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Former Mapping Focus

Mini projects

Mini-Project Notes and contributors
1 Powerlines And substations too!
3 Canals We've got more canals than Venice. Let's make sure our map is accurate with all the locks, footpaths, cycling restrictions and other POIs. British Waterways have indicated that all their data is OS-derived so we're on our own here
4 University Campuses Aston Uni COMPLETE Birmingham 90% COMPLETE City 80% COMPLETE (multi campuses)Warwick COMPLETE Wolverhampton 10% COMPLETE Coventry  ??
5 Major Buildings Largely done in the City Centre thanks to aerial imagery. Lots of industrial buildings done. Schools and churches to complete. Labelling of buildings with names and heritage status (e.g is it a Listed Building?)
6 Footpaths Loads left to do almost everywhere
7 Bus routes and bustops Pilot Project to import the NaPTAN database of bus stops - will probaly be available in April. The preferred standard tagging was agreed at our March meeting as route_ref=12;34;56;78 and asset_ref=12345 and the position is definitely at the side of ther road. Some cleanup needed here. --Brianboru 15:08, 6 April 2009 (UTC) - I've added a NaPTAN Error Log to list all the errors we find in the NaPTAN data. For bus routes there's a fabulous site at [2] which renders bus route relations at zoom level 14 on a daily basis. There's a proposal for a naming convention with a list of operator codes at the Bus Routes in West Midlands page. There's a list of all bus routes and operators at This is a highly dynamic set of data with bus routes and stop locations changing regularly, so it's a task that will never finish!
8 Turn Restrictions Most are probably not entered as relations. We can't route through Brum without them. There's a neat tool for verifying turn restrictions at which will then render nice German traffic signs(now it renders UK signs!) on the map. Brian - I've made a start in SE Birmingham
9 Bromsgrove
10 Redditch
11 Winter Maintenance - Road Gritting & Grit Bins Adding gritting routes and grit bin data from local authorities in the region. Birmingham, Walsall and Solihull complete: current focus is Wolverhampton - see below. Data for Sandwell and Dudley is not currently available