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Approaching the top of primrose hill. London 2016

Welcome to the list of OpenStreetMap events in London for winter 2016-2017

A series of London events over the winter 2016-2017. We will at least do a bunch of social pub meet-ups, but may well list other types of interesting events on this page. Pub events are free and open to all. We normally have a mixture of old OpenStreetMap hands and new people coming along to find out more. Not so much going out and mapping London over the winter. We'll just be sitting around having a friendly chat about little things like freeing the world's geo-data. We hope you'll join us! Everyone and anyone is welcome.

Upcoming Events

Wed 29th March another #geomob

In March #geomob will be back at the Ordnance Survey's Geovation Hub in Clerkenwell . Presentations of general mappy-geo topics, followed by pub! Topics are not exclusively OpenStreetMap, but talks usually feature a fair bit of OSM goodness, and geomob events are attended by OpenStreetMappers.

Details on the geomob blog

Tue 4th April Missing Maps

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Bring a laptop and learn how to do mapping which helps with humanitarian aid. This is the Missing Maps Project main monthly event.

Details and sign up on eventbrite <- SIGN UP FAST. It will get booked out

Past events

This series of events followed on from London/Summer 2016 events

So far in this series:

Area Pub Listing
What happened?
15th Dec Paddington Monkey Puzzle eb xmas pub meet-up photos
19th Jan City Road Wenlock Arms a pub meet-up. photos harry diary
21st Feb Oxford St Blue Posts a pub meet-up photos