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Status: Proposed (under way)
Proposed by: yvanoé
Tagging: building=bakehouse
Applies to: Area
Definition: A building possessing a baking oven, usually public
Rendered as: First draft of a bakehouse icon
Drafted on: 2016-10-13

Status: Proposed (under way)
Proposed by: yvanoé
Tagging: amenity=baking_oven
Applies to: Area Node
Definition: A (public) baking oven
Rendered as: none
Drafted on: 2016-10-13


We would like to be able to map bakehouses and baking ovens. This proposal includes the two possible meanings / usages: the building and the amenity.

To be concrete, here are some usage examples:

Case 1: Dedicated bakehouse building

opening_hours=Sa 14:00-18:00; Su-Fr,PH off
operator=Municipality of Anchorage

Case 2: Historic bakehouse; building still exists, oven not used anymore


Case 3: Baking oven inside of a public building


Inside a node with:


Case 4: Standalone ovens, like horno, tabun oven, beehive oven, Kemence (építmény)


Note that oven=* is another current proposal (see Proposed_features/Key:oven and

Since amenity=* implies a public facility, there is no need for an optional tag public=*.


In France, there is a communal bakehouse in almost every village, which possess a wood fired oven. Although nowadays rarely used, these are still an important heritage: often, municipalities, village associations or simply people use the bakehouse during local celebrations or feasts. I suppose these are very rarely found in larger cities.

The French WikiProject has a page where they already briefly introduced the "amenity=baking_oven" tag, among patrimonial ones (french language only : WikiProject_France/Petit_Patrimoine). Our proposed tag would also be useful in rural areas in Germany, as stated by Phoks for OSM group UlmerAlb in the discussion page.

Wikipedia provides a list of different ovens.

To clarify, note that it differs from:

The proposed tags fill the gap that oven=* leaves open, as explained on the tagging mailing list: Thus, with building=bakehouse, amenity=baking_oven, man_made=kiln and oven=* all cases should be covered.


As written above, there is approximately one per village in France (let say 36 000). There are also many in Germany.

Applies to

building=bakehouse applies to areas. amenity=baking_oven can apply to nodes or areas.


It could be nice to have an icon, especially because a bakehouse building often stands out visually in a village. Here is a first draft that re-uses the "bakery" icon: First draft of a bakehouse icon

Features/Pages affected

This would affect:

External Discussions

There is a discussion on the tagging mailing list, but almost everything has also been added to the discussion page.


Please comment on the discussion page.