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Anonymous edits era

Previously OpenStreetMap had Anonymous edits but users weren't able to communicate using website:

Some may say: no persons, no discussions not big deal

Without communication (via Good changeset comments or via contact channels or good source=* tag) we are not able to tell whatever some change in OSM is correct or not and how we should treat mistake if data is not verifiable on the ground.

Many users check changesets if they find suspicious/unverifiable data

To build trust between users, they should communicate and explain how do they collect data or what was wrong before their edits and what they decided to add/update/delete.

Without trust users will spend significant time checking each-other edits. That's why most of OSM members against copying of other maps: data from other maps cannot be trusted. OSM was created because of this if we ignore copyright and cost of data/services[1].

We want to build map that will be as reliable as possible (Disclaimer)

See also: WhoDidIt, Feeds, Category:Collaborative software

Vandalism or just user mistake?

It is near impossible to tell if some person does productive work if he ignores all communication methods mentioned above.

Proposal process

In order to invent better tags (Any tags you like) mappers have to share their experience about real world and how previous tagging practices should updated/deprecated.

Simple Notes can say so much

List of excellent notes with links to site:

See also