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Status: Proposed (under way)
Proposed by: StupidFlanders
Tagging: meadow=meadow_orchard
Applies to: Area
Definition: A meadow orchard (german: "Streuobstwiese")
Drafted on: 2015-06-28
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Public-images-osm logo.svg meadow = orchard
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A meadow orchard
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Status: Draft


A meadow orchard (german: "Streuobstwiese") is a meadow with scattered fruit trees or fruit trees that are planted in a field. It is a traditional landscape in the temperate, maritime climate of continental Western Europe. In the 19th and early 20th centuries, Streuobstwiesen were a kind of a rural community orchard that were intended for productive cultivation of stone fruit. In recent years, ecologists have successfully lobbied for state subsidies to valuable habitats, biodiversity and natural landscapes, which are also used to preserve old meadow orchards. Both conventional and meadow orchards provide a suitable habitat for many animal species that live in a cultured landscape. A notable example is the hoopoe that nests in tree hollows of old fruit trees and, in the absence of alternative nesting sites, is threatened in many parts of Europe, because of the destruction of old orchards.


Tagging should be in combination with landuse=meadow:



At the moment, there are no cleary defined rules how to map a meadow orchard (Streuobstwiese). Some mappers are mapping it just as a meadow, some others are mapping it as an orchard. In the first case, you can not distinguish it from a "normal" meadow. Mapping it as an orchard is rather incorrect because meadow orchards do only have scattered fruit trees and are not focused on commercial fruit production. Meadow orchards are biotopes with an own ecosystem.

There are other types of meadows, which also could become rational possible values for the meadow-key. Other types of meadows could be:

Such values could specify the type of meadow more precise than the existing values for this key. It would be the same practise as with the wetland-key or the grassland-key.

The information about the type of a meadow could be relevant for biologists, farmers or nature protection organizations


Idea: Same as landuse=meadow with additional little tree icons

Meadoworchard proposal 01.png

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