

In comparison a man_made=mast is often a single mast of concrete. A tower is accessible and provides platforms, whereas a mast only offers ladder steps to climb it.

Engineering definition

In structural engineering, towers are free-standing vertical structures, supported by own foundation only. It means, no additional external guying and anchoring structures are used for towers.

Required Tags

Key Value Element Comment
man_made tower Node Area A man made tower.
tower:type (see the page) Node Area Further describe the tower type. It's not really mandatory, but it's a very good idea to specify a type.

Optional Tags

Some general tags which are used across many other types of object are used to tag communication towers:

Key Value Comment Example Icon
name * Name of the tower  
ref * Reference number of the tower  
operator * Maintainer/Operator of the tower structure.  
height * Height of the top of the tower (including any antennas) from ground-level in meters. In the case where the tower is mounted on top of a building the height should include the height of the building.  
ele * Elevation of the bottom of the tower above sea-level in meters.  
access * Physical access to tower, most likely private but some towers have viewing platforms.  
source * Where did the data come from?  
url * URL link to a website with information about this tower.  
website * Official website of this tower (if any).  
tower:construction lattice The tower is constructed from steel lattice  
tower:construction freestanding The tower is freestanding 'heavy' construction such as concrete, steel or wood  
tower:construction dish The 'communication tower' is a parabolic dish  
tower:construction dome The 'communication tower' is a dome (or 'golf-ball') construction, with antenna elements concealed from view by a radome  
tower:construction concealed The 'communication tower' is concealed/disguised (for example: made to look like a tree).  
tower:construction guyed The 'communication tower' is guyed.  
tower:construction guyed_lattice The 'communication tower' is constructed from steel lattice and is guyed.  
tower:construction guyed_tube The 'communication tower' is constructed from metal or steel tube and is guyed.  

See taginfo values of tower:construction here.

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