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Status: Proposed (under way)
Proposed by: tormi
Tagging: landuse=apiary
Applies to: Area Node
Definition: An Wikipedia-16px.png apiary is a place where Wikipedia-16px.png beehives of honey bees are kept.
Drafted on: 2012-07-04
RFC start: 2012-07-04


An apiary in Harju County, Estonia

Having information about locations of Wikipedia-16px.png apiaries is important for several reasons, incl for the safety of humans (to avoid stinging) and also of bees (to avoid pesticide usage near apiaries).

There are millions of apiaries worldwide of which only a few are mapped at OSM. Seems like it's not clear enough for mappers, which tags should be used to describe an apiary (see "Tags currently in use").

For insect/bee hotels go to: Tag:man_made=insect_hotel

Proposed Tag


Key Value Element Comment
landuse apiary Area Node If an area is smaller than 5 m by 5 m, it would not be mapped as an area, but as a node.

Related keys

Key Value Comment
capacity=* number Number of beehives.
operator=* * Beekeeper's name.
seasonal=* yes Beehives are located seasonally (migratory beekeeping).
building=* yes Beehives are kept within the building.

Tags currently in use

man_made=beehive man_made=apiary landuse=beehive landuse=apiary
amenity=beehive building=beehive animal=bee craft=beekeeper
shop=apiary shop=honey shop=beekeeper museum=apis mellifera