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Status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: MapperOG
Tagging: medical:type=*
Applies to: Node Area
Definition: Key for nodes/areas of medical/first aid relevance
Rendered as: Individually
Drafted on: 2010-06-07
Vote start: 2010-06-07


This key aims to separate and bundle the tags that are of (major) relevance to your health and of special interest in emergency situations. There are a few tags that are already proposed to be an amenity, which in my opinion is unsuitable.

Those are examples of tags I'd suggest to bundle under the medical key:


Despite the fact that the currently spread amenity tag is abused for almost everything, I think it's handy to have all tags of medical relevance at hand. Thus could easily be highlighted on a map especially designed to get help.


  • AEDs on airports, trainstations, public buildings
  • A doctor with his own practice (where he has at least some bandages etc.)
  • First-Aid-Stations


As usual, except the key changed from (mostly) amenity to medical

Applies to

nodes or areas (couldn't think of a way where this would make sense, but if found also useable)


As usual, although one should keep in mind that those points should be very visible (also think of impaired people) and intuitive (using the red cross/crescent/crystal might be a good idea in some cases).


Your turn here:

I think medical=* is better than doctor=. That's why I'd put a medical=witchdoctor (wikipedia) under medical. As far as I know, there are no official doctorates to become witchdoctor, so doctor=witchdoctor wouldn't look good. Also doctor=homeopath/chiropractor/healer wouldn't look good. Not starting a flame war here, but I think we should stick to doctor=<official doctorate titles>. Medical= would be broader.

How can a a feature undergoing voting be obsoleted by a feature that is in the RFC stage? Rjhawkin 03:00, 31 July 2011 (BST)

The Proposal becomes obsolet by Proposed features/Healthcare
Proposed features/Healthcare becomes obsolet by Proposed_features/Healthcare 2.0. ;-)