New York, New York

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New York, New York
Latitude: 40.7555, Longitude: -73.9739
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New York is a city in New York at latitude 40° 45′ 20″ North, longitude 73° 58′ 26″ West.

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The Needful

The NYC map looks great, but a closer examination reveals a lot of problems. One way streets are almost non existent, and this is a requirement for any kind of driving directions to be created based on map data. See below for some needed cleanup.

Issue % Done Notes
One way Streets 10% We need to add the oneway=yes tag to all one way streets. Note if the arrows in a street are pointing the wrong way, you can either add oneway=-1 or you can actually reverse the arrows in JOSM under the Tools menu then add oneway=yes.

Below Houston Street is all checked.

Subways 5% Add a node where a station is. Then add two tags:
  • railway=station
  • name=[Station]

for example name=Nostrand Avenue.

Also add the appropriate relation (in Potlatch, click on the 'chain' button above the plus sign).

See also New York City Subway.

Streets with painted bike lanes 15% Perhaps we can get this data from the NYC DOT. Otherwise, add a new tag
  • cycleway=lane.

View [1] to see the results.

Greenways and Footways 50% Mark greenways, footways and pedestrian only places (ie Times Sq!)
  • highway=pedestrian for streets closed to traffic creating a pedestrian mall
  • highway=footway for pedestrian paths
  • highway=cycleway for bike only paths
Manhattan Bridge 100% Should be complete
Street classification 20% fix street tags, most of which are classified 'highway=residental' which does not distinguish between different types of streets.

Local truck routes have been marked as secondary or higher (except in Staten Island)

Possible Imports

Many interested parties are following the progress in NYC's open data movement. To date, it is unclear whether the city data available on is in fact "license free public data" that would be available for incremental import to OSM. NYC's data includes many planimetric files, including over 1M building footprints. Unfortunately, the building footprints file does not have address information associated with it, so is of limited value. Stay tuned. Liz, Serge, Alex are some of the people interested in this.



  • The OSM NYC Meetup is where the local community organizes events. 141 members as of May 8, 2013. Join us!

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