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Public-images-osm logo.svg internet_access
Indicates if an object offers internet access. The access can be with given computers or WLAN access. The only limitation is that the internet access has to be public.
Group: Properties
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Status: approvedPage for proposal

This tag is for indication that a map entity such as a building, a shop, restaurant, etc. offers internet access to the public, either as a paid service or even for free.

For a place whose principal role is providing internet services to the public, usually for a fee based on the time used, use amenity=internet_cafe in addition to this tag.

As an example, camp sites offering internet access should be tagged primarily as tourism=camp_site and additionally internet_access=wlan.

What should be tagged

This tag could be used for:

  • Shops, cafes, restaurants or pubs which offer internet as service
  • Libraries which offer internet access
  • Hotels, hostels or other accommodation with internet
  • Open spaces like squares or streets with public WLAN hotspots.

This tag must be used for:

  • Internet cafes

What should not be tagged

Places where internet access is only for members or private persons, and not offered to the general public. This includes your personal home DSL, LAN, WLAN, any internal networks of companies etc. Also internet access only for students (e.g., WLAN hotspots on the campus) should not be tagged, because this is not a public service and the people who have access rights already know about it. We know the internet is everywhere (or should be), but this tag's aim is to indicate locations where you can get online access just by paying some amount of money (or nothing), with no further efforts needed.

For discussion on wlan tagging, see Rejected features/WiFi Zone/Hotspot

Why not amenity?

Cafes with Internet access are primarily cafes, libraries are primarily also not internet access providers. So there is the need for an extra tag which is not in conflict with the primary use.

How to map

Connection type

  • Established:
    • internet_access=wlan - a WLAN hotspot, also know as wireless, wifi or Wi-Fi.
    • internet_access=no - if no internet access is offered in a place where someone might expect it
    • internet_access=yes - if there is public internet access, but the particular kind is unknown (the much less used tag internet_access=public probably has the same meaning)
    • internet_access=terminal - like internet cafe or library where the computer is given.
    • internet_access=service - if you want to mention that there are people who help you in case of problems. Should be used only in special cases like internet cafes or LAN gaming centres.
    • internet_access=wired - a place where you can plug in your laptop with ethernet.
  • Mistakes:
  • wifi=* ‒ This is an unvoted tag that is in widespread use. Please be careful if you change it. Please specify which criteria with which one is to be careful, and how to judge whether one is being careful. Just saying "be careful" is utterly utterly content-less.
    If you know places with this tag, verify if it could be tagged with another tag.
    Automated edits are strongly discouraged unless you really know what you are doing!


  • internet_access:fee=* Whether a fee is charged for using Internet access (established tag)
    • internet_access:fee=yes A fee is charged for using Internet access
    • internet_access:fee=no Access is free for all
    • internet_access:fee=customers Only customers or guests of the operating facility are allowed free access
    • Sometimes mappers note the exact fee to pay here, or that the first 30 minutes of use is free, but this should be cleaned up. A possible solution is to use internet_access:fee:amount=* for the amount/rate of fee and internet_access:description=* for further usage instructions.
  • Mistakes:


  • internet_access:operator=* (less used tag)

The [W] FON or [W] Freifunk projects are a special case. Because most there is no primary usage of the fon provider. Tagging suggestion is: internet_access=wlan + internet_access:operator=FON or internet_access:operator=Freifunk.

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