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The OSM London to Brighton Bike Ride team wearing theirs in 2009
The back of the vest
The OSM Surveyors Jacket is a high-visibility vest with OpenStreetMap logos and the word "Surveyor" written across the back. It's great for advertising the project when you are out and about, as well as poking fun at "proper" surveyors and giving an air of authority to mapping activities.

They were originally produced in 2008 by Graham Smith. For more details see [1]. Over the years new batches have been produced and shipped around the world. Perhaps the most famous recipient of a vest is Tim Berners-Lee - the inventor of the world-wide web - after an enthusiastic TED talk promoting OpenStreetMap in February 2009.

Tim Berners-Lee being presented with an OSM vest
A whole collection of them!

Buying one

The OSMF sell these vests for fundraising and promotion. They are occasionally for sale at OpenStreetMap events and there are a few members who keep their own stock to take to events. They are also available for individual purchase with international delivery at the OpenCycleMap shop

As of June2013...

  • OpenCycleMap is out of stock.
  • User:Firefishy is out of stock but he has a very small reserve for very special cases.

See Merchandise for other spending options... or just Donate

Also see OpenStreetMap Surveyor was here stickers designed to go with these.

Some fun Stickers designed to go with these jackets

Other variations

OpenStreetMap France

OpenStreetMap France have some bright yellow high-vis vests with an OSM logo and french slogan printed on the back.