Philmont Scout Ranch

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Philmont Scout Ranch, New Mexico, United States
latitude: 36.455100, longitude: -104.958052
Browse map of Philmont Scout Ranch 36°27′18.36″ N, 104°57′28.99″ W
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Philmont Scout Ranch is an area in New Mexico, United States at latitude 36°27′18.36″ North, longitude 104°57′28.99″ West.

I just created this page on 11/26/2017. Please give me a chance to fine tune it.

OSM Philmont Map Use

The first and primary source for crew navigation at Philmont is a compass and a Philmont produced topographic map. OSM maps containing Philmont data should only be used as a secondary navigation tool - preferably only by Crew Advisors. Youth Crew Leader and the daily crew navigator (or naviguesser) should stick with the basic map and compass. With that said, the Philmont data on OSM is excellent for use as a planning tool prior to a Philmont expedition.

Crew Advisors using OSM data downloaded to a GPS device should only used to verify their hunch that the crew has gone off course. Rather than telling the crew they've gone astray, it is best for the advisor to instead question the crew about the day's trek and let them figure it out.

  1. What direction are we supposed to be hiking today?
  2. What direction does the sun rise (or set)?
  3. Should the upslope be to our right or left?
  4. How long should it take us to reach our first landmark (e.g. trail fork, camp, stream, etc.)?
  5. How long have we been hiking?

OSM Philmont Map Status

Trails, Tracks, Roads

As of December 2017, most of the trails, tracks, and roads at Philmont have been added to OSM. Some of these are based on GPS track data and some on tracing of Bing imagery. However not all of the conventions below were in place when most data was added to OSM. Water features such as lakes, reservoirs, and wetlands have for the most part been added but rivers and streams and their crossings have not.


All campsites current as of 2017 have been added using UTM coordinate data available on the Philmont web site. Please do not move or otherwise alter the position of campsites.

Populated Areas

Populated areas include Base Camp, the Philmont Training Center, and Philmont Administration area. As of December 2017, most of these areas have been mapped using Bing imagery available at the time. As of December 2017, new Bing imagery is available and currently shows that much has been going on in demolition and building at Philmont. But even this is not up-to-date as construction ongoing in 2017 is not shown in the latest Bing imagery including the demolition of the Seaton Museum and construction of the new museum.

Adjoining Philmont Use Properties

The Elliot Barker Wildlife Area, Colin Nesbitt Wildlife Area, Chase Ranch, Kimberlin Ponil Ranch, Vermejo Park Ranch Heck Tract, Vermejo Park Ranch Greenwood Tract, and Carson National Forest Valle Vidal Unit are adjoining properties which Philmont has permissive use. Property boundaries and camps/trails in use for the 2017 itineraries have been added. Other features in these areas are not as extensive as Philmont proper.

Tiger Cleanup

Tiger cleanup has been completed for Philmont Scout Ranch and surrounding areas except for the Carson National Forest.

Conventions for Mapping Philmont on OSM

Under construction.

Other Resources

Philmont Scout Ranch

The Philmont Scout Ranch web site is the go-to source for information Philmont especially for crews planning Philmont treks.

The Philmont Spatial Data page contains a link to a download of spatial data provided by the Philmont GIS department. They only provide a Google Earth KMZ formatted file for which there are plenty of converters available on the Internet for converting KMZ to the GPX format common to most handheld GPS devices. Note the Philmont provided spatial data is generally not useful for auto-routing software as the tracks are not connected. However, they do provide routes for each trek itinerary.

The Philmont topographical maps are available for purchase from the Tooth of Time Traders.

GPS File Depot

User mhinch has maintained a downloadable collection of Philmont trails for several years. See the Philmont Scout Ranch Trails Map on GPS File Depot.

USA OSM Topo Routable

This USA OSM Topo Routable site provides downloadable topographic maps based on OSM data and formatted for Garmin GPS devices. The maps are provided in six sections - download the Mountain section to include Philmont. Note it can be difficult to use the autoroute function on a GPS device as the availability of trails and autoroute created may not be the route recommended by your itinerary. Save autoroute for emergencies or when near your campsite but always in conjunction with the Philmont topographical maps.

Garmin BaseCamp

Garmin BaseCamp is a free download from Garmin intended for use with your Garmin GPS device. Garmin, of course, wants you to purchase their topographical maps. However, other maps formatted for download to Garmin GPS devices (such as the USA OSM Topo Routable maps above) can be loaded into BaseCamp and use to create routes. Once created, the map and routes can be downloaded to Garmin devices using BaseCamp. After returning home, you can download your Philmont tracks and export to GPX format for upload to OSM to contribute to maintenance of the Philmont map in OSM. See the BaseCamp website for information on how to use BaseCamp.


The OSM Philmont Scout Ranch mapping project has no affiliation with Philmont Scout Ranch.

As always, the OSM disclaimer and copyright apply.