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Status: Proposed (under way)
Proposed by: Hno
Tagging: amenity=student_accommodation
Applies to: Node Area
Definition: variant of building=dormitory
Rendered as: similar to amenity=school
Drafted on: 2014-07-12


building=dormitory, which indicates that a building is a dormitory, can be used on single buildings. In reality, many dormitories consist of more than one building.


There are 14 buildings in Wikipedia-16px.png Studentenstadt in Munich, the biggest student accommodation in Germany, used for living and some others only used for leisure activities. Moreover in OpenStreetMap some of the buildings are divided. In fact there are more than thirty ways with building=* that are part of the dormitory.

How to map

amenity=school is the role model for the tagging. This means that you have two possibilities:

  • Drawing the area of the dormitory
  • Placing a node in it's middle.


The area or the node representing the dormitory is tagged with amenity=student_accommodation.

Additional information can be given by the following:

  • name=*
  • operator=* - often the university name. May also be privately-operated, in which case name the company.
  • addr=* - Address details
  • capacity=* - The maximum number of residents
  • religion=* - if the dormitory is associated with a particular religion (also denomination=*)
  • wikipedia=* - Link to a Wikipedia article
  • contact=* - Contact details

The buildings can be tagged with building=dormitory anyway.

(Note that amenity=student_accommodation is currently proposed instead of amenity=dormitory, because this meaning of "dormitory" makes most sense in US English and doesn't really fit British English as per OSM.)


Map of Studentenstadt Munich.jpg

The red line in the image on the right surrounds all buildings that are part of the dormitory Studentenstadt in München. It could have the following tags:


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