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Status: Proposed (under way)
Proposed by: yvanoé
Tagging: building=bakehouse
Applies to: areas, maybe points
Definition: Building made especially as a baking oven, usually public
Rendered as: picture
Drafted on: 2016-10-13


We would like to be able to map baking oven buildings.

Typically, a bakehouse would also have the oven=wood_fired key (see Proposed_features/Key:oven and Then, the disused:oven=wood_fired key could be applied for the numerous bakehouses that are not in use anymore.

Also, if it is possible, link this tag to an optional tag public=* for denoting an oven building to be publicly accessible or not.


In France, there is a communal bakehouse in almost every village. These are wood fired oven. Although nowadays rarely used, these are still an important heritage: often, municipalities, village associations or simply people use the bakehouse during local celebrations or feasts. I suppose these are very rarely found in cities.

I found that the French WikiProject has a page where they already briefly introduced the similar "amenity=baking_oven" tag, among patrimonial ones (french language only : WikiProject_France/Petit_Patrimoine), which is rarely used. Our proposed tag would also be useful in Germany, as stated by Phoks in the discussion page.

Although these two words do not mean anything in French, "bakehouse" seems better than "baking_oven" to English and German natives: this is why we propose the former.

I can not tell for other countries, but I suppose bakehouses are really common buildings all around the world.

Wikipedia provides a list of different ovens. From that, I imagine amenity=bakehouse could be:

To clarify, note that it differs from:


As written above, there is approximately one per village in France (let say 36 000). There are also some in Germany. Building-bakehouse draft1.svg



Applies to

I believe it applies to areas, but also maybe to points if we consider horno (but that might be out of topic).


It could be nice to have an icon. Here is a first draft that re-uses the "bakery" icon: First draft of a bakehouse icon

Features/Pages affected

This could affect:

External Discussions

There is a discussion on the tagging mailing list, but almost everything has also been added to the discussion page.


Please comment on the discussion page.