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Can Osmium work with change files (.osc)?

Yes, the C++ library can. From C++ you can use the Osmium::Storage::ObjectStoreApplyHandler to apply changes. But there is no command line tool yet that can do this.

Can Osmium do Coordinate Transformations?

No. Currently Osmium uses WGS84 (4326) coordinates only. But Osmium includes support for OGR which can do transformations.

Who uses Osmium?

  • Some versions of Osmium have been in production use since the end of 2010. It is used to compute the daily statistics for Taginfo.
  • Early users include the European Environmental Agency (EEA) and other Geofabrik customers.
  • Osmium has also been used to create history extracts. Since mid-August 2011, the history splitter is also used by Geofabrik to build their (non-history) nightly OSM extracts.
  • OSMCoastline