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사용 가능한 언어 — Using OpenStreetMap
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다른 언어 — 우리가 이 위키를 번역하는 것을 도와주세요
New ways to use OpenStreetMap were discussed during the State Of The Map 2013.

Here we present you some instructions on how you can use OpenStreetMap. It's an open project, so feel free to discover new ways which are not yet documented here!

여기에서 우리는 당신에게 OpenStreetMap을 어떻게 사용할 수 있는지 지침을 제시합니다.그것은 오픈 프로젝트입니다. 그래서여기에 설명하지 않은 새로운 방법을 발견 할 수 있습니다!

If you search for a specific ready-to-use service based on OpenStreetMap, or you want to see an overview of what people already did with OpenStreetMap, please visit Applications of OpenStreetMap.

There is a special page on how to use OpenStreetMap without internet connection.

당신이 OpenStreetMap의 기반으로 특정한 사용 가능한 서비스를 검색하거나 사람들이 이미 OpenStreetMap에서했던 작업에 대한 개요를 보고 싶다면 Applications of OpenStreetMap를방문하시기 바랍니다

use OpenStreetMap without internet connection에 관한 특별 페이지가있습니다.


You can use OpenStreetMap mapping and data without charge subject to two conditions; firstly that you attribute your use of OpenStreetMap appropriately and secondly that you share any corrections or improvements back with the project as appropriate.

Safety disclaimer


Using the export function of our world map you can easily get snapshots.

To get a snapshot from the OpenStreetMap world map as an image file, use the export function.

Maps on your website

Example of a website embedding the OpenStreetMap world map.

You can use the OpenStreetMap world map on your website, either as a static map image or with embedded HTML. If you deploy your own slippy map, things can get much more customized.

Maps on your GPS device

If you want to have a map based on OpenStreetMap on your GPS device, visit GPS Maps From OSM Data or OSM Map On Garmin for Garmin device.


See Offline Openstreetmap.

Create your own map

To create your own map, you need to get much more technical. The Software development section below gives you more details.

3D maps

You can get three dimensional city models from OpenStreetMap.

Usage examples

See subpage map examples.

GIS software

We try to document any special interoperability with OpenStreetMap for each GIS software. Try a search with the form on the top right of this page for your particular GIS software, or browse our Category:GIS software. There is also open source GIS software working together with OpenStreetMap.

There is also a whole bunch of tools converting map data from/ to OpenStreetMap data, including support for the popular ESRI Shapefiles and PostGIS format.

It is possible to download portions of OpenStreetMap's raw data (in .osm) that be can exported to a wide variety of formats (including SHP, POSTGIS, geojson) for many purposes, including use in professional GIS software.

Software development

Using OpenStreetMap for Development
Embed Showing a MapExport
Render Your Own Tiles3DWMSTMS
Services list of companies who offer commercial OSM Software and ServicesRouting/navigationGeocoding (including Nominatim)
Programming FrameworksFile formats (including OSM XML/XSD) • Data PrimitivesDatabaseDatabases and data access APIs
Other Science ResearchBooksCompaniesRelated Projects
Component overview of the OpenStreetMap software.

There are general help pages for software developers using OpenStreetMap:

If you have questions, ideas or just want to meet fellow developers, contact the OpenStreetMap development community. We also listed some books related to software development with OpenStreetMap.

You may also wish to see the list of other projects collecting free geodata.

Web applications

Developers that want to use OpenStreetMap in their web applications can see the list of JavaScript libraries. There are additional libraries in other programming languages. Deploying your own Slippy Map lists corresponding JavaScript libraries and Content Management Systems supporting OpenStreetMap. Maybe you need WMS and TMS, or to create your own tiles.


Students learning the OpenStreetMap editing process, giving an introduction to GIS during a course at a university in London.

OpenStreetMap has created a unique curriculum that is focused on introducing the topics that OSM addresses: mapping, open source technologies, crowd sourcing and community efforts. It is geared towards university level students. Further, OpenStreetMap has several open problems which would make good student projects. These are items that need researching and "longer-term" issues which could be worked on by students as a project separate from the the core open source development progress happening within the community.


At the conference SotM-EU 2011, Muki Haklay gave a talk with advice to academics interested in OSM and the video is available online. See our Research page for details of academic research work.