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Status: Proposed (under way)
Proposed by: muzirian
Tagging: office=courier
Applies to: NodeArea
Definition: An office for a courier service.
Drafted on: 2017-04-14


This is intended to create a standard tag for courier delivery services, which are not post offices/national post.

This should be used to tag an office of a courier service which may offer various services like booking,drop off and pickup etc


A courier is a person or a company which delivers messages, packages, and mail.

Courier services differs from post offices as, a post office is usually a customer service facility forming part of a national postal system, while courier services are mainly privately operated.Also many post offices offer additional services: providing and accepting government forms (such as passport applications), processing government services and fees (such as road tax), and banking services (such as savings accounts and money orders) . So a seperate tag will help to avoid confusion between them.
In common language too people dont refer courier services as post offices, so its better not to mix them and cause confusion.

Currenty its tagged as amenity=courier,office=courier and amenity=post_office. Proposal was first made for amenity=courier,which didnt gain enough votes.
office=courier was another suggestion, so going on with it now.


Pictures added

Puerto Vallarta DHL.jpg
The UPS Store in Tanasbourne - Hillsboro, Oregon.JPG


Voting was against amenity=courier tag, office=courier was another option which suits well.The reason to avoid post office is given in rationale.

And the name courier is the common term used for these services and wont create confusion.

Applies to

Use it on a Nodeor Area with office=courier

Use this tag at offices of courier services,where there is a public access counter.

This shouldn't be used for vending machines like parcel pickup/dropoff stations.See vending=parcel_pickup and vending=parcel_mail_in
This shouldn't be used for post offices.Use amenity=post_office for them.

name=* can be used to name the store or local operator.

operator=* or brand=* tag can be used to mark the shipping operator.

Or can use tag like courier:brand=name to add name of brand if its affiliated with another company and avoid collision when used along with other amenities or facilities and brand/operator tag is already used.

This shouldn't be used for warehouses or sorting/forwarding centers where there is no public service counters.


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