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On this page, people who are willing to talk to press people can add their name / link their userpage.

If there is no people listed for a certain country, please check out the local contacts page.

Flag of Argentina Argentina

Flag of Australia Australia

  • Alex Sims is willing to talk to journalists. Email or phone 0458 67 0011.

Flag of Austria Austria

Flag of Belgium Belgium

Flag of Bolivia Bolivia

  • 51114u9 is willing to talk, write articles and is able to do talks about OSM. email

Flag of Brazil Brazil

  • Nighto (Arlindo Pereira) está disponível para dar entrevistas, escrever artigos e palestrar sobre o OpenStreetMap no Brasil.
  • Skippern is willing to talk to journalists about OSM in Brazil. (not nativ Brazillian) - não Brasileiro, poder falhar com journalistas sobre OSM no Brasil

Flag of Burkina Faso Burkina Faso

  • Titinto Je suis disposé à parler aux journalistes à propos de la cartographie du Burkina Faso sur OSM, et en général sur des projets libres en cours au pays des hommes intègres.

Flag of Canada Canada

  • Richard is willing to talk to journalists and does presentations about OpenStreetMap. email

Flag of Croatia Croatia

Flag of Denmark Denmark

  • winbladh is willing to talk to journalists and can do talks about openstreetmap.

Flag of Germany Germany

Please have a look at ,too

  • Eichi can write press releases or make written interviews
  • Fabian is willig to talk to journalists, write article and is able to do talks about OSM.
  • Oliver Kühn is willing to talk to journalists, give interviews and do talks about OpenStreetMap. ((E-Mail: osm.oliver.kuehn at

Flag of Italy Italy

  • Simone è disponibile per essere contattato da giornalisti e, compatibilmente con gli altri impegni, può partecipare ad eventi e conferenze
  • Luca può darvi consigli su cos'è OSM e come può essere utilizzato, potete trovare maggiori informazioni su presentazioni che ho fatto qui e qui

Flag of India India

Flag of the Netherlands the Netherlands

  • Henk Hoff is beschikbaar voor toelichting en presentaties over OpenStreetMap.

Flag of Nicaragua Nicaragua

  • Felix Delattre is willing to talk, write articles and is able to do talks about OSM.

Flag of Norway Norway

Flag of Portugal Portugal

Flag of Russia Russia

  • Илья Зверев готов ответить на любые вопросы про OSM (Ilya Zverev is willing to answer any OSM-related questions). Saint-Petersburg / Pskov.

Flag of Spain Spain

  • Ivansanchez is willing to talk to journalists, do articles and interviews.

Flag of UK UK

Flag of USA USA