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This page describes how you can find out which other people are mapping (contributing to OSM) near your location. You could contact a single mapper afterwards. 'home' location

The website has a feature called your 'home' location. You can set your own home location as follows. You need to set your home location in order to see the home locations of some other users nearby, but note that they will be able to discover your home location. If you do not wish to set your home location for privacy reasons, consider placing it at an anonymous nearby location. Alternatively leave it blank. It's not required, and there are several other #Alternative tools to try.

To set your home location:

  • On 'sign in'
  • Click your user name where it appears in the top right
  • Click 'my settings', and scroll to the bottom of the settings screen
  • zoom and pan the map to roughly the right area
  • Tick the 'Update home location when I click on the map?' tickbox
  • Click to set your home location
  • Click 'Save changes' on the bottom right

Returning to your user page, you will now see a map centred on your home location with a number of green markers indicating the home locations of users nearby, as well as a list of these users alongside. Note that some of these users may be inactive. Navigate to their user pages to see their edit count and other activity.

Alternative tools

Those other tools could be more useful to find nearby active mappers:

See also Question:How do I see the history for my area? (including finding out which users have edited what)